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5 QUICK! Interview Tips

Eye Contact

Eye contact, seems like a simple thing to remember, right? Wrong. A lot of people forget this key nonverbal. According to CollegeGrad.com, “If you look away while listening, it can indicate a lack of interest and a short attention span. 308 more words

Career Advice

Tip Tuesday - Clothespins for Ear Phones

Say goodbye to tangled, messed up earphones.

Glue 2 clothespins together (use hot glue), one end opposite to the other. Clip the end of the headphone on one end and wrap the earphones around the middle (between the clips on either end). 23 more words


Tip Tuesday:  Snack Edition 

Partially because I’m post-bariatric (tiny tummy), partially because it’s healthier, and partially because I’m a snacker by nature, I like to come up with healthy snacking options that offer nutritional value. 499 more words


#TipTuesday: Asbuilt Upload Tool

Uploading your record drawings as points using your Document Upload Tool is all well and good, but what if you want your asbuilts tied directly to your assets? 253 more words


Tip Tuesday: Pizza in Another Exciting Incarnation

Pizza.  PIZZA!  Pizzahhhhhhhhh!!!

Is there a way that pizza (in its various forms) isn’t yummy?

But sometimes…the local pizza joint, or a Pepperoni Pizza Hot Pocket, or English Muffin Pizzas just fail to satisfy. 572 more words

Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday #12

This weeks quote is pretty much how any writer, either new at the game or a seasoned one, knows to be true



Balancing Life And Drag

There will be a time when you start performing, you will start to notice how busy you will get once your reputation starts to grow. So, when that day comes, it is time to start learning how to balance your daily life, with your performing life. 375 more words