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Goals - Teen vs Tired Mom

My oldest daughter said “My goal today is to write a lot.”

My goal today is to survive.


An early "retirement" in Savannah

Jeff has been living and working in Savannah, GA since October. We see him about once a month. Yes…it’s challenging. But, I am no martyr. I know every mom/dad/tween/teacher/rapper/Carrot Top has their own set of challenges. 151 more words

She's Becoming Domestic

A Mama is a Mama is a Mama

I saw your stilettos as soon as they entered the room. I was hunched over trying to retrieve my two year old from under someone else’s chair. 345 more words

Mom Talk

Daylight has not been Saved

I was going to write about the mommy tax, a word coined by a fellow mom.

But I’m too tired. So I’ll do it next post, okay? 141 more words

Raw Parenting

I Slept Through...

I slept through the first episode of House of Cards. Andy and I had been waiting for it to come back. The release of Netflix’s hit series was highly anticipated and highly discussed. 342 more words


My voice is the song in your heart.

My life is crazy. You’d think from the outside that I have it all together, though I never intend to portray it that way. But honestly, this stage of raising small babies and changing a gazillion diapers is tough. 367 more words


It's okay to be relieved when they fall asleep

Some days are longer than others. There are days when they babes are more needy- bigger appetite, messier diapers, in need of more attention. As moms, we’ve all been there. 288 more words