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The things in life I may never get; but that are sure lovely to dream about.

So I originally posted this on my tumblr page but thought that this really was a perfect blog post. So I’m sharing this with you.

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Recent Housing News

For New Homes, Women Are a Tougher Sell…
Angst about health of the housing market appears stronger than men. ┬áIt is not that women don’t want to own their own homes. 139 more words

Housing Economics

Location, Location, Location

Often times when we buy a house it is built for the area that we live in. When you buy a tiny house often times you are having to purchase from a business outside of your area. 179 more words

Downsizing Before Your Move

In recent years, there’s been an upward trend for tiny houses. HGTV even features a show on “Tiny House Hunters,” where couples and families search for homes under 500 sq. 788 more words

The Beginning stages

Today I took several pictures of our model home that we are building. While Tiny House does have other homes in production. I took these pictures to show some of the basics of our concept. 295 more words


I finally (it wasn’t really that long of a wait, see previous post about my patience level) received preliminary plans for my Tiny! Unfortunately, I think my expectation of “preliminary plans” was a bit high. 205 more words

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