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Why Does My First Date Had To Be On Valentines Day!?

Valentines day is going to fall on a Sunday this year and as so they say, V-day are more for existing couples. But you and your guy just recently met. 611 more words


5 Tips & Tricks to sleep better

Establish a night time routine

Try to set a go-to-sleep alarm or create a bedtime routine such as turning off your electronic devices at a special time, in order to get enough sleep. 150 more words


Recently, I wrote an article for Luxmama‘s blog (still to be published) about how it feels to be a mum to a boy. I specifically wanted to capture how it “feels”, not how it “is”, by focussing on the emotional side of things. 1,749 more words

My Story

Raspberry Pi - What is it and What do you need to get one Going?

What Is a Raspberry Pi?

A Raspberry Pi is essentially a very small, very cheap computer. It ranges from £5 to £30 for the unit itself. 907 more words


Expedia - "Best Price Guarantee" Part 2

From my previous post, you would have realised that I have received the claim from Expedia.

******Please note that I am using the Expedia Singapore version, so if you are located else where there might be different requirements for you. 392 more words


10 Reasons Why It's Time For You To Rent Movies Online

There was clearly a time, in the not so distant past, when a trip in order to your local video store using the family was a weekly or monthly treat. 1,240 more words


Position Your Computer the Healthy Way

Welcome to my New Blog ‘KNOWLEDGE SHARING’  in WordPress.com where I am going to share interesting articles for the purpose of sharing whatever knowledge aquired by me. 429 more words