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Roof pt 2 

Today I learned a valuable lesson on order of operations. Last week when putting up the roof panels we had not yet procured the metal channel we were using to cap the wall panels. 235 more words


Tiny House, Grand Mess!

Cooking in a Tiny House is an adjustment, luckily it has become a very comfortable one. Small kitchens have always felt more welcoming to me. I’ve consistently cooked/baked more when living in a house with a small kitchen than when I had a spacious kitchen. 224 more words

Tiny Homes

Mattress Matters

Rather than buying a new mattress for my Tiny, I decided to make one! My close friend made one about a year before me and I took a glorious nap on it once and was sold. 207 more words

Tiny Homes

The Benefits of Tiny Living

To some people, tiny homes may seem like a peculiar concept. I mean, why would someone want to transition to a smaller home if you can have a large one? 74 more words


Victorian Tiny Homes

Are you looking for Victorian tiny homes? The Victorian backyard units and Victorian guest house from Cottage Depot have everything you need and more!

10 Reasons To Live In A Tiny Home

I love watching house hunting shows (even though yes, they are staged- and even the buyers may not be real– whaaat?), especially the ones about “tiny houses.” A “tiny house” does not have an exact definition, but it is usually a home under 500 sq. 445 more words

Dollars And Sense

Having a small space doesn’t mean you need to compromise on living an extraordinary life, in fact it can make it easier to do so. … 1,206 more words

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