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Sql Server : Export VARBINARY column data into raw file on disk using SSIS

Quick one today:

Recently, we were tasked with an interesting task. One of our applications stores digital shopping receipts in a database table in binary format. 245 more words


A Garden on the Move

After lovingly planning and planting a landscape for your home, it can be hard to make the break and move to a new place. All that work – abandoned! 767 more words

Tips And Techniques

A Failed Experiment

Somewhere last summer I read a blog post that recommended leaving dead plant material on the plants in the garden to help protect them from winter damage. 256 more words

Tips And Techniques

Sql Server: Convert VARBINARY column data to raw files using T-SQL

Quick one today:

A few months ago, there was a new requirement to export millions of records in a table column to raw files on a disk. 364 more words


The Extraordinary vessels and psychological issues

I was teaching a course at the Shambhala Shiatsu School  in Vienna recently and Johanna Garnitschnig, who was assisting me, added a contribution of her connection with the Extraordinary Vessels, where she described their “inner landscape”. 1,894 more words


Attaching a sleeve facing where it ends at a dot under the arm. Vogue 9021

I’m always willing to help other seamstresses with their sewing problems.  So, I had a request to help someone understand this area of a sleeve facing where the bodice is seamed to the dot under the arm and so is the facing.   323 more words

Tips And Techniques

State Supplemental Payment Program

One of the lesser known programs at DDA is a cash benefit alternative to Individual & Family Services. It’s called SSP (State Supplementary Payment) in lieu of IFS. 38 more words

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