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Helga the House Box

When you are looking to convert an existing unit into a tiny house, you probably don’t think about using an old horse-box (vehicle for transporting horses). 72 more words


Tiny homes may be a solution

Tiny houses are a big trend, but are people really packing (and condensing) their stuff and moving into their new, small abode?

For some people, a tiny home can be a chance to start anew, travel the country, and pay less for bills and more for experiences. 290 more words

This Mini Hut Is Taking Tiny House Living to a New Level

The wood used to build the hut is all sourced from Japan and the outer walls have “enhanced antiseptic properties and durability,” due to the application of a special kind of hardwood cladding, which is a concept taken from the “traditional art of Japanese shipbuilding.” It’s actually a somewhat permanent home, though, due to the foundation, and it’s not really portable, so you better make sure you like where you place it. 401 more words


Muji Minimalist Tiny House Goes On Sale in Japan for $27k

Muji, everyone’s favorite brand-that-is-no-brand, debuted a new tiny house — a really tiny house, at that — for sale in Japan. Measuring in at 9 square meters (less than 100 square feet), the… 106 more words


Tiny house by Muji finally goes on sale in Japan

The long-awaited release of the Muji Hut has finally arrived, and the first lots for sale come complete with a garden. 667 more words


Autumn Newsletter 2017

Plans, plans and plans – the many changes to the planning and building environment in Queensland

State planning legislation

Last year the Queensland State government introduced the new… 831 more words


Coolest Airbnb Tiny Homes You Must add to Your Wish List!

I’m a huge fan of tiny homes. I think they are amazing. I love seeing what different designers and builders do to leverage small space and make an highly efficient, sustainable, and overall lovely living area.   435 more words