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A new rhythm...

And so a new rhythm of my life begins… I am incorporating many of the old ways of being and maneuvering through this world but I have learned things, of course, during this new transition. 256 more words


Cedar "X" style fence.

So, now we are building a fence to enclose an upper pasture.
The reason this fence style was chosen is to that it will rot away in the future, rather than leave dangerous barbed wire all over the place (humans are so inconsiderate…!) 168 more words


What I do in my other Happy Simply life

Tiny home are not the new normal here they are just normal. The majority of people here in South Sudan live in tiny homes in large numbers and without clean running water, solar electricity, toilet (compost or otherwise) and romantic notions of Happy, simply living. 285 more words

Happy Simply Blog Post

I hope he has a solid left

My neighbours told me the red squirrels are bad right now and this might be a summer full of rodents.

That made me think about how many animals Tigger is going to have to contend with. 79 more words

Off The Grid


It is very different looking at a tree and thinking I wonder which way it will fall.

May Long Weekend is being dedicated to cutting down trees. 200 more words

Off The Grid

It was a Good Friday

I finally spent a night in my tent and it was amazing.

I would have felt a bit foolish making trips up to shovel out the tent but never stay in the tent. 76 more words

Off The Grid