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I registered my son for karate to get a "mom break"...Now he's a Black Belt.

Mommy confession time.  When I registered my son for karate at the age of 6, I never thought he’d be an 11 year old black belt.   871 more words

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Dear Spring Break,

Dear Spring Break,

Hey, how’s it going? Super sad you’re leaving… *rolls eyes*

Thanks for helping me realize how much my child actually talks in one day. 221 more words

Truth be told: Confession from One Mom to another...

Can I let you in on a little secret? I feel as though I need to step into a moment of transparency and impart upon you a little-known secret of our home by exposing the giant elephant that sits in the corner of nearly every moms group discussion that I’ve ever been part of. 978 more words


I Let the Bananas Go Bad Again

Can I be honest with you?  This is a real mommy confession moment. I, Tracy, suck at giving my kids fresh fruits and veggies.

I try.   562 more words

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Food Choices: These Kids Don't Know How Good They Have It!

The scene this morning at breakfast was one of fruit carnage on the counter, sheer indifference by my girls, and shrouded exasperation by me:

Our typical breakfast routine is to have some fruit first, then either cereal or an English muffin or baked oatmeal or bagels on the weekend (with cream cheese and sprinkles – don’t judge – for Toddler). 456 more words

I am a mom! And a lover!?

I could say 99% precent of new parents (moms and dads) DO NOT CARE about sex, in the first weeks after baby. You are exhausted, dirty, and stressed out! 354 more words


Sweet (Future) Memories Friday: No More Babies!

Let me just preface this by saying that I love my two little girls, now 13m and almost 3.5y. They are adorable and a lot of fun. 438 more words