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Slow Progress

It’s been two months since the last update and honestly…not much has happened! Thanks to Indiana’s eternal winter and the rain that wouldn’t stop left it too cold, too muddy, or too miserable to get work done. 151 more words

Tiny House Construction

Tiny House Design Details

Hello loves!

First of all, I wanted emphasize that these beautiful designs I created on paper would or could not have been come to life in digital format without the hard work of my incredibly talented hubby, Aaron! 684 more words

Tiny House

The Tiny House Revolution

The concept of a tiny house or small house has been around for some time, but quite recently we are seeing the revolution.  People are abandoning the idea of a mansion-style house for something that is more affordable, flexible, efficient, and comfortable. 158 more words

Part 2: Bump in the Night

We awoke this morning at 3am with a heart attack. There was a bang and the trailer dropped down and to the side, so as I woke I reached out and grabbed Jacob and yelled, “We’ve been hit!” I had no idea by what or what was happening yet, but I knew something had hit the trailer, and my first foggy thoughts was that maybe it was a tornado since it had been stormy and I could hear strong winds now. 110 more words

Tiny House Construction

Part 1: Solar Powered

Well it’s been almost a month since my last update since things have been moving slow, but stuff has happened so here we go! We’ve taken a few days to just breathe since the house was no longer an immediate concern, so progress slowed down a little. 274 more words

Tiny House Construction


So after celebrating that the furnace was working and deciding to sleep in the house, we woke up, freezing cold at 4am. It quit working and refused to work. 223 more words

Tiny House Construction

Of Furnaces and Propane

So this last week has been incredibly frustrating, besides being able to finish the floor and move in the couch and table and chairs. We had two time consuming problems to resolve. 359 more words

Tiny House Construction