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Healthy Summer Tips NOT About Sunscreen

Hi, guys! My fourth month at the UERM Hospital as a dermatology resident is about to end but the hot summer days are definitely here to stay. 487 more words

Health And Nutrition

Add A Lil' Gel To You're Art Life

Whether you are painting figures, abstract, or landscape art, if you are using oils, mediums are essential for giving more life to your art work. Just like art, there’s a huge variety of mediums you can buy and use for perception of how you want you’re painting to look. 861 more words


Costco haul: what I buy in bulk

So, here we are, on one of the few days of the year when the sun is shining down on London, and what does my family decide to do? 1,409 more words

Kevään aurinkolasit

Aurinkolasit ovat jälleen ajankohtainen hankinta, mikäli mieleisiä ei vielä kaapista löydy. Joka kevät tulee jokin uusi aurinkolasitrendi. Kissamaisia arskoja on ollut jo jonkin aikaa ja niitä onkin ilmestynyt melkein jokaiseen vaateliikkeeseen.  97 more words


Writing Tip: 146#

Most of us have words and phrases we love (I’m in love with the word ‘sometimes). But sometimes you might overuse those words or phrases to the point that it sometimes becomes noticeable. 32 more words


Make your slow Windows PC/Laptop Fast (Updated)

Is your pc/laptop getting hang or the speed became low?. There are so many reasons like Virus or less memory space etc. I have come with some updated tricks and tips that can make your pc/laptop more fast than usual. 787 more words


The Importance Of Life's "Center"

Recently, I was the victim of one of life’s conspiracies to teach me a lesson. And although I had heard others talk about that lesson before, I had never fully realized its value and wisdom until life shoved it in my face. 1,141 more words

Food For Thought