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Welcome to The Curious Meow!

Why the name? I wanted to challenge the well-known idiom: “Curiosity killed the cat”. I am – and have always been – a very curious person. 189 more words


Cómo preparar nutella casera

Aprende a hacer de manera más fácil una imperdible receta que fascinará a todos en tu hogar. Deléitate con este rico postre.

Ingredientes para hacer la nutella… 113 more words



  • Be Patient – We are fighting a mental illness so we might not be happy and upbeat all of the time. Sometimes we just need some extra love.
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5 ways to keep your relationship spiritually healthy

1. Gratitude

Most couples have been there. Every little thing about your partner is annoying you and no matter what they do it’s hard for them to get back into your good books. 928 more words


Don’t Be Afraid To Resist!

Resist that resistance… To be specific resistance does not have to be weight per se, you could be resisting against gravity among other things. So resisting your own bodyweight is also a great form of resistance exercise (planks, wall sits, pull-ups). 426 more words


Are You a Photographer…? Here Are 28 Ways to Make Money with Your Photos! (For Photographers, Travelers & Art Bloggers)

Are you a new photographer or struggling to make a living with your career…? Here are 28 ways to help turn you around! 1. Take pictures at local events and sell them online What parent doesn’t love pictures of their kids playing in t-ball games? 17 more words

The Colonel's Tips For Surviving Finals!

Alas, finals are upon us like the proverbial end times. As the hellfire doth raineth down, we at The Colonel have scoured the land for the finest advice to aid you in your time of need. 187 more words