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Tip Tuesday - Have a Healthy Weekend

In all of my groups and team pages, the common struggle is the weekend. For many of us, the work week is so structured that it’s easy to stay on track (or at least easier!), but weekends are less structured, and if you are like me, that’s when it all unravels. 35 more words


Tip Tuesday: Double Dipping in KALs and Contests

I am still in that stage of knitting where I want to DO ALL THE THINGS.  As a result, I listen to a lot of podcasts, go to a lot of festivals, take a lot of classes, and participate in a lot of KALs and contests.  333 more words


Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! Today is a great day to focus on gratitude for every little thing in your life. Gratitude can bring happiness to even the saddest days, hope in times of despair, and even greater joy in moments of laughter (not to mention it can lower your blood pressure and likely reduce your risk of disease!). 6 more words


Fun with Mylars!

I learned this trick from my friend Gale Perry, a very talented photographer and photo tour operator.

You buy a roll of silver colored mylar (you can find them on Amazon or in art supply stores) a make a cone which you attach to your lens with tape.  41 more words


1/4 a DOctor

It’s over. It’s done. My first year of medical school came to a close and I can finally take a sigh…of relief and relaxation. I wanted to share, however, some of the things I learned and loved during this year, for my own sake and for the sake of others who are looking forward to medical school in the near future. 836 more words


ACT/SAT test tips

Hi Everyone! It’s been quite long since I’ve written. Sorry about that. I had a writer’s block. To the topic at hand now, test tips. 350 more words


Tip of the Week: Decluttering

Decluttering is a very tedious process, but a good one in the long run. It requires going through every drawer, shelf, closet…any space really in a room or house or apartment (whatever you want) to get rid of the things you’ll never use and keep the things you cherish. 225 more words