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Fit For An Empress

Draft 2


Sam knew where to find impeccable fit and style that could rocket a man to another galaxy. A dangerous level. Ten seconds inside Wen Fong Tailors and a flash of patterned silk caught his eye. 1,315 more words



Life is merely an endless loop of hellos and goodbyes.



Home is where none of your regrets could ever reach you.


Several Different Ways To Fall In Love

There are many ways to fall in love. First sight. Similar interest. Opposite attraction. Maybe being loved is not one of them.


Temporal Distraction

To him, she’s a potential life-time partner.

To her, he’s just nothing but a temporal distraction.


Flip of the Switch

The Goddess climbed the stairs and tucked her rolled-up yoga mat away in the corner of the hall next to the massive wooden door. Before she opened the portal, she took a moment to run her hand gently over the carving of the entire universe deep within the mahogany. 399 more words


Club Equinox

Old Man Winter stood in front of his mirror and took a good look at his reflection.

Sure…he was an old dude now. The weathered lines etched across his face didn’t diminish the rugged handsomeness that would always remain. 654 more words