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Tiny House - Finishing all the things

Oh boy… the last few weeks have been crazy, stressful…and I’m at a loss to describe it. I just need a nap for a few days. 130 more words

Tiny House

Make-It-Your-Dang-Self Light Fixtures

Saturday morning I spent 4 hours making light fixtures. This didn’t include all the time spent beforehand researching design blogs, how-to websites, Pinterest, and Youtube. 423 more words

Tiny House

Tiny house - building furniture

Last weekend was full of furniture…the desks, the kitchen sink stand, and the bathroom vanity. And I think random cabinet doors and the last of the pipes… 552 more words

Tiny House Construction

The stairs are cabinets... or are the cabinets stairs?

There’s no need to decide!

As with most designing aspects of this project, I started with a blank Excel sheet. You heard me: an Excel sheet. 488 more words

Tiny House Construction

Tiny House: Interior Flooring


It’s taken me a total of 3.5 hours to measure, cut, snap, and stick. The trickiest parts were getting around those dumb corners. 68 more words

Tiny House Construction

Tiny House - #bubbleinthemiddle

On the docket for today: the tiny house deck. As with all things in this project, the goal is to be perfectly level…gotta make sure that bubble is in the middle! 510 more words

Tiny House Construction

Tiny House - the ceiling, the trim, the floor, the bench, the door, the wheel covers and a partridge in a pear tree.

Over the past few weekends I’ve gotten SO many things checked off the list.

So. Many. Things.

I love checking things off my “list” so much that sometimes I’ll put something on the list that I’ve already done just so I can check it off. 340 more words

Tiny House Construction