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Words fly like arrows
A bone snaps

Shot down
Falling lifeless
Shattered feathers upon the ground

Within the silence
Arms reach
Carry me to shelter…

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Artemis and Sailor

The sky was clear and the moon full.

He whispered, “Love is a powerful drug.”

Artemis blushed.
“Show me an ocean,” she murmured, “ I’ll summon a tide to save your stranded soul.” 30 more words

Beautiful Words

Four American Icons Walk Into a Bar...

National Anthem, American Flag and the Unknown Soldier sat quietly at the bar nursing their beers.

Flo, the sassy high-haired waitress, cracked her gum and placed a gigantic appetizer platter in front of them. 738 more words


7 a.m.

It’s 7 a.m.

I sit in silence

Sip coffee and listen

As the world awakens



~ annie ryder 


Micro Fiction Writing Exercise


            The girl awoke on shore and opened her eyes; she saw that the moon was vast and full. She had escaped for a short amount of time and this meant everything to her. 482 more words

Fit For An Empress

Draft 2


Sam knew where to find impeccable fit and style that could rocket a man to another galaxy. A dangerous level. Ten seconds inside Wen Fong Tailors and a flash of patterned silk caught his eye. 1,315 more words