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Tip Tuesday (Health & Fitness)

Hey Health & Fitness Lovers! My Tip Tuesday this week is to wake up early and get some sunshine! It will start your day on the right foot! 135 more words


Velvet Crème Hair Care// Tip Tuesday 

Before dying my hair more blonde I did a lot of research on products to help keep my hair healthy. One of my biggest fears with dying/ bleaching my hair is the damage. 134 more words


Epsom Salt & Your Garden

Your garden needs a little exfoliation from time to time too! Epsom salts can have so many uses and benefits in your daily life, so here’s why (& how!) you should let your garden in on some of its benefits. 510 more words


Tip Tuesday - Low Blood Sugar

Being a Diabetic is not without it’s challenges. We have to work hard to eat right, maintain a consistent exercise regimen, test our blood sugars, and all sorts of stuff. 588 more words


Tip Tuesday: How to Remove Grease Stains on Clothes

Hi everyone!

On this week’s tip Tuesday, I want to share with you a quick tip that my Mom taught me, and that is how to remove grease stains on your clothes. 267 more words


How-To Longer Ponytail // Tip Tuesday 

I’m starting to get more of a schedule for my blog post, which I’m really happy about because it helps me think of post ideas! Tuesday’s are for tips and tricks, ‘Tip Tuesday’! 173 more words


Tip Tuesday (Fitness)

Hey Fitness Lovers! My Tip Tuesday this week is a tip I use all the time when I workout. If you are like me, your thighs rub together when you workout. 117 more words