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Propiedades de alimentos cocidos vs crudos 

Ayer me llegó un correo con una observación que agradezco mucho; en varias recetas he incorporado tomates/cebollas cocidos a pesar de la recomendación que hacen en varias partes de consumirlos solo crudos por la considerable alza de carbohidratos (glucidos, en realidad) que conlleva esta preparación. 322 more words


Make-up Tip of the month | February

Hii my beauties 💋 💋  !!

Today’s tip a very simple one and it will probably help people with oily skin the most. It’s a very easy and simple step that will help us look less oily throughout the day. 188 more words


NTOTW - Airline Prices: Beating the System

Airlines price discriminate. Thats not new news. They try to get the consumers to pay different prices based on when they purchase the ticket, how they purchase it, etc. 161 more words

Ashley Nowak


A “sport” many might consider easier than the traditional(?) cow-tipping, but I would beg to differ.  Some might imagine that the fly’s lower mass would make the task easier, but I would point out that your typical fly has its centre of gravity (and mass, for that matter) much nearer the ground than its bovine counterpart.  698 more words

#TipTuesday: Buffer Features

This week’s post covers a way of using your buffering tool to its full potential! Not only is your buffer tool able to create a buffer around a selected feature or point, it can create a buffer around multiple targeted features. 238 more words


TWD:NML - Jagged (spiked walker)

Hi! Started this post to help those who struggle with the last episode of the NML game – Jagged.

First of all something about the spiky: 344 more words


Tip: March Bucket List

Where I live, we have been experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures, so when I initially started this blog a few weeks ago, these ideas for things to accomplish in the month of March seemed like they wouldn’t be attainable until then.   233 more words