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8 Ways to Know You are Sleep Deprived…

When my oldest was born, she awoke every 20 minutes during the night for a feeding.  I calculated the amount of sleep I was getting and it totaled two hours a night! 580 more words

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A love letter to the tired, run-down mom trying to keep it all together

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time keeping it all together. Some days I feel like I’ve conquered the world and others I feel like giving up and going back to bed. 535 more words

The Best Nap? No Nap! (No, Seriously)

A little bit of mom honesty here. (You can tell it’s been a bit of a tiring week … Baby being “creative” with her napping, we’ve all been hit with a cold virus, 6+ inches of snow, husband out of town since 6am last Sunday…. 604 more words

Do something

I put my two weeks in. I have been thinking about doing it for sometime now. I will spare you with all of the back story but long story short. 337 more words

Sweet Memories Friday: Happy Toddler in School!

I had every intention of writing this as a 100% positive post. Toddler is in school and loves it, we’ve been on time for every day the last four weeks, I’ve gotten a nice break while she’s gone and Baby does her morning nap, and unicorns are literally prancing around the living room with me. 507 more words

Why Going Grocery Shopping is THE WORST

Does anyone like going grocery shopping? I mean, actually enjoy it?

Umm, I kind of used to; I guess I like food, and I like cooking and finding new ingredients, so I’ve always liked more than disliked this chore (it’s much better than cleaning toilets … or ironing!). 828 more words

Mockingbird Mama

Since my daughter M was born, I have sung lullabies to her almost nightly. I don’t sing them well or on key, but she has never seemed to mind. 952 more words