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How to Start Fulltime RVing

There are a million ways to accomplish moving into a life of fulltime RVing. This is a task that will vary wildly by time, budget, and willingness for anyone who wishes to partake. 1,681 more words


Tiny home built with SIPs

SIPs – Structurally Insulated Panels. For your tiny home inspiration!

Tiny Home

Building My Very Own Tiny Home

I have been homeless for 6 (six!) months. I live in my mini van. Thing is, there is a housing crisis in Los Angeles. Housing is absurdly expensive and not-at-all plentiful. 1,077 more words

Good Stories

What's up with those Tiny Houses?

Photo by tinyhousedesign.com

So here you are, a responsible adult.  You know you are wasting money on “stuff”.  You know your “stuff” is holding you back, and you want to make a change.   401 more words


How did this "Skoolie thing" happen?

For several years I have wanted to travel more than a quick one or two week vacation would accomplish. I wanted to be able to take the time to really experience the area I was visiting, whether is was a world acclaimed national park or a little community down a two lane road. 410 more words

Housewarming & Travel Gifts For RVers

  1. MiniPresso with Nespresso Pods:For anyone that loves Espresso and does not want the hassle of a large expensive machine, these are wonderful. You provide the hot water and the the espresso (you can use Nespresso pods with some of them) and you can create your own espresso on the go.
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Valentine's Day in an RV

Is it true that your marriage will explode if you live in an RV? Seems like there are so many opinions out there, even from people who have never experienced something like it. 610 more words