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Good Morning Essentials

Hey Y’all! Happy Monday! I’ve been making small but steady lifestyle changes, and I wanted to share some with you. As a former bartender/night owl, I am not a morning person. 557 more words


Royal Ascot 2018: Day Two

Day two of Royal Ascot brings another Group One, the first of the big field handicaps racing up the Ascot straight course and a set of competitive group races in support.   914 more words

Author Toolbox: First Pass at First Drafts

Hello, friends and fellow #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop writers! I’m sorry I wasn’t around last month, but I was kind of swamped finishing the first draft of my novel! 959 more words


Instagram "Places" - More pic and video to peek hip places.

Hari ini masih libur, dan yang gw lakukan masih sama, makan-tidur-baca komik-main game-tidur… dan sebetulnya ada 1 lagi yang cukup sering gw lakukan selama liburan ini: Planning the upcoming vaction. 402 more words

Before Vacation

To Soak or Not to Soak...

Yes, that is certainly the question.  I hear that question asked quite a bit.  Should I soak my wood chips before using?  The simple answer is: no. 307 more words


Anxious Stomach

Do you suffer with an anxious stomach? It’s that feeling of being bloated and a bit uncomfortable when you’ve got to deal with a situation that’s making you a bit anxious. 1,075 more words


How to handle your child's whining, lying or arguing! (podcast)

Get Bible-based instruction to equip parents to effectively deal with a child’s tendency to tell lies, argue, defy, whine, complain, tattle, and more  (Ginger Hubbard) 26 more words