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Walter Palmer- The Cowardly Dentist of Minnesota

I believe Jimmy Kimmel said it best about Palmer being a douchebag who wanted the head of a lion in his man cave so all his buddies could sit around drinking scotch and telling him how awesome he is. 175 more words

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Trophy Hunting Sociopaths (Kendall Jones recap)

One beautiful morning I was scrolling through the news feed on Facebook and noticed that a friend had posted an article about some teenaged big game hunter from Texas posing with the dead animals she’d killed.  1,604 more words

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Beloved Cecil

By now, all animal lovers have heard about the untimely and cruel death of the beloved Zimbabwean Lion, Cecil.  Cecil was illegally shot and butchered by one of the many wealthy trophy hunters here in the United States.   740 more words

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Clever and appealing cabaret of tantalising tales

By Myron My

Alfred Hitchcock was a genius when it came to creating cinematic experiences. Very few directors, if any, have been able to recreate the tension and anxiety that Hitchcock managed to conjure up in such great scenes as… 401 more words

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The Birds: Meeting Alfred Hitchcock

I was saying to myself that I haven’t written a movie review on my blog since a long time. I mean, a movie review that is not due for a blogathon. 1,872 more words

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Roar (1981)

Tippi Hedren starred in THE BIRDS and MARNIE for Alfred Hitchcock before getting on his bad side.  Now instead of acting, she runs Shambala, a wildlife preserve in southern California specializing in lions, tigers, and other predators.   428 more words