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Choosing a Trailer

As far as the tiny house itself goes, my two biggest fears are 1) getting an insufficient trailer, and 2) having the house fall off the trailer. 564 more words

Tiny Home

Beginning the Tiny Living Process

So, you want to live in a tiny home. Now what?

Well, in my case I can’t start to build, so instead I’ll dream and plan… and practice. 434 more words

Tiny Home

Siting my Tiny Home

It seems ironic that the biggest issue with a tiny home designed to be on the move is what to do with it when it’s stationary. 44 more words

Tiny Home

Welcome to my Tiny Home dream!

Have you heard of the tiny house movement? No? Well you should Google it. I’ll wait. In short, the goals of the movement are to live smaller, simpler, healthier, more environmentally friendly, and often on the move. 517 more words

Tiny Home

John's Artsy House Truck

We found John as we were driving down the interstate and Guillaume happened to glance over at a nearby gas station.“Whoa! What was that?!?”  454 more words

Tiny House

Lady Buster: Our Starter Home

Hello Friends!

Zach and I have been inspired by a company called Compass to share with you the story of our first starter home.  Compass is a new real estate service that helps people find their perfect neighborhood by utilizing the interests and personalities of those they serve.   2,859 more words