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Life Hacks - It's Home Repair Time!

I don’t live in a new home, and it’s previously owned. It needs tender loving care since it was built in the early 1900’s. So, I’m giving it some of that tender loving care! 142 more words



It’s FriYAY already ya’ll! I woke up this morning and wanted to wear just a plain ol’ sweater. However, I had some extra time on my hands and thought to myself that I could spice this sweatshirt up but not the usual way with jewellery… 293 more words


10 Things you should stop doing

We are young, and we do too much stuff that we shouldn’t be doing. No really, even as we are accused of laziness and a need for instant gratification, we do a lot of things that we should cease and desist ASAP. 180 more words

Six Principles of Influence

Robert Cialdini wrote about the ‘6 principals of influence’ also known as the six weapons of influence.  In today’s business environment, most leaders are seeking out the “game… 717 more words


Things I've Learned from Podcasts - #7

Here’s another installment in my series of posts about podcast episodes I’ve listened to recently, along with “my takeaways” from each. 674 more words


What is a Concurrent Closing?

A Concurrent Closing is the term used to define two or more properties dependent on each other to close. For example, the first property funds and records and the proceeds from that transaction are used to fund or partially fund the second transaction so it can then record. 241 more words

Title Insurance

As I mentioned in a previous blog (Zucchini Bread), for reasons unknown to me, I cannot seem to grow zucchini in my suburban garden. 503 more words