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Another Monday Android App Alert

As we’ve mentioned before: Hackers like going after large targets. There are few targets larger than the Android user base.

No panic here… but this article is worth reading. 37 more words


Why Not Write About the Writing Craft?

A lot of author blogs focus on the writing craft and make posts about tenses, grammar, plot creation, genre, and other topics. ¬†Others go into the nuances of Amazon, marketing, and whatever else comes after you hit ‘PUBLISH’. ¬† 724 more words


Blogging - Worth it?

I’ve taken a break from updating the blog recently. The reason why? Life! Life has gotten in the way of my hobby and the thing I was really passionate about. 203 more words


Do you believe in luck?

My mom always tells me than I am lucky. I think and I believe that luck is the result of hard work (except gambling.) It is how life gives you back in any form, the kindness and the patience that allows you to make moves from one point to another. 289 more words


Ingin Tahu Seperti Apakah Orgasme pada Wanita?

Sebagian wanita ada yang belum mengetahui apakah dia sudah mengalami orgasme atau belum. Survei kecil-kecilan yang dilakukan psikoterapis yang mendalami seksualitas manusia, Vanessa Marin, mengungkapkan, 32 persen wanita tidak tahu sudah orgasme atau belum. 169 more words


Dive into your weight goals the SMART way

Because of my title, I have a Homer Simpson line running through my head right now, “I am so smart. S-m-r-t.” And I can’t get it out. 864 more words