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Super Scooter - Part 4

We complete our look at Hasegawa’s delightful A-4M Skyhawk II.

“As with almost every Hasegawa aircraft kit, this one is devoid of weapons save for the underwing tanks that are specific to the aircraft” 553 more words


California Calico Bass

For those fishermen who aren’t native to California or those new to the sport, it’s likely your familiarity with trophy Calico Bass is limited. Well, here’s the 411 for those not in the know. 2,264 more words


Super Scooter - Part 3

Painting A Complex Tail Marking – Step By Step

“Weathering a model is all a matter of personal taste and though I like my models to show wear and tear, I’m not keen on them looking like junkyard dogs” 1,110 more words



The National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic and the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing National Festival are both coming up soon. These are events where sit ski tetherers from many locations meet up, sometimes we learn from each other, sometimes we confuse each other by using different terminology. 1,649 more words

Tips And Techniques

The (Fujifilm) X-Files


Sorry folks, no Mulder and Sculley here, the X-Files I’m going to be talking about have nothing to do with aliens or government conspiracies. These X-Files are the gorgeous straight out of camera jpeg files I get from my Fujifilm X-Series camera, the 24mp X-T2. 357 more words


The Ins and Outs of the Death Wobble

It may be a dramatic term but if you are a tetherer you’ve probably seen a death wobble. It is problem which afflicts quad skis (a.k.a dual ski with pontoons / fixed outriggers) when traveling straight down the hill on flat terrain. 690 more words

Tips And Techniques

Tuesday's Tip #20

Hi everyone!

Welcome to today’s Tuesday’s Tip. These posts are tips about different products, crafting and also ways of stretching the supplies that you already may have. 220 more words

Tips And Techniques