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10 Photo Composition Techniques to Improve Your Images

Careful planning and consideration – that’s what goes into every well composed photograph. These techniques will help you master the art of photo composition in no time. 570 more words

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What's Your Angle?

Photographers who are just starting out generally shoot photos the way that many tourists do. That is, they see a great photo opportunity and snap. There’s nothing wrong with this. 132 more words

Photography Tips

Best Photography Gear for Beginners

Learning the ropes about cameras and equipment can be tough. If you’re just starting out, you know how overwhelming it is to walk into a camera store. 426 more words

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Ethics of Bird Photography

Capturing the perfect shot of a beautiful bird doesn’t require you to go to great lengths. Instead, ensure that the birds you’re photographing maintain a certain level of safety. 309 more words

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Photography in Bad Weather

Plans often don’t work out the way we think they will, but sometimes they work out even better than what we had in mind.

If you’re traveling, perhaps flew to a special location, and due to schedule restrictions have only one day to get those spectacular mountain shots, what happens if that day is cold, rainy, and miserable? 321 more words

Photography Tips

6 Fireworks Photography Tips - Capture Spectacular Fireworks Display

Fireworks Photography Tips #1 – Slow Shutter SpeedWhen you photograph fireworks, it is very important that you set your camera to a slow shutter speed. Since slow shutter speeds will be in need, you will also have to ensure good camera support. 569 more words

Photography 101: Understanding Autofocus and Focus Points

Your camera has a great feature called “Autofocus” which is normally set to the “on” position by default. However the settings of the auto focus can be overridden, you will need to look through your manual for the instructions on how to adjust the setting for your particular camera.  631 more words