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Tip Tuesday - Sewing Frustration

Welcome to our sewing tip for the week. If you are like we are, sometimes when you are sewing things just don’t seem to be going right or coming together like you want them to. 111 more words


Tip Tuesday 

Stepping away from your computer or notebook is sometimes better than just sitting there and doubting your abilities. We all get stuck sometimes.

Stick around. . .


Camping with a toddler

Toddlers are their own unique brand of fun. I mean that in all seriousness. Each new word or phrase, every new discovery, and every fun new expression is amazing to watch! 405 more words

Tip Tuesday - Improve Your Sewing Skills In Just 4 Easy Steps

It’s time for sewing tip Tuesday. Today we are going to talk about How to Improve Your Sewing Skills.

Improve In Just 4 Easy Steps: 586 more words


#TipTuesday: Zoom to Visible Scale

Now that we’re late into the summer, most of you will at some point hear your kid or a neighbor’s shout, “Ready or not, here I come!” as they joyfully run around the yard looking for their hiding friends. 265 more words


Blush Crush

Powders, creams and liquid blushes: oh my! Do you want to instantly liven up your face? Apply blush. Do you want that youthful, fresh vibe? Apply blush. 450 more words

Product Spotlight

Tip Tuesday - Personal Development

When it feels like you will never get where you want to go…. dive into personal development.

When it feels like no one is listening, dive into personal development. 191 more words

Tip Tuesday