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Tiny Houses: A Tiny Solution to A Big Problem

Walking down the streets of any big city in the US, you are almost guaranteed to see a homeless person. On any given night in the United States there are 83,170 homeless individuals on the streets (“Snapshots of Homelessness”). 1,197 more words

Social Justice

Home Sweet Home ~ Micro Living

Have you ever lived, or know someone who lives a micro lifestyle?  Tiny homes are rapidly appearing all over the world.   I’m pretty sure it’s largely down to the increase in the amount of people now living on their own.  258 more words

You Tube

Hashtag Prairie Life

Prairie life is hard. Prairie life is harsh, prickly, and at times, lonely.

You’ve heard the saying, “20 minutes from everywhere!” It’s frequently used in ads to explain how close a car dealership or a shopping mall is to “absolutely everywhere.” 440 more words

Tiny Homes

Everybody Poops

One of the most asked questions I get about my Tiny is, “So do you have a septic tank?” Or the more direct version, “Where do you poop?” … 268 more words

Tiny Homes

American Road Trip #1 - Birmingham, Alabama

Ron and I started to get excited for this road trip long before we moved to Tennessee. I had been poking around the internet, trying to get to know the area where we’d eventually be living when I saw a post about the Tiny House Roadshow. 680 more words


Community First! Village in Austin, Texas

Keep Austin Weird. That’s the tagline for the Capitol of Texas, which happens to be one of the trendiest places to live according to the mass movement of techies and young urban professionals from basically everywhere. 616 more words