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Sql Server : Why is a query with literals performs faster than a query with variables (parameter sniffing)

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Let’s look at an Interesting, albeit, seemingly anomalous behavior with in Sql Server.


  • When does a query with literals perform faster than query with variables?
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Long Exposure Photography by Matt Kloskowski

Have you ever wondered how people create these amazing pictures where you think the cloud is still moving around the stage, where flowing water turns into a ghostly fog, or where the stars in the sky seem stripes? 118 more words

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Travel Photography and Post Processing Techniques

Travel Photography is a new trend among amateur photographers but many of them actually don’t understand the things and techniques to be a travel photographer. So we have a video that will help people to know more about travel photography. Hope you will love it..!!


How to Become a Successful Travel and Adventure Photographer, with Lucas Gilman

Lucas Gilman takes you on a visual adventure around the world sharing vibrant images ranging from kayaking in India, Brazil, and Costa Rica, to extreme skiing in Alaska, Wyoming and South America. 36 more words

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Tips for Zooming in on Wildlife and Improving Your Macro Photography with Roman Kurywczak

Ever wonder how the pros capture those stunning, action packed wildlife images? Roman will share with you his settings, tips and tricks for capturing high impact wildlife images, whether out in the Serengeti, or photographing birds in flight closer to home. 24 more words

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Work the Subject: You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson

How many times have you taken a quick photo of something only to later wish you had taken an extra moment to photograph it differently? In this episode Bryan teaches you to consider varying viewpoints and lens choices before moving on! Work the subject!

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Sql Server Performance Metrics (perfmon) : What is the difference between PhysicalDisk and LogicalDisk

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As a Sql DBA, we need to continuously monitor different performance metrics to make sure the system is performing as expected and within acceptable limits. 238 more words