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Postpartum Guilt from a Tired Mama

Guilt is a feeling that I have felt ever since I became a mother. It’s that feeling that creeps up on me when I want to be the strongest. 1,167 more words

Mommy Stories

The Secret's Out - Moms are Tired

Mom tired is a different kind of tired. We exist in a state of high functioning exhaustion. I am just now getting used to being able to have a good night’s sleep again and wake up at a decent time. 195 more words


Mommy Made Me


They told me it would be easy. They told me it would be better with multiples. Who are “they” and why did I listen?? 1,932 more words

Holiday Wishes - From the Kids With Yawns

It’s Memorial Day here in the States. I was reminded by a veteran on Friday not to say “Happy Memorial Day,” and I suppose it makes sense not to celebrate the holiday in those terms (similarly it makes sense not to only celebrate it by buying a large appliance or new car, but I digress). 274 more words

The Hallway Scene - Spinning My Wheels and Getting No Where

You know the hallway scene from many a movie?  The one where someone is trying to get to something at the end of the hallway but the hallway just keeps getting longer and longer and as hard and fast as they run it seems they will never reach the end.   475 more words


God Bless TV. [messy mama #3]

Who do I send a thank you note to for kid friendly TV? Was there like a super tired mom that had a thousand things to do that was just like… my kid can’t watch this boring TV. 435 more words


Oops I did it again 

Once again, I began a blog (that already sounds so tacky) and fell of the gride. BUT I promise I had a great reason this time. 484 more words