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LEO Jul 23 | Aug 22 According to the international code of food standards, there are 13 possible sizes for an olive. They include large, extra large, jumbo, extra jumbo, giant, colossal, super colossal, mammoth and super mammoth. 170 more words


Reclaim Detroit!

I have had a love affair with this city for a number of years. If I was a billionaire business person I would buy up most of the downtown and move my head quarters there. 56 more words


Leaving the Concrete Jungle

July 1st, I will be leaving Toronto to live in some wide open Mother Nature. As I prepare to leave, I am trying to make my peace with saying goodbye to the city life I love. 91 more words

Off The Grid

I am hoping to become a bit like this guy

A whole lot of financial freedom and a no heavy material burden.

Check out Daniel Norris

Talking To Toronto

Raise the Roof!

The Great Roof Raising finished last week, starting with the placement of the ridge beam (2 ply LVL) on the newly-erected frame. The ridge beam runs through the centre of the house, and is designed to carry the load of the roof. 169 more words


Why Tiny Living in Florida Just Makes Sense

Everyone would probably agree that a home is not simply a house—there are other factors involved that actually make it a home. From the people you share it with to the way you decorate it, your home is generally a reflection of your lifestyle and values. 430 more words


I am so very curious ...

as to how this is going to play out.

I am not interested in rushing or controlling the process but I am incredibly curious about this entire process. 82 more words

Off The Grid