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Live Streaming at Events.

Could live streaming at events be changing the way companies represent themselves?

Live streaming at events and exhibitions has generally been a frowned upon subject and activity when it comes to exhibitors and organisers. 388 more words

Hump Day Wednesday

Tip Tuesday

Want to know how to make over a million dollars? Serious.

Read this guest blog. Written by a research analyst, writer and lover of financials, otherwise known as my husband, Nick Rokke. 860 more words

The Life I Live

Creating work spaces at exhibitions.

With everyone practically glued to their phones or other devices especially at trade shows and exhibitions, it is necessary for companies to be able to reach these technology captured individuals. 438 more words

No Tools

Tube Squeezers

TIP TUESDAY: Use Tube Squeezers to get every last bit out of your beauty products.

Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday - Fall Foods Rich in Antioxidants

Fall brings beauty, cooler temps, an abundance of seasonal foods… and yep, things like colds, allergies, and all that other jazz.

Now, if you are like me, your allergies get worse every year, starting earlier in the season and extending further each year, so I try to get all the boosts I can in addition to a fairly sensible lifestyle (but like anyone else, I am not perfect and am always a work in progress!) 38 more words


Tip Tuesday - See the Light!

Our sewing tip today is again short but important. We are going to talk about lighting when you are sewing.It is very important that you make sure there is good light when you are sewing. 143 more words


Tip Tuesday #1 - Eyeshadow First

Welcome to the first edition of Tip Tuesday! Each Tuesday I will post a video with a tip or trick on anything beauty related. This first one is about the benefits of doing your eyeshadow before you put makeup on the rest of your face. 28 more words