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Tip Tuesday #5: Do What You Want

**Today’s post isn’t yoga-related in the way we usually think of yoga — usually in terms of asana or meditation. But, I think the theme of this post aligns really well with one of the Yamas (restraints) included in the first limb of yoga: … 730 more words


#TipTuesday Create and Save a Filter

Using the filter tool is a great way to sort anything in your GIS application that requires routine maintenance (i.e. valves, trees). A filter presents a focused view of a feature layer in a map. 306 more words


Tip Tuesday: Be Prepared

Yes, the holidays are coming and we all are going to busy making fun things for our families. Make sure you have the basics on hand before you start any project. 202 more words

Tip Tuesday

#TipTuesday Use Markup Tool to Add Image

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by for another #TipTuesday. One of the more recent features that have been added to your GIS applications allows you the ability to add an image for a new point (or points) on the map, using the markup tool. 238 more words


Tip Tuesday #3: Simple 10-Minute Yoga Practice To Refresh And Re-energize

Does anyone else hit a wall around 3 p.m.? There’s something about that time of day that just always gets to me. I lose all motivation like clockwork and just want to take a nap. 149 more words