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Tips for Living Downtown With a Young Child

It’s been about a year since we moved our then family of three from downtown Cleveland to the suburbs. And while I love how family-friendly our neighborhood is in the ‘burbs, there are so many things I miss about living downtown. 807 more words


Update: The Wheels on the Bus…

In an update to my earlier article on Bus Travel

News Flash!!!
Flixbus now operates in the US!
You can travel around California, Arizona, and to Vegas for cheap with the click of an app. 19 more words


On The Radio- Farmers are profiting from environmental conservation

Kasey Dresser | October 7, 2018

This weeks segment talks about an incentive for farmers to be more environmentally friendly. 



Farmers are finding profitable ways to help the environment. 187 more words


How To Prevent a Cold or Get Rid of One: Part I

It’s that time of year again.

Where it’s fucking cold. People are hacking, coughing and sneezing left, right and centre. You can’t escape it. It’s Cold and Flu season! 1,126 more words


How to Repair the Most Damaged Hair

So, I thought my hair was damaged beyond repair! But, thankfully, I found the solution! My locks are back to being smooth and saturated! And, it was sooooo easy. 19 more words


Cara Membuat Docker Container Project Javascript Dengan Mudah

Hari ini Malang sangat panas. Sama panasnya dengan apa yang saya lakukan sebelum mengenal docker. Ketika ada junior atau karyawan baru masuk kerja, tentu tugas yang saya berikan pada awal kerja adalah “ 1,035 more words


Yes, that actually happened (not to me, of course!)