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Nutrition: Faux-Health Foods. The least healthy "health foods" on the shelves.

Be wary of commercial health foods; they are not as good for you as they seem 

The world’s population is becoming more health conscious, which is a positive, and smart, thing to happen. 985 more words


Conservation Photography: The Power of Pictures

On Earth Day, wildlife photographer Chris Weston explains how photographs have the power to bring people together and create change.

The tiger appeared from nowhere, like an apparition in the tall, dry grass. 1,165 more words


DIY Co-ord Set - From Old Bodycon Dress

Yes or Nah?

So my recent love for my sewing machine has motivated me to try out a lot of new things with my old clothes and random pieces of fabric I find lying around. 39 more words

Quality of Carbohydrates Matter on Paleo

In South Africa, a lot of people tend to put the Banting Diet and Paleo in the same basket. Although some of the principles overlap, there are very real differences between the two diets especially when it comes to Carbohydrates. 474 more words

Tips And Tricks

Four Principles of Training

I’ve always been fascinated by health and wellness, but never really became passionate until I came to college as a Kinesiology major. When you’re interested in something, the more you learn about it, the more passionate about it you’re likely to get. 565 more words


Banish the Blues

This afternoon, unexpectedly, I found myself wrestling the blues. We all know the feeling; an unhappy combination of grumpiness and glumness, with a large spoonful of lethargy and disinterest. 528 more words

Tips And Tricks

Issue Attaching vRealize Automation Appliance to vCenter Embedded SSO Appliance

For my lab in order to conserve resources I figured I’d attach the vRealize Automation 6.2 appliance VM to the existing vCenter 5.5U2b appliance’s embedded SSO server.   174 more words