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"Hothouse" Earth?

This is actually the 1000th post on this blog. I haven’t written them all, but have written many more than I had ever expected to write. 711 more words

Climate Change

Losing Earth & Hothouse Earth

I wanted to bookmark two well-written articles on climate change that contain useful information. Nothing better than a blog post for making a record.

Here is a… 185 more words

Climate Change

➤ A happy Norman family outing on the eve of some big Spandau news

LAST NIGHT STEVE NORMAN’S POP-UP UK TOUR played its third set at a packed Pizza Express in Holborn. Spandau Ballet’s percussionist and joker Steve is pictured here alongside his girlfriend, manager and vocalist Sabrina Winter, and actor son Jaco Norman on bass, while his mum Sheila, daughter Lara and relations cheered from their corner. 376 more words


➤ Whither Spandau? Expect a bombshell today!

EXPECT A NEWS TSUNAMI TODAY when Spandau Ballet, the New Romantic heroes of the 80s, announce who is going to replace the finally departed… 337 more words

Pop Music

years later, we've found the courage

at the golf course in

brazil, you hit your ball into

the ocean.  it pings off the mast

of a bartolomeu dias.  he is carrying… 42 more words

Syv mulige positive (eller katastrofale) effekter av klimaforandringer

I en artikkel på NRK.no lister journalist Markus Thonhaugen opp syv grunner til hvorfor vi kan juble over klimaforandringene. Klimaforandringer kan også være godt nytt og journalisten viser dette gjennom syv påstander. 501 more words

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