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Tip Tuesday #3

Tip #3 – stand up for what you believe in.



#TipTuesday: Features Coming Soon

With the new year underfoot, we’ve all had a chance to address our new years resolutions – whether it’s walking more on the treadmill, going to bed at a more reasonable time, or eating increased quantities of cheese (because life is short and nobody wants to eat… 120 more words


Photography Is The Best Investment You Can Make For Your Wedding Day

With so many wedding planning choices, decisions and details to consider preparing for this phase of your life can be daunting. And with the knowledge that “everyone has a camera” and the ability to edit their photos most couples planning their wedding tend to put the wedding photography on the back burner. 629 more words

Alexandria Louisiana Wedding Photography

Tip Tuesday - Late Night Snacks

Whyyyyyy is it so easy to snack at night?! I can’t be the only one!?

Obviously there are sensible snacks, and snacks you really shouldn’t eat just before going to a sleep state for 8 hours. 32 more words


Tip Tuesday #2

Well we are well into 2017 now and if you’re not already writing or are and are struggling just a little bit, like I am, I have something for you. 74 more words


#TipTuesday: Zoning Tool

While the most accurate way to track Zoning is via direct editing in ArcMap software, the “Zoning Add/Edit” tool can be used for quick zoning changes that follow parcel lines. 159 more words


Tip Tuesday #1 2017

Water and books don’t mix.

In summer beware of the allure of bring books to pools or beaches. Just one drop of water will ruin the whole book. 22 more words