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Termoizolatia- o solutie eficienta. Pentru ce optam? Partea I

Termoizolatiile au devenit un must have al fiecarei constructii noi. Creste nivelul de confort si reduce semnificativ cheltuielile de incalzire pe perioada iernii. Pe langa aceste doia aspecte importante, o termoizolatie executata cu materiale de buna calitate ne poate aduce si beneficiul
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Ghid Practic

To the Chronically Sleep Deprived Mama

Benjamin started sleeping through the night between six and eight weeks of age. Tabatha was sleeping through the night by two months. Dinah Jane followed the same pattern. 1,858 more words

Real Life Parenting

Must-Haves To Travel With

As a frequent traveler, there are certain things I just don’t leave home without. I’ve been traveling over half of my life and with each new trip I learn something new or discover something new about my travels. 683 more words


Why It's Important to 'Be You' in your Adoption Profile

My first published article in Adoption.com talks about how important it is to present yourself and your family as real, imperfect human beings when you are creating your profile book for potential birthparents to view. 12 more words

Vincent The Magnificent

Mastering the Mic: How to Ace Public Speaking

The art of public speaking is often seen as the opposite of art. As opposed to something that provokes awe and excitement, it provokes fear and anxiety in classrooms and office spaces worldwide. 667 more words


De ce ar trebui sa optam pentru incalzirea prin pardoseala?

Incalzirea prin pardoseala este probabil cea mai economica si placuta metoda de incalzire. Exista mai multe tipuri de echipamente cu care ne putem incalzi locuinta, insa cu siguranta cea mai buna modalitate este incalzirea prin pardoseala, indiferent de echipamentul folosit. Incalzirea prin
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Tips & Tricks: Party Planning on a Budget

Do you love to entertain but find it expensive? I absolutely love all the themed parties Kara’s Party Ideas has the pleasure of planning, however, there is no way I could financially host a party like hers.  1,005 more words

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