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Orkney, Scotland pt. 1: Small Places & Large Stones

My stay in Orkney was a short one, five evenings on the Mainland sandwiched between three flights each way. While booking travel and accommodations, I hemmed and hawed over where to stay and how to get there, thinking a ferry ride from *here* would put me in the right spot near *there* but I eventually realized the geographical size of the islands: small. 1,087 more words


When I Wasn't Noticing: Lessons from 7-Eleven

I had a realization the other day. And, like many realizations, mine started in an unexpected place. Specifically, 7-Eleven.

I was waiting in line, absentmindedly staring at the tabloids, when the man in front of me pulled a handful of change out of his pocket and dumped it out on the counter. 734 more words


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should I build or buy a tiny house.

Click picture above to buy tiny home design plans.

Would it be a good idea for me to Build or Buy My Tiny House? … 530 more words

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Is the tiny house trend dead?

Is the little house inclines dead? Little houses captured? all over the place. Is it accurate to say that we are near immersion or has the development quite recently started? 1,008 more words

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What is the tiny home movement

The Tiny Life

What Is The Tiny House Movement?

What are tiny houses? The tiny house movement? Tiny living?

Simply put, it is a social movement where people are choosing to downsize the space they live in. 286 more words

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Storage hacks for small kitchens

Whether you live in a tiny home, or a poorly designed rental – pantry storage is sometimes a challenge.

Check out these storage hacks for small kitchens: 9 more words


Tiny apartment. Big dog.

Do the two mix? Sure! Why not?

But, if we’re being honest, I have to admit that it can be a challenge.

Take this weekend, for instance: our girl Rio, a rescued dog of unknown pedigree (some kind of large-ish terrier cross), normally in excellent health, is suffering from a fairly severe bout of the stomach flu. 1,117 more words

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