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Pope Francis has taken a big hit to his popularity with Americans

The world—and not just the Catholic world—loves Pope Francis. But in the US, at least, the love’s not as strong as it used to be. 356 more words

Congratulations, Greece! You're now almost as creditworthy as Pakistan

Greece is making its way up in the world. Yesterday (July 20), it repaid overdue debts with the IMF, ending an ignominious period in which it spent a few weeks in the company of Somalia, Sudan, and Zimbabwe as one of the only countries in arrears with the fund. 290 more words

Bluefish mercury levels are declining off the US coastline

It’s been a good summer for bluefish. Coinciding with the New York Times‘ recent fetish for the fish, scientists are announcing that it’s safer to eat than it has been in four decades. 319 more words

Coal wasn't the main source of American electricity for one month this year, for the first time ever

The industrial revolution was powered by massive heaps of coal, burned to produce the steam and then the electricity that helped forge the Western world’s way of life. 203 more words

Good samaritans and government efforts have helped stem the death toll for migrants on the Mediterranean

The human tragedy unfolding in the Mediterranean has done so at a slower pace since April, when hundreds of migrants seeking refuge in Europe were killed… 506 more words

Nairobi's potholed streets are getting a touch of "Obamacare" ahead of the US president's visit

Potholed, sidewalk-deficient Nairobi is getting an emergency facelift ahead of US president Barack Obama’s visit later this month.

Road crews in the Kenyan capital are filling in potholes, flicking on street lights, building sidewalks, painting guard rails and curbs, and planting medians with grass and flowers along the roads the presidential motorcade is expected to drive. 654 more words

Vladimir Putin is staking out a big Russian payday in any Iran nuclear deal

In what many observers believe are the closing hours of the two-year-long talks, one of Iran’s final demands is the lifting of a UN embargo on the sale of conventional weaponry, along with sanctions on Tehran’s development of ballistic missiles. 399 more words