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Cute tiny homes are stupid.

Ron Swanson is my spirit animal.

This is why it pains me to admit my gratitude for all the Instagrammers, Pinteresters, YouTubers and other producers of intangible products that fanned the flames of my family’s current tiny living venture. 831 more words

Tiny Home

How We Wash Dishes Without Two Sinks

The Wash

We had to wash dishes by hand when our dishwasher wasn’t working in our 1500 sqft home. No problem.  Two sinks. One side was used for washing and the other side of the sink was used for rinsing. 108 more words

Tiny Home

Linus the Land Yacht: Episode 16 - Curtains

Curtains don’t just add privacy and security in your tiny house, they help insulate as well. And while not the most manly of construction items on the bus build list, they are just as necessary as any other component. 187 more words


How We Cook In Our Tiny Home

Being able to cook inside our tiny space was always a goal of ours. For one, our son has food allergies and being able to cook his special chicken nuggets was important. 200 more words

Tiny Home

Linus the Land Yacht: Episode 15 - Bed Platform Outtake

Discussing an early concept for the elevating bed platform, this episode covers how other bed lifting options might work for your build. And while I didn’t go with this one, I still wanted to upload it to either inspire others to always remember that they can change their minds and rebuild sections of their bus, or that it’s important to take risks and try out new things on your build. 45 more words


Harold Photos!!!

We got the keys to Harold, we moved in, and fixed him up to fit our needs. There is still some work to be done, but it’s largely cosmetic. 20 more words

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Linus the Land Yacht: Episode 14 - Bed Lift Day 2

I’d normally keep from offering a spoiler alert here, but since the bus is finished, and you all already know that, there’s really no getting around annoucning my success. 249 more words