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Probe for online computers

Sometimes you need to be alerted to when a computer comes online.  This does that with a popup.  Able to watch many computers at once, using jobs and pipeline. 336 more words

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Display a popup message on top

Using Powershell, display a popup message on top of other windows. This example waits for a computer to become online, then pops up a message to let you know. 40 more words

Tips And Tricks

Let's Talk... Reading for Yourself

Thank you guys for everything! I think I start every post with an Oscar speech, but I genuinely feel so grateful to talk about something I love (and have people read my thoughts). 583 more words

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Integration of Moment JS into React Native

If you are working in React Native or JavaScript framework, then you must have once come across using Time or Date in a formatted manner as per the requirements. 375 more words


How to Price your Items

When it comes to pricing, oh my gosh, the struggle is real! Buying all the goodies is what I am good at, but when it comes to playing the price tag game, forget it! 612 more words

Small Business

How To Be “Bored and Brilliant”

Hello and welcome to this week’s post. If you are new to my page, then be sure to browse through my page and see what else you might be interested in. 552 more words


Shake, Shake, Shake!

I’m obsessed with a good shaking shot. I love the fur flying, the goobery faces and the water spray (or muck) flying everywhere!

I’m using Walter for this blog post because his shakes are rather spectacular. 382 more words