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12 Flower Photography Tips for Beginners

Capturing beautiful flowers on camera can be very satisfying. Both spring and summer, when flowers are blooming, provide the best conditions to shoot extraordinary images. Following are 12 basic photography tips for the season. 404 more words

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How to Take Sharper Photos

Camera shake, windy conditions, and simple camera settings can all make an impact on the sharpness of your images. In order to get a crisp focus in your photographs, there are a few techniques to keep in mind. 392 more words

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Hannah & Daniel | Washington Oaks State Park Maternity Session

Give me a couple, golden light, sweet love, and gorgeous colors, and I’m pretty much as alive as I’ll ever be in this season! I had so much fun with Hannah and Daniel amongst the cascading oak trees that held so much history. 82 more words


Finding Focus

Taking an excellent photo involves knowing how to achieve crisp, clear focus. There’s nothing worse than going on a shoot with amazing photo opportunities, only to return and realize that most of your shots turned out blurry. 399 more words

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Pro Photo Tip: Using Elements of Three

Using elements of three is an important concept in art design, and so it is in photo composition.

There’s a rule of thumb that pro photographers use, which involves the fact that an odd number of items looks better to the eye than an even number. 210 more words

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Magnificent Macro

Shooting in macro is one of my favorite activities in photography. Do you enjoy it, too?

When I first used my newest macro lens, the 105mm f/2.8, I was blown away by the depth of detail and color it produced, as well as the beautiful bokeh (a photography term for the beautiful blur of the background). 244 more words

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The Importance of a Lens Hood

Reducing lens flare and protecting your lens are two very important considerations in photography. A lens hood can accomplish both of these things, while at the same time improving your image quality. 500 more words

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