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Kristen Weiss: Sea otters, kelp and ocean tipping points

Through September 2, Monterey Bay Aquarium and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary are hosting Big Blue Live – an unprecedented series of live natural history broadcasts from PBS and the BBC. 861 more words

California Ocean Health

Tinder's CEO is being replaced, after five months on the job and one epic tweetstorm

Tinder’s board members have evidently been doing some soul-searching lately, and announced today (Aug. 13) that current CEO Christopher Payne is stepping down. Payne, who was hired as CEO in March, will be replaced by… 151 more words

Maternity and paternity leave is important. But you need workplace policies that can grow with your family

It’s great to see companies like Netflix getting more generous with maternity and paternity leave. But credit is really due to the people for whom these new policies are intended. 250 more words

A second US-backed energy pipeline has been attacked, this time in Turkey

bomb blast in Turkey today (Aug. 4) damaged a pipeline that takes natural gas to Turkey from a BP-operated field in Azerbaijan. No one was reported injured, but the explosion has again undermined Washington’s energy pipeline strategy to weaken Russia’s hold on its neighbors. 307 more words

The drug company give-away killing the world's biggest trade deal

After ministers from the 12 nations negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership failed to make a deal last week during a Hawaii summit portrayed as the concluding round, the fate of the controversial trade-liberalization effort is back in jeopardy. 482 more words

The FDA has approved the first drug made by a 3D printer

3D printing, a technology still in search of a market, may have just found a home in the world of medicine. The US Food and Drug Administration approved an epilepsy medicine called Spritam that is  made by 3D printers, making it the first 3D-printed product that the FDA has… 225 more words

Uber got to a $50 billion valuation a year faster than Facebook

Uber’s valuation continues to soar.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Uber has closed a funding round of almost $1 billion, pushing its worth past the $50 billion mark. 141 more words