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Protecting Your Skin from the Damaging Effects of the Sun

Lines, dark spots, and dull skin are all effects of aging skin due to sun exposure. Too much sun can cause cancer, so obviously the sun is horrible for your skin. 202 more words


What the Hill? Why Incorporating Hills is Good For You + Hill Workouts

In the spirit of my own hill workout this morning, I thought I would discuss why including some kind of hill workout in your running routine can be so beneficial, as well as share some for you to try! 469 more words


tips on how to lose back fat

The question of how to lose back fat eludes many, but nutritionists believe that the body stores fat in areas where particular systems need cleansing or support. 62 more words

Europa Park 2016, met tips!

Alweer anderhalve maand geleden is het dat we terugkwamen van vakantie, en ik bedacht me dat ik daar nog helemaal niks over heb geblogd! Dat kan natuurlijk niet, en ik wil eigenlijk beginnen met het laatste stukje van onze vakantie. 1,309 more words

5 Tips to End Workplace Conflict Once and For All

Take a few minutes to reflect on the last 30 consecutive days you were in the office. Can you honestly report that everything was perfect, that no issues or problems occurred amongst your team? 622 more words