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7 Ways To Deal With Writer's Block

Whether it’s an assignment for university, a blog post, or answering the “Why should we hire you?” question in your cover letter (without giving into the urge of stating the obvious “Because you’re hiring and I need the money?!), we’ve all experienced this. 528 more words


How to not shoot yourself in the foot when working with serialization

Author: Sergey Vasiliev

Despite the fact that it’s quite easy and comfortable to use the serialization mechanism in C#, there are some points that are worth taking note of. 3,634 more words


How to Prepare for a Temporary Move

When planning a temporary move, you know that your destination will not be your real home, but just a provisional shelter. This interim period, however, may last from several days to a few months or even years, so you need to be well prepared. 1,388 more words

Tips And Tricks

Beauty Tips | Blush Commandments

Happy Saturday loves!

Today I have some blush commandments for you all. I haven’t seen very many tips about blush, so I figured this one was good. 19 more words

Beauty Tips

Garden Roses (and lighting tips)

As I’ve mentioned outdoor lighting–in other words, sunlight–is the best lighting when you can get it. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect though. Having such a bright light (and at an angle you can’t control unless you have all day) can pose problems. 381 more words


13 Tips To Help You Avoid Being Scammed While Travelling

Traveling is fun, right?

I mean, who will say no to seeing new places and checking out the other side of the world, about which you may have no idea before. 79 more words

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Immersion Blender

When using a blender or food processor there has to be enough of the food to fill the appliance or it doesn’t blend thoroughly. Switching between them both is often necessary to get the wanted results; mess chaos always follows. 200 more words

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