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Mobile Tipping Point: 50.5% of American Homes have Only Wireless Phones


The second 6 months of 2016 was the first time that a majority of American homes had only wireless telephones. Preliminary results from the July–December 2016 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) indicate that 50.8% of American homes did not have a landline telephone but did have at least one wireless telephone (also known as cellular telephones, cell phones, or mobile phones)—an increase of 2.5 percentage points since the second 6 months of 2015. 18 more words


Internet Tipping Point: Laptops and desktops overtake TVs as preferred devices for watching TV shows


Signaling an accelerating shift in the digital video market consumer behavior, the percentage of consumers who prefer watching TV shows on television sets plummeted by 55 percent over the past year, from 52 percent to 23 percent, according to findings from the Accenture 2017 Digital Consumer Survey. 253 more words



I think this relates to “Saturday,”   as I said last week,  the day when Christendom remembers that absolutely  desolate feeling of being without the Christ who was just crucified and placed in His tomb. 947 more words

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There's No Sense in Crying Over Spilt Litter

Cats have tipping points, too, especially when it comes to the care of their owners. I found this out last weekend when I faced my own “tipping point” or, perhaps better described as a total melt down. 917 more words


Why is Climate Change so Hard to Address? (Article for #SciRoom)

Back in November we held a public discussion with The Science Room, which as part of their mission to get scientists to answer direct questions from the public we responded to the community questions of  “Why is Climate Change so Hard to Address?”, “Could climate change cause another refugee crisis?”, and “What if ocean currents change due to global warming?” The discussion included the role of climate tipping points and human psychology in making climate change a “Wicked Problem” that’s so hard to address, and how that might affect how we respond to climate change. 40 more words

Dear Florence

WARNING: This is a full on rant. I’ve done my best not to use my blog in this manner, but I have cracked.

I came home tonight and literally googled “jobs for people who hate people”. 1,058 more words