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A curse.....

A curse sat upon them.
They fell in love.


I wish you could see | 30-word-post

I wish you could see what they do. I wish you could see how happy I am with the person I have chosen to be. I wish you would see.

30-word Post

purple detriment (150)

she stitches the gown in layers of purple, four different shades of dark and hand-dyed to suit her exact criteria. it all but ruins her eyes; she stares so long, so hard at the stitching in fading light, rousing herself when she truly cannot see any more. 105 more words

Flash Fiction

fearless (250)

fearless, she wrote on the bare patch. wrote it again and again, spelling it backwards to fit the circles she’d mapped out. one circle, looking not unlike a lopsided teardrop – then another, joined together. 219 more words

Daily Prompt

out of place

it didn’t take long to realize something wasn’t quite right.

the feeling settled in quickly, a strange sort of anxiety and forgotten memory tugging at the back of my mind, a subtle stress creeping up. 115 more words

Flash Fiction

inversion (150)

she’s running through the world, twisting her own stories into trails behind her, collecting words and mixing them into books, drinking bitter coffee she doesn’t like and speaking languages that trip her up with complex structures. 119 more words


My biggest bet was ours | 30-word-post

I never knew friends as close as us could still grow apart. I thought platonic friendships were capable of defining forever and, if they did, my biggest bet was ours.

30-word Post