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A Tired Mom’s Guide to Feeling Refreshed

I have an almost five-year old and a just turned three-year old, and nobody told me that interrupted nighttime sleep would come back to haunt me at this stage in the game. 459 more words

Addvantage USA

Put Your Own Oxygen Mask First

Do you already feel stress that the holidays are coming? Who is visiting? What shall I cook? When shall I shop? are some of the questions slowly creeping into our minds these days. 206 more words


NaBloPoMo Day 4

I’m working on several posts for the upcoming days but none are finished yet, and I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open right now. 614 more words

Mom Stuff

I'm in parenting hell, and it's called potty training.... #pottytraining #justdoit

Forget labor, forget those first few times breastfeeding, forget trying to get your toddler to use a g**da** utensil … hands down, the hardest task as a parent (so far) is potty training. 24 more words


Holy tiredness batman. This point in my pregnancy is a level of exhaustion I have never felt before. I feel as though I thought I had been exhausted before but that was definitely not the case. 216 more words


Can we talk about daycare for a minute?

Lila graduates from her current room at daycare this week, her first room, and it’s been an unexpectedly difficult transition.

For ME, not for her. I mean, sleeping on cots? 679 more words


I Quit

To whom it may concern,

Please take this letter as my official two weeks notice. I hereby resign from my position as mom, mommy, mama, problem solver, janitor, advisor, wife and keeper of everyone’s sanity. 172 more words