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A Racer's Perspective VII: Sports Classics

Sports Classics: this class covers a wide range of different kinds of cars.  Everything from the uber expensive exotic classics, to the classic low riding hoopties, 70s cruisers, and even a car that became notorious by way of its affiliation with some 1920s American gangsters.  2,501 more words


Getting Started! 5 Tips on Opening an Etsy Store

I’ve been talking about opening my own Etsy store for years now. I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to just do it. Here are some things I’ve learned as I create my own store! 295 more words


A Guide To Guide Books: Which to Use and When to Use Them

This was originally posted in my schools newspaper, the Blue and Gray Press! Check it out here as well. 783 more words


Tip of the week: Stay on top of what’s happening in your Dropbox

If you spend a lot of time working on cross-functional projects, you’re probably familiar with Dropbox shared folders. The ability for several people to add, edit, and remove files within the same folder is a great way to work with different teams. 231 more words


Introducing our New Little Ball of Chaos to our Older Bigger Ball of Chaos

Some big news: last weekend the Pie and I went on a little drive and came back with THIS furry friend. His name is Indiana Jones (named after my idol) and he’s 8 weeks old – well, almost 9 by the time you read this. 1,536 more words


Điểm Nhấn Trong Chân Dung

Thông thường một bức ảnh chân dung cần làm nổi bật cá tính hay tính cách của chủ đề, tuy nhiên bạn có thể tiếp cận chủ đề theo một hướng khác bằng cách tập trung sự chú ý vào chi tiết (details), lối sống (lifestyle), trang phục (fashion) để qua đó (gián tiếp) diễn tả chủ đề dưới cái nhìn của bạn. 293 more words

Tips & Tricks

Easter Snack Ideas

With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to get some delicious and healthy foodie dishes lined up! Here are a few things we’re keen to try this year, what do you think? 125 more words