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How To Get Started With Lightroom 5

10 Things Beginners Want To Know How To Do – by Terry White

Tips And Techniques

Commercial pattern cutting - an insight into the trade

This is my friend Yuka who works for a well known high street boutique.

We met for lunch, but before that she treated me to a look around the works. 780 more words

Pattern Cutting

The Checklist for Narrowing Down Your Photography Portfolio (Reblog)

I am in the process of building a unified portfolio. A task that I ‘relish’ as much as culling, selecting and processing pictures after a shoot. 222 more words


Does Your pattern have the right Shoulder Slope?

This makes me crazy and I see it all the time in patterns.  When I saw it on this McCall’s pattern #6844 I decided to get some information out about it so others will know to look for it.   612 more words

Tips And Techniques

DIY Flash Extender

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to photograph wildlife in the early morning or late afternoon and finding there’s just not enough light to get a sharp shot. 585 more words


Sql Server : How to configure Sql Server instance to listen in static port

Sometimes, in our environment, we have multiple instances of Sql Server running on the same machine. In default configuration, when named instances come up, they listen on some port number. 241 more words


Potato Power: Potato Pizzas

  I have decided to under take a personal campaign to help “save” or help people reconsider the way they look at or (ab)use some really great ingredients. 581 more words