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I tried it, so you don't have to: Mayo on the outside of a grilled sandwich

Dementia runs much too close for comfort in my family, so when First born saw me spread mayonnaise on the OUTSIDE of my lunchtime sandwich yesterday, she could be forgiven for her moment of concern — and the laugh she quickly squelched. 223 more words


How to make yeast-leavened dough

Mastering yeast-leavened dough is nuts and bolts of Slovak cuisine. We use yeast in all our breads and plenty of cakes, whether it be sweet or savoury. 615 more words


What to Consider When Choosing Your Child's Nursery

I have had Molly booked into Nursery for about a year now, but it was mainly to secure her place and if she didn’t like the setting then I would cancel her spot and try somewhere else. 917 more words

Molly Amaya

Scott Kelby's Crush the Composition - Google+ Photographers Conference

Scott Kelby, the world’s #1 bestselling photography book author, presents his groundbreaking class that changes the way photographers learn composition. This isn’t another one of those “rules of thirds, leading lines, repeating pattern classes” but an entirely new concept that has absolutely resounded with thousands of photographers around the world who have hailed this eye-opening concept a truly career changing experience. 12 more words

Tips And Techniques

The Perfect Picture -Tips for Composition - by Bryan F. Peterson

The Perfect Picture -Tips for Composition – by Bryan F. Peterson : Students don’t miss this one. Great advice Bryan

Tips And Techniques

Weeknight Mash

Spring has sprung in our neck of the woods.  We are experiencing a mixture of warm sunny days and cold/windy/rainy days.  When it’s cold, I like having something warm and comforting to eat.   456 more words

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Working in the Plein Air

There is something special about creating art outside.

Many artists throughout history have worked ‘Plein Air’ or outside in their time. Usually creating several images of the same subject by going out at different times of the day to investigate the effects of lighting on their subject. 158 more words

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