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Tiny Homes

"Savannah" Update

So a few days ago I posted about the Savannah tiny home I helped design and bring to life. Well, just after I posted that I came into some more photos of the finished product in full use by Savannah and her two kids. Enjoy!

Tiny Homes

Benefits of Tiny Homes

Tiny Homes members enjoy endless benefits and cherish the moments, personal privacy and natural surroundings. The benefits can easily change the mind of one who is still in doubt whether to move in tiny homes or not. 303 more words

Tiny Homes

It all started with...

There seems to be two schools of thought on what successful living looks like today.  The first and more popular is the measurement of success in acquisition.   307 more words


The Best of Tiny Homes: Part 3

This installment of “The Best of Tiny Homes” features a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment located in a pre-war building on Manhattan’s Upper East. This vintage apartment, which belongs to the co-founder of interior design firm  235 more words


A "Superhouse" Update

The “Superhouse” is a 34-foot Tiny Home I had the pleasure to work on with Steve from Finished Right Contracting. Since being completed, one of the owners has started a… 26 more words

Tiny Homes


There are those who love the tiny home idea and who have a tiny home built with all new materials…and then there is Savannah. Savannah is a huge fan of minimalism and living off the land and recycling old materials, which you will easily spot in her tiny home design. 101 more words

Tiny Homes