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Sql Server DAC error : Dedicated administrator connections are not supported. (ObjectExplorer)

Quick one today:

Earlier this interesting error occurred in our environment. When we tried to use DAC, we ran into this error:

Dedicated administrator connections are not supported. 139 more words


Orion Star Trails in the Moonlight

Orion ascends into the sky on a clear autumn night, with its stars drawing trails behind it as it rises.

Only on November nights is it possible to capture Orion rising in the evening sky. 285 more words

Alan Dyer

Give Lens Flare The Finger!

Have you ever taken what you thought was a killer landscape photo only to get home and find it unusable, ruined by the dreaded lens flare? 88 more words


Sql Server : Does recompiling a procedure stop the current executions?

Quick one today:

Interesting topic today: Does recompiling procedure stop current executions of the procedure?

Of late, in our lab, we’ve been needing to run several performance tests (volume testing) to measure performance metrics under different load and traffic patterns. 233 more words


Challenge Me - Warm Up or Cool Down

This weeks challenge looks at using either warm or cool colours within a project.

Warm Colours

Warm colours can be found on the Yellow-Orange-Red side of the colour wheel.   169 more words

Mastering Art

Sql Server : How to enable and disable indexes

Quick one today:

Sometimes, in our lab and performance testing environments, we end up in a situation where we need to remove and re-add indexes while running tests on different scenarios. 326 more words


Sql Server: Different types of deadlocks and possible resolution techniques

Recently we ran into some deadlocks in our performance test environment that resulted in some good analysis and resolution techniques. In this post, those techniques will be presented in an overly simplified way to be used only for reference. 512 more words