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For the last 6 + years I have been wanting, thinking, planning to build a tiny house on wheels. Now I have. During the tiny house open houses, the question I heard most is “What made you want to do this?”. 307 more words

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Tiny House: Interior Walls

Today, I started putting up the interior walls.  I would explain how excited I am in super flowery words but everything is sore.  Literally.  My back feels like burning and I can’t make a fist.   233 more words

Tiny House Construction

Insulation - in 2:45:00 flat!

Very few things in this little project go quickly.  I mean, for goodness sake, it took me almost a YEAR to figure out the interior.  And even then I’ve changed the bathroom 12 times. 691 more words

Tiny House

Tiny House - Plumbing in the Rough

Welp, the pipes are in!  THE PIPES ARE IN!  We are one step closer to sealing up the walls, kids.

Who is the amazing plumber, you ask?   172 more words

Tiny House Construction

Tiny House – Wiring 

Of all the systems in the tiny house, electric is the one that I understand the least.  I vaguely remember my physics class from high school and talking about amps, watts, and voltage, but I can’t for the life of me tell you what they do or why they’re important. 391 more words

Tiny House

Tiny House Siding: IT'S DONE!

During the Christmas break, my mom and sister came to visit.

Mom supervised (and took pictures) while me and sister climbed ladders in freezing cold weather to finish up the last 2 1/2 lines of siding.  67 more words

Tiny House

Tiny House Siding: So close...

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on finishing up the siding.  The goal was to get it ALL done before it rained, but as most everything with this project, it is going a lot slower than I expected.  123 more words

Tiny House