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How to Remove Protective Film on Your Case

Ringke Fusion comes with protective film (both inside and outside) to preserve the ultra clear clarity and ensure brand new quality of the genuine Ringke product. 39 more words


Instagram is a Great Place to Find Endo Support--Tip Tuesday

I know this is a day late, but I still wanted to post a Tip Tuesday this week, especially because I have a GREAT tip for you!! 280 more words

Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday: Keep it Organized

Our Tuesday sewing tip will be short this week due to just coming out of the holidays. If you have a small workspace, don’t be afraid to use shelving, tubs or an unused dresser for storage of your fabric and sewing accessories. 32 more words

Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday - Search Tools

Happy Tip Tuesday! Today we will be going over some of the miscellaneous search tools. In this example, we will search by address. However, you can see in the screen shot below that there are other options for searching (i.e. 126 more words

Tip Tuesday

Shutting Off Electronics Before Bed May Help with Sleep--Tip Tuesday

For me personally, as well as many other endo girls, it can be hard to sleep through pain. I struggled with staying asleep through pain for a very long time at the beginning of my Endo journey. 198 more words

Tip Tuesday

5 Ways to Make Your New Year's Resolution for 2018 More Manageable--Tip Tuesday

For this week’s Tip Tuesday, I figured I would use a New Year’s theme. Since we all have our New Year’s resolutions in mind, here are 5 ways to make them more manageable. 593 more words

Tip Tuesday

#Tip Tuesday - Geolocation

Welcome back for the first Tip Tuesday of 2018! We hope you enjoyed your New Year’s celebrations.

Today we will briefly go over the geolocation function in your GIS.  147 more words