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Gory details

The obituaries columns in newspapers do throw up some interesting facts and sometimes not even about the deceased. Reading the Prince obituary in the Times last week it was revealed 2 me that on account of the sexualised lyrics on some of Prince’s music a new profanity police was created.  128 more words


Darling Nikki

Prince’s Purple Rain album has sold over 13 million copies since 1984, spent weeks topping Billboard charts, and launched the parental advisory warning that we’ve all come to know. 217 more words


Leaving Prince everywhere.

When Bad Brains proclaimed their “P.M.A.,” they meant, “Positive Mental Attitude.” Which—obviously—is a good thing to have. For me, today, P.M.A. also stands for “Prince’s Music Around.” Which—obviously—has always been a good thing to have, but right now, more than usual. 357 more words

Ruminations on Prince


I find it silly when a famous person dies then people get upset and, well, lose it. Wail, moan, it’s all about me, the whole thing. 2,059 more words

Darlin Nikki

The Purple One

There once was an artist (formerly) known as Prince

Whose vision and talent hasn’t been paralleled since

And now that he’s gone

It may feel long… 515 more words

Current Events

Rap Hates Tipper Gore

Tipper Gore, wife of former Vice President and Senator Al Gore, was one of the founders of the Parents Music Resource Committee. This committee was formed to increase parental control over the access children had to inappropriate music. 352 more words

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Warning: Excessive Gore

As a teen in the 1960s, Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson loved music. During her sophomore year in high school, she got her first set of drums, and taught herself to play while listening to the stereo. 1,631 more words