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Tip #13: Share your religion with people

Today this lady shared this really cool piece of advice with me. When I asked where she learned it she (almost sheepishly) told me her pastor mentioned it on Sunday, then she said “sorry.” 69 more words


Tip #12: Experience, no matter how random, is good

We get a lot of questions from readers  who are trying to figure out “what to do with their lives.” They feel behind their peers, they berate themselves for not being more focused in highschool/college/at their first job etc., all because they are struggling to figure out that one thing they are supposed to be doing that will give their life meaning and purpose.  63 more words

5 essential event planning tips

Don’t make assumptions, keep track of everything and allow yourself extra time. If things start to get too much to handle , don’t panic – there will be things beyond your control and it’s important you understand that you can only manage the situation not change it. 546 more words


Things to do Before Leaving the Hospital

Congratulations! You just had your new bouncing baby ! Things are a little overwhelming and you haven’t even left the hospital yet. Nurses are in and out running tests, checking on you, checking on baby, leaving paperwork and pamphlets and everything else. 901 more words


Daryia, Constructing.

It’s been a while since we last spoke. I hope you are well and not feeling too guilty about all of the food you consumed this Thanksgiving and all the money you spent on Black Friday. 236 more words

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7 Daily Wellness Practices

There are so many different ways to live and enjoy life – having a wellness practice is one of them. A wellness practice is something small that you do throughout your day to feel good. 38 more words


3 tips to make blogging easier

There’s always improvement on blogs and tweaks that can be done. The main point is that we want people to read our blogs, comment, share with their friends and get a lot of likes… But that is hard because we don’t always know what to do and most importantly, how to do it. 273 more words