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Mass-market electric cars will go 200 miles, but are still a long way from being profitable

Several major automobile makers are racing to create electric cars within an upper-mass-market sweet spot—traveling 200 miles or more on a charge, and costing $30,000 to $40,000. 337 more words

Ireland has become the first country to approve same-sex marriage by a popular vote

Ireland has overwhelmingly voted to approve same-sex marriage in a constitutional referendum. It is the first nation to legalize gay marriage by a popular vote. 96 more words

France is about to make it illegal for supermarkets to destroy edible food

Responding to startling statistics on global food waste, France has moved to ban big supermarket from throwing away edible food and will force the retailers to donate the unsold merchandise to charity, or to farms where it could be used to feed animals. 227 more words

It's official: Cash is no longer king in the UK

For the first time, the number of non-cash payments in the UK has exceeded those made with physical currency.

Cash still makes up 48% of all payments made by consumers and businesses in the UK, but the steady decline in the use of coins and banknotes… 232 more words

The human trafficking situation in Europe is out of control

They hide inside suitcases. Under the bottom of cars. Or even inside the back bumper. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have been paying thousands of dollars to cross the Mediterranean—for a trip that, they know, might end up in death.  883 more words

Obama is creating a 1,500-mile "butterfly corridor" to help Monarchs get from Mexico to Minnesota

US president Barack Obama, a friend to bees and other pollinating insects in peril, has unveiled his national strategy (pdf) to mitigate honey bee loss, increase the Monarch butterfly population, and restore the habitats of both insects, whose… 389 more words

Why race issues in “Mad Men” remained invisible, to the very end

Don Draper’s smile was always slow moving and surprising when it happened. There was no doubled-over-tears-streaming-down-his-face-laughter in his life. No belly laughs or card games or trash talking over sports. 1,116 more words