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Day 36 of WTH Am I Doing

The lessons of being caught up in a label.

Big excitement today! With all this electricity and indoor plumbing, I managed to get the blog for real live with a… 352 more words

Tiny House

Step One- 6.15.16

Today marks the real beginning of the build process! This morning, I finalized the purchase of the trailer which I’ll do my build on.
In an ideal world, purchasing the trailer would have happened much farther along in the design process. 109 more words


Post-surgery update

First things first: Chuck is home in bed sleeping through the post-operation pain. The doctor said that everything went well: he was able to pull down the bicep, integrate the donor tissue, and attach the tendon. 361 more words

Tiny Cabin

We didn't take your house, we stayed in Brooklyn

An open letter to the lovely people who showed us a perfectly delightful small home on their vast acreage somewhere in the foothills upstate somewhere. 782 more words

How to Get Richer Every Day

 As Thoreau wisely stated, “I make myself rich by making my wants few.”  

Indeed, the fewer things we desire, the more content we are with what we have.   517 more words

Tiny House

That point...

Every big project has that point. You know… where you are past halfway but not quite “almost done”, where the thought of having to work on the project is like nails on a chalkboard, where you question why the heck you did this in the first place, and where you wonder if it is too late to give up and scrap it all? 671 more words