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Skip Bin Hire: How To Get The Best Value

Getting rid of waste and trash is a first priority for every property owner. However, the main problem when hiring a skip bin is that almost all good skip bin companies are pricey, while those who choose cheap skip bins are extremely unsatisfied. 336 more words


13-Day Protein diet

I’ve been out of the zone for wuite some time now, with everything that has to do with school, and finding an internship and graduating in june. 464 more words


Biopori, Tempat Sampah dan Kenyamanan Rumah

Hai readers!:)

Kebersihan sebuah rumah tentunya berkaitan erat dengan kenyamanan didalamnya. Banyak upaya yang bisa dilakukan untuk menjaga kebersihan dirumah kita, salah satunya dengan membuat pengaturan tempat sampah yang tepat. 394 more words

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APRIL 2015: Project Ilocandia

It all started from jogging along the Philippine Ports Authority in Batangas. My cousins and I suddenly had this urge to go for their graduation trip (they’re both graduating from Law School) and they wanted to unwind before the start of their review for the Bar Exams. 977 more words


☆ When the Suckies Strike + 5 tips to fight them

So last week I had a case of the suckies. You know? It’s those days or even weeks when everything sucks.

Nothing works, nothing seems to run to plan, everything becomes too hard and all you  want to do is to escape into a great book or a great movie. 614 more words


Star Trek How To: Borg Bertram Battles Part 2

Hey there Tribblemakers!

Warp Core 6 is now live in our games and we now have a 2 more Borg Bertram’s to Battle. So what kind of changes can you expect with the new Bertram and the Characters to help out to get Dilithium Crystals and Dark Matter? 2,390 more words

Family Guy Tips And Tricks

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