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Fatigue & Concentration Tips

Neurons (the cells which make up our brain) are like other cells – they are living with their own metabolism. ¬†They need oxygen and glucose to work and survive and when they’ve been working hard (thinking, concentrating, remembering, coping) they experience fatigue. 625 more words

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Motivation Tips

This is one of the most common difficulties reported by clients with depression. We all know how it feels too, there can be so many things to do, and what there is to do just doesn’t appeal to us. 340 more words


Canon EF 101: Lens Accessories

Photographer and educator Matt Kloskowski takes a look at some lens accessories gives some helpful tips about how to care for your lenses.

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Canon EF 101: Telephoto Lenses

Telephoto lenses let you get close in on a subject. Photographer and educator Matt Kloskowski shows you how to get the most out of your Canon telephoto Lenses.

Tips And Techniques

Sql Server : ShrinkDatabase Options

Though rarely, we do need to run shrink commands in our lab database environments. The easiest way is to run the SHRINKDATABASE command is : 344 more words


Chasing Vibrant Sky

In landscape photography no matter how beautiful the scenery being photographed, having a dramatic and vibrant sky can be the difference between a so-so and a So Good! 588 more words


Building 1/144 Scale Airliners

For a pdf version of this article, click here.

Building 1/144 Scale Airliners
By Paul Hackmann


When approached to give a presentation on building airliners, I had not a whole lot of experience to look back on or to share with folks. 1,394 more words

Tips And Techniques