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The Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings, Climate Change, Voluntary Simplicity

The Buddha practiced Socially Engaged Buddhism giving dharma talks wherever he went in society.  His first dharma talk emphasized the Four Noble Truths, the Middle Way and the Engaged Nature of mindfulness practice.  3,144 more words


There are officially more people doing their weekly banking via mobile phones than branches

Mobile banking remains a technology in its infancy, but according to Javelin Strategy & Research, it has already eclipsed physical branches in terms of the percentage of US customers using it to take care of their weekly banking needs. 156 more words

Apple's Tim Cook says cash will be dead for the next generation of kids

Apple CEO Tim Cook is making another bold prediction about money. Back in January, he forecasted that 2015 would be the year of Apple Pay (a claim that hasn’t come to fruition, but is  186 more words

Crayola just made coloring books for adults a mainstream product

Coloring is definitely not just for children anymore. Adult coloring books topped Amazon’s best-sellers list this year, and are being geared toward everyone from intrepid  242 more words

Vietnam's jam-packed streets are about to get worse

The Vietnamese government has announced plans to cut automobile tariffs, making cars much more affordable in a country where urban traffic is famously anarchic. 124 more words

Beer consumption in Australia is falling at a remarkable pace

Foster’s may still bill itself as being Australian for beer, but these days that’s not saying much.

While beer accounted for about three quarters of the alcohol Australians drank in the 1960s, it now makes up only about 40% of total consumption, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. 291 more words

The most boring part of the financial markets just got important

In the bond markets, boredom is a currency.

Most fixed income investors crave stable, low-volatility investments that quietly and reliably pay chunks of interest until they roll off into the great bond market hereafter. 562 more words