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Tiny House, Seperate Spaces

An efficient tiny home with three very distinct spaces.  It has living space, bedroom space and plenty of room.  I’d take footage from the bathroom space and use it in the kitchen table area.   6 more words

Tiny Homes


There is a huge movement today to minimize our impact on our environment, and part of it is about learning to live with less, “ 639 more words


Tiny Houses – A Big Trend

If you are even a casual fan of TV channels like HGTV, you’re sure to have noticed our nation’s current real estate obsession: Tiny Houses. Tiny House living can offer more financial freedom, more mobility, a lower environmental footprint, and an emphasis on experience over stuff. 375 more words


Cedar overload 

If you ever need lumber I highly recommend going directly to the source. They give away beautiful “scraps” for next to nothing($20 for this whole pile). 69 more words

Tiny Homes

One screw at a time 

The windows have all been trimmed on the inside with furring strips. This will give my siding something to nail to.
We found 2×3 boards at a Home Depot on the other side of the state. 226 more words

Tiny Homes

Small Homes, Big Dreams, BIG on Creativity!

In today’s cost conscious citizens; sometimes the dream of getting away from all the bills and high-strung stress of living can get to you. Some people work themselves to the damn bone just to eek out enough to pay rent, utilities, etc.   488 more words


If You Build It...

You can learn a lot about a person by working together on a project.

When we returned home from our vacation, we set right to work on our very first project together! 249 more words

Tiny Homes