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Happy Birthday Hitchcock!

If you have ever watched the original Psycho, or The Birds, or Rebecca (preferably alone on a stormy night, with all your doors bolted) you know what it is to experience Alfred Hitchcock at his best. 1,687 more words

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The Harrad Experiment (1973) Ted Post

Robert H. Rimmer’s 1966 novel, The Harrad Experiment, was a moderate success when first published in hardcover. One year later, Bantam Books published the paperback version, and the book exploded selling over 300,000 copies in one month, eventually selling over three million. 634 more words

The Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon: Marnie (1964)

This is my second entry for my Hitchcock blogathon. This time I’m writing about Marnie. This is one of Hitch’s later films, and it is one which I think really deserves to be better known and appreciated by audiences today. 1,066 more words


The Bionic Woman 1.5 - Claws

A couple of years ago, the strange film Roar was reissued, and with it came the even stranger tale of how the actress Tippi Hedren and her teen daughter Melanie Griffith, who starred in the movie, spent the seventies sharing a house with a 400-pound lion named Neil. 250 more words

The Bionic Woman

The Birds (1963)

The Birds is about all sort of birds. The ones we are acquainted with initially are actually a pair of humans. Lovebirds you might call them. 747 more words


Tippi: A Memoir

Tippi Hedren says in the introduction to her autobiography that so much has been written about her that it’s high time she set the record straight. 800 more words

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