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If You're Patient and You Know It, Clap Your Mom-Hands!

I’ve done a lot of thinking about this (usually while I talk to myself in my head while my toddler spends fifty minutes washing her hands… 85 more words

Mama Needs a Life too ..

Being a parent and having a full time job is definitely exhausting and the routine can be quite boring, in my opinion. There are plenty of days where I just don’t have the energy to even think; which is why I’m making this post, because I know I’m not alone. 420 more words

Unexpected Battles of Parenthood

There were a lot of things I expected I would have battles with my kids over; most of them have not been as bad as I expected. 422 more words


Toddler: "Why?" Me: "42." Nailed it.

Like most kids her age, my three-year-old asks “Why?” roughly twenty-seven times a day. Being a parent who generally likes to her educate her children and likes to learn herself, I don’t mind answering that question – for the most part. 93 more words


About 2 years ago my dear friend Paola Cetares was working on the production of a documentary named Full Time Moms… Full time Heroes, she did an amazing job putting together the thoughts of 3 full time moms with different backgrounds and lifestyles. 558 more words

I Make Perpetual Motion Children

They. Are. Always. Moving!






Just calm down, you two … calm down!! Both my 3yo and my 7mo are constantly, CONSTANTLY moving some part of their body. 124 more words

Do They Nap in Katroo, Dr. Seuss?

Seriously, Dr. Seuss … you write great books, and our family LOVES you, but it’s clear you never raised children of your own.

InĀ The Birthday Bird… 137 more words