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Tip Tuesday: Plastic Earring Backs Pop Off! Who Knew?!

Hello loves!

So I have a tip for you today that has literally changed my earring choices every day. Some of you may know this, but for those of you who don’t (like me until about a week or so ago), those plastic circles on your earring backs are supposed to pop off… This is where I was immediately headed to find a pair of my earrings and test this out. 181 more words


Tip Tuesday (Blogging)

Hey Everyone! My Tip Tuesday this week is to remember why you started a blog. I know sometimes blogging can be frustrating. You wonder if anyone is really reading what you have spent hours writing. 363 more words


Tip Tuesday - Eat More

I know… this goes against everything you hear but… EAT MORE!

If you think the key to weight loss is eating less food, think again. Eating small, healthy snacks throughout the day—in addition to your regular balanced meals—will keep your stomach full and stop you from running to the vending machine with major hunger pangs at 4 p.m. 42 more words


#TipTuesday: Manhole Reports

Our “Manhole Reports” tool is a new trick that provides quick access to your manhole database without having to enter the map viewer. This makes it much easier to check on an important part of your infrastructure with less hassle or time spent. 227 more words