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Thoughtful Thursday: Parent Shaming?

I actually have another tirade-style Thoughtful Thursday post in the wings, but I’m waiting to tweak it so that it isn’t so inflammatory.

Recently, on Facebook, I read a story about a restaurant in Canada that wanted to ban “screaming children” from its environs. 891 more words

Tip Tuesday

A Toast To Your Health!

No matter how I phrase this, the truth is some of us are health conscience, some want to be health conscience, and then there are those of us that… 370 more words

Everyday Life

Tip Tuesday - Cross Training Shoe Tips and Guides

Recently, I jumped in the market for cross-trainers. To provide some backstory – my whole life I have hated shoes and sneakers and anything where my feet weren’t free and unconfined. 327 more words


Tip Tuesday: Stepping Out of Your Food Comfort Zone

Do you remember this photo from yesterday?

That was the Chicken au Champagne (or Champy Chicken, as I called it) from Cooking with Curls.  It’s the fanciest dish I’ve ever made.   667 more words

Muffin Approved

Tip Tuesday: Beneficial Creatures

We all know about pests and how one simple aphid can lead to an infestation if not squashed immediately. No matter how well you tend your garden, it will have its share of pests and diseases to contend with. 1,041 more words


Tip Tuesday - PreviDent 5000

Effect of Periodontal Treatment on Glycemic Control of Diabetic Patients – this article explains  a study that was “assigned to explore the robustness of observations that periodontal therapy leads to the improvement of glycemic control in diabetic patients.” 203 more words


Tip Tuesday: Don't fall for "All Natural"

Seeing products labeled “all natural” makes my blood boil. It makes it boil almost as much as the WV Governor’s veto of the raw milk bill (but that’s another story for another day). 491 more words

Tip Tuesday