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Earth System Tipping Points

A tipping point is a critical threshold at which the future state of a system can be qualitatively altered by a small change in forcing. A… 139 more words

Tipping Points

Early warning of Climate Tipping Points

A climate ‘tipping point’ occurs when a small change in forcing triggers a strongly nonlinear response in the internal dynamics of part of the… 99 more words

Climate Change

McDonald's is promising to get human antibiotics out of its US chicken supply

McDonald’s is asking chicken suppliers to its US locations to phase out the use of antibiotics important to human medicine, addressing concerns that current practices… 455 more words

Early-warning signals for Critical Transitions

Complex dynamical systems, ranging from ecosystems to financial markets and the climate, can have tipping points at which a sudden shift to a contrasting dynamical regime may occur. 119 more words

Tipping Points

This year, cash-strapped Russians will spend half their money on food alone

A collapsing currency, shrinking economy, and rampant inflation make a bitter combination for ordinary Russians. What makes it even more unpalatable is what’s happening at the grocery store… 279 more words

Living Dangerously on Borrowed Time during slow, unrecognized Regime Shifts

Regime shifts from one ecological state to another are often portrayed as sudden, dramatic, and difficult to reverse. Yet many regime shifts unfold slowly and imperceptibly after a… 94 more words


The Nasdaq is back to its dot-com bubble peak

And we’re back.

The Nasdaq Composite index notched a remarkable 15-year roundtrip today, as it climbed above 5,000 for the first time since the great dot-com bust of 2000-01. 562 more words