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What is the Color of Snow?

Although you might think this is a trick question, if you’ve spent any time in photography, particularly with editing software, you know the dilemma.

When you need to custom balance the white, what do you go with? 203 more words

Photography Tips

Best Type of Lens for Landscape Photography

Many people ask what the best type of lens might be for taking landscape photos. Our advice is that it depends on the type of photography you enjoy. 255 more words

Photography Tips

Life Hacks for 2017

So this isn’t much of a photography post but some tips for getting through 2017 in one piece.

After what a crazy year 2015 and 2016 were, I thought I’d make my list of the top 10 things I want to keep in mind going into 2017; 363 more words


Three Pillars of Exposure (Part 3): Aperture

Imagine zooming in on the fine details of the pistil and stamens of a flower. Or trying to capture the veins of a butterfly’s wings. Or stepping back to shoot the beautiful vista of a mountain valley. 724 more words

Photography Tips

9 Tips for Festive Holiday Photography

Our cameras often come out during holiday gatherings, whether it’s indoors to capture a special family time or outdoors for recreational activities. Follow some of these tips to get a professional look to your photos. 407 more words


Three Pillars of Exposure (Part 2): Shutter Speed

Picture yourself outdoors with a camera in hand, crouching to capture the image of migrating birds in the sunrise. Dawn is breaking, it’s dim, and unfortunately there’s very little you can do to control the lack of sunlight. 524 more words

Photography Tips

Three Pillars of Exposure (Part 1): ISO

Lighting affects photography more than any other element. Natural lighting is variable during different times of the day and when shooting in different locations. In nature photography, there’s very little you can do to control sunlight or shade, but there are three camera settings that are vital to master in becoming a superb photographer. 527 more words

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