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Tiny House Siding: IT'S DONE!

During the Christmas break, my mom and sister came to visit.

Mom supervised (and took pictures) while me and sister climbed ladders in freezing cold weather to finish up the last 2 1/2 lines of siding.  67 more words

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Tiny House Siding: So close...

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on finishing up the siding.  The goal was to get it ALL done before it rained, but as most everything with this project, it is going a lot slower than I expected.  123 more words

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Tiny House Siding: Frost and Friends and Fun Times

When I lived in San Francisco, I did a short turn as a real estate agent.  Part of the time was spent partnered with a developer who was kind enough to let me follow him around peppering him with questions while I tried to soak up everything there was to know about remodel projects. 482 more words

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Tiny House Construction: Internal (somtimes) Monologues

As I continue to foray in to construction land, I’ve noticed there are quite a few things I say to myself over and over again.   Sometimes out loud.  57 more words

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Windows and Siding: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Last week we managed to get quite a bit done.  I say “we” because some awesome friends came out to help install windows, level them, make sure they were right-side-up… 109 more words

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Time for Roof Installation! Just kidding...I ordered the wrong thing.

Last weekend I had my “to-do list” all mapped out:  pick up siding and trim from lumber yard, go get roof from Home Depot, install roof underlayment and radiant barrier, install drip edge on roof, start staining the siding and trim. 595 more words

Tiny House Construction

This Worksite Has Been Injury-Free for -0- Days

The day started so well.  With all the framing and sheathing done, I was excited to get up early on my day off to start attaching radiant barrier and house wrap. 582 more words

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