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one line from a love letter or goodbye note/21

i’ve wanted this for a long time – i know we’ll both be happier.



i am trying
to recall
a good memory
of you.

instead i
think about
the holes
you dug.
how wide
how deep

and how… 14 more words


the slow journey/16

the slow-moving snail broke free from the garden
gliding past flowers on his rocky clay track
“today is the day i find home!” he exclaimed… 10 more words



“oh stop burning bridges!”
the wizard exclaimed,
“or you’ll be lonely and sad, left only with loss!”

the apprentice agreed,
then quickly did flee
from monsters, quite hungry, with one bridge left to cross.


February rain

The morning sky surprised her with its dark shades. “… End of February, it shouldn’t rain…” 

Although her dreams always had the sparkling blue skies with golden sun beam, silver lining is not what she looked for in the real clouds. 158 more words