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7 Dialogue Downers

One of the ironic twists of being a writer who works alone at a desk making up imaginary things is writing dialogue. You know, a conversation between two or more people when it’s rare you’ve spoken to another person, out loud, about anything interesting for days at a time. 988 more words


How to cope in social situations!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re well and having a brilliant day ❤️ I think the last time I wrote about my shyness and social anxiety were in these posts: … 1,177 more words


5 Tips for Living on Your Own at University

Moving away for university can be a scary time for anyone even if you are very excited. Although it comes with the idea of total freedom and that may seem like the best thing after living by someone else’s rules all of your life, it can still be important to take it seriously. 942 more words


Tuscany: Montepulciano, San Gimignano and Siena

We couldn’t have asked for better travel buddies than my brother Neil and his wife Asia. Our “travel styles” (our balance of gluttony and exploring) are totally aligned, … 1,162 more words


How to export a PDF from Design Space in iOS

A lot of people do their design work in Cricut’s Design Space (DS). There are lots of advantages: it’s a pretty decent design application, is cloud-based, and works on both computer and mobile platforms. 303 more words

Design Space

Let's Talk About...UTIs

UTIs – or Urinary Tract Infections (including cystitis) – are one of the banes of my existence. And I’m sure it’s the same for many others out there. 787 more words


Standaard in huis hebben - voedsel

Ja, haha, het is handig om standaard iets van voedsel in huis te hebben. (Maar seriously, niemand wordt blij van de koelkast opentrekken en hem volledig leeg aan te treffen.) 885 more words

The Basics