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Enabling TinyOS Support for XM1000 Motes

With those unfamiliar with WSN and TinyOS, I would like to redirect you to Laksh Bhatia’s blog.

In order to set up a Wireless Sensor Network for the Control of Multi-Robot Coordination at TU Delft for my Bachelor Thesis, I was provided the… 1,096 more words


Installing tinyos 2.1.2 on MacOSX Yosemite

So this is my third post about installing tinyos and I am quite used to writing about installation instructions.
So this is for installing the latest branch of tinyos(as of 3rd August 2015) on MacOSX 10.10.4… 182 more words


Tiny OS Bluetooth Bee Shield, using as a Master unit

I looked at the TinyOS Bluetooth Bee Shield in an earlier blog, here and although I described how to set it up as a Master Unit I did not describe a project using it in a Master Role. 257 more words


Decagon MPS-2 Water Potential Sensor with TelosB mote

Soil Moisture is one of the important metric in nature environmental study. Many people use soil moisture sensors such as EC-2, and others may use water potential sensors such as MPS-1. 573 more words


Install TinyOS on Raspberry Pi

There have been several posts on how to install TinyOS on Raspbian, a customized Linux operating system running on the tiny Raspberry Pi. For example: 823 more words


Installing TinyOS

In this post I’m walking through the procedure involved in installing TinyOS on your system.

Almost all the information you need to get the latest release of TinyOS running on your system is available in the… 341 more words


Programming Flash with OpenOCD and JTAG in Linux

Recently, I am working on how to port TinyOS to stm32f103. I divided my work into three phases: 1. figure out how to programming flash or install application without using any IDE. 163 more words