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Tiny House: Water Heater...making the outside the inside

One of the many challenges of building a tiny house is trying to fit all the things you need inside.  Either you find a smaller version of said “thing” or you throw it out altogether. 240 more words

Tiny House

Tiny House: Shower...continued

I love 3-day weekends.  Not only was this July 4th, but I got a LOT of stuff done on the tiny house!  Progress AND fireworks?  Yes, please. 428 more words

Tiny House

Tiny House: Shower Pan Extravaganza

The shower. This is the last big project left to do. It’s not so much that the materials are super heavy or that it covers a big area (the shower is only 2×3), but it’s involved. 674 more words

Tiny House

Nobody makes me bleed my own blood...but router bits do.

Today was such a good day!  My friend Steve stopped by to say hi, I learned I’m getting a new niece or nephew in October (YAY Steve and Daisha!), got to eat at my fav food truck, AND I finished painting the interior! 349 more words

Tiny House

Tiny House - Solar Powered

In an effort to be “off grid”, my house will be entirely solar-powered.  Like I said earlier about the confusion around electricity, solar isn’t much better. 671 more words

Tiny House

Tiny House: Interior Walls

Today, I started putting up the interior walls.  I would explain how excited I am in super flowery words but everything is sore.  Literally.  My back feels like burning and I can’t make a fist.   233 more words

Tiny House Construction

Insulation - in 2:45:00 flat!

Very few things in this little project go quickly.  I mean, for goodness sake, it took me almost a YEAR to figure out the interior.  And even then I’ve changed the bathroom 12 times. 691 more words

Tiny House