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What's Your Name Again, Kiddo?

Everyone laughed when their mom mixed up her kids’ names – invariably with the pet’s, too – but eventually it happens to you….

I have to try SO DANG HARD to get my kids’ names right when I talk to them, and the names don’t even sound alike. 43 more words

Do You Want Wine or Chocolate With Your Toddler?

You know it’s been a trying day when, as you wait for your toddler to put herself to sleep after you laid her to bed, you debate to yourself whether you want chocolate or wine more at the moment….

Half-Empty?Absolutely not...

I lay there pretty exhausted after a long day of reading, math, religious studies, science, spelling, trampoline jumping and volleyball playing. I must have exclaimed at how tired I was and it only took a few seconds before I saw his little feet dart across the room, picking up the cover for his Lego table and dropping it on the carpet in front of me. 105 more words


Supermom or just a Stay-At-Home Mom?!

So there is nothing I can say except, today my day went as follows:

5am– gave Sunshine Motrin to keep her ongoing fever at bay… 1,470 more words

Kidisms And Craziness

The importance of birthdays.

So my youngest is turning 1 in less than a week and I honestly have nothing planned for her birthday beyond a general theme in my head. 179 more words


Air Conditioners and ways to stay cool when they don't work.

So this is the 3rd week in a row that something has broken on our swamp cooler. 1st week it was a belt and that took the landlord 2 days to fix. 631 more words

Tired Mom

They grow so fast

So as you can see it’s been awhile since I have made a post, sometimes life comes at you fast. I’ll keep telling you I/this are a work in progress and I’ll get better with it. 499 more words