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boredom (150)

the heart rate slows, oxygen and blood slower around the body. there’s calm and calm precedes the onset of boredom. the mind is next to slow, lack of stimuli whirling down to a whittled spiral. 115 more words


Love Lost

Her: ‘i thought you’d love me forever…’

Him: ‘i thought my feeling meant nothing to you.’


Dinner in the Woods

     I am over at my neighbor’s and we are all sitting around the house, constantly going inside and outside to cope with our boredom and to keep ourselves from overheating. 377 more words





Your mother sings a lullaby, so you can sleep in the darkest night.

The moment you close your eyes, what do you hear? 142 more words

the gift (1.2) - 150

the tiny box plopped into her lap from over her shoulder, dislodging the book which had fallen closed. the box was no bigger than her palm, wrapped in several rough layers of white paper, and it barely made a sound when she shook it. 109 more words

Creative Writing


Quickly, wrap it up. She said as she heard footsteps.
What are you hiding? Asked the ripened voice.
Nothing. She shrugged off his hand.
Let me see what is it. 44 more words