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Tip Tuesday: Multi-use Micellar Water

Micellar water has taken the beauty world by storm as they often boast easy, gentle cleansing and makeup removal without drying the skin or needing rubbing or rinsing. 997 more words


Tip Tuesday: Best Place to Get Freebies


Wanted to try the currently popular brush fonts? But don’t want to pay for a font? Ever wonder where to get free and high quality graphics, fonts, and files? 170 more words


Why You Need a Specialty Pharmacy for Endometriosis Medications--Tip Tuesday

As any endo warrior will know, medication for endo can be EXTREMELY expensive, even with good insurance. That’s where a specialty pharmacy comes in.

For me personally, my insurance only covers about $10,000 worth of medications each calendar year. 363 more words

Tip Tuesday

Symbolizing Sanitary Pipes By Material

It is #TipTuesday, our favorite day! Today we will be showing you another fun way in which we are able to use the “Turn on/off layer visualizations” for symbolizing various attributes on your utilities. 133 more words


Tip Tuesday #4

Hi Guys!

I’m back today with another Tip Tuesday!

Today’s tip is something so easy and simple, i’m sure lot’s of you probably already do this, but in case there is someone out there (like me) that doesn’t know about how genius this is, i will share…. 144 more words

Tip Tuesday: Clean Beauty Sponge

Following in the trend of last week’s Tip Tuesday post, we’re continuing the trend of cleaning and caring for our beauty tools. We did brushes (and I know I promised an instructional post on the exact steps for both deep cleaning and spot cleaning, I will be posting those so keep your eyes peeled for them) but I thought we’d dive into a very popular item first. 711 more words


Layer Visualizations for Valve Repairs

As you may know by now, you are able to create and view custom layer visualizations in your GIS. The extent of what you are able to do with these customization options is extensive, so we encourage you to get creative! 224 more words