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Gentle Rain or a Hailstorm?

I gave the last of three kisses goodnight to the sweet objects of my exhaustion and shuffled down the hallway toward freedom. My evening plans centered on a bowl of popcorn and a few hours of mindless television. 96 more words

Christian Living

The Workout!

The baby is down for a nap, 2 kids are sick sleeping and only the toddler remains active. If I give her the laptop or phone with Moana on, she’ll sit still for the hour and some and I can take a nap. 301 more words


Your Tired? All Parents are Tired.

So, I am tired…so utterly tired. I don’t mean sleepy…I mean, exhausted to the core. As  J.R.R. Tolkien wrote, “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.” I find myself complaining – a lot. 504 more words


Mama's Girl

When M got sick the first time it scared me…a lot. I was so worried that the worst was going to happen, but children are so resilient. 414 more words

A 21st Century Mom

I am a mom of the 21st century. I freely exhibit my rights and call for equality. I put my family as my priority. At the same time, I work, I socialize, and I tend to my children’s activities. 1,170 more words


How to play while doing nothing

For all of you hard working, tired moms and dads trying to stay awake while your kids are all over the place trying to play with you and you are crying insede for some rest? 22 more words


I can honestly say in 24 years I have never lost my faith in God. I have always felt that despite any adversity or troubles, my prayers were being heard. 381 more words