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Tips for studying abroad

Since my year abroad came to its end pretty much a month ago now I see students on their short placements abroad getting ready for the big year abroad. 810 more words


How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

What’s up guys?

So I’m sure all of us love to do our make-up, most of us do at least a little bit every day. Now what does this mean, dirty makeup brushes! 444 more words


Ladies, you need to try this! 

I first stumbled across this product whilst online shopping and was intrigued as to how they worked. I then came across a few videos of youtubers talking about them and the benefits, but because I hadn’t heard of any one that I know using them, I never thought of giving it a go. 431 more words


Tips For A Shutterbug

Hello fellows!

Whether you are a die-hard digital or a funky film photographer, a beginner or a pro, we all like to receive some advice sometimes. 721 more words

Pros and Cons of being an intern (plus my tips!)

I jokingly call myself a ‘professional intern’ sometimes, and yesterday I realized it’s kind of true!  I have been interning every summer (and/or part time during the year) for the past FIVE YEARS of my life!   1,310 more words

DIY writer's journal

As a writer and a hoarder of journals I find the two come beautifully hand in hand. I learned on my first Creative Writing course way back in 2012 that a writing journal was a thing, and a great thing at that. 640 more words


A Week In The Life

I’ve had a number of people ask me, “What do you eat?” “How do you know what you can have?” “Aren’t you hungry?”

The answers are: “All kinds of stuff!”, “I took the time to learn!”, and “NO!- and if I am, I eat something extra!” 509 more words

Ketogenic Diet