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The Real Winston Deloney: Overcoming Life's Challenges (And You Can Too!)

Life is pretty ironic most of the time, and here’s an example for you: when you’re complacent and making safe choices, you’re not going to experience very many challenges. 706 more words

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Tips For Moving With Your Cat

On the move? Learn some tips for moving with your beloved pet in the car with you.

1. Talk to your Vet

While prepping for your move be sure to talk with your vet about if your cat is healthy enough to travel. 534 more words


How does content marketing work?

I bet you do a lot of ‘content marketing’ – you probably post regularly on social media. You may have recently written your website. You might even have a blog. 1,114 more words

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Tips for Creating a Modern Kitchen

Outside the living room, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any residence.  Keeping it clean, and decorating it in a hi-tech, modern, gorgeous way is every homeowners dream.  258 more words

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7 Mistakes You Will Make The First Time Aurora Hunting

My trip to Yellowknife was my first time in the artic and one of my main goals was to see the aurora borealis. I thought I was prepared: … 1,149 more words

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How to measure rope for macrame

If you have the macrame bug and are finding yourself wanting to try lots of new macrame projects, you are probably going to want to speed up the process of measuring and cutting rope. 478 more words


Wholesaling Real Estate vs. Flipping Homes: What Should You Focus On?

If you’re interested in getting involved in the world of real estate investing, or you’re looking to expand your current investment portfolio, it’s likely you’ve come across this age-old debate: wholesaling or flipping homes? 585 more words

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