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Those Pathetic Days

One afternoon, as my daughter nested on her bedroom floor with her stuffies and her tablet, I laid myself down next to her and requested, “Can I lie down next to you?” 207 more words

Mom Moment


I’m tired.

Everything sounds much worse when it’s being transmitted through a baby monitor. My daughter’s voice crackles, warbles, hits the limit of the transmission and blurs into static. 1,826 more words


No Way I Could Make this Crap Up

I’m going to tell you this story because I want there to be a written record. After I’ve been committed and someone wants to understand what was it that finally sent me into the drooling, fetal position I’m sure to end up in, I hope some kind person forwards this onto the review committee.   1,393 more words

A letter to you

Dear exhausted friend,

I’m writing you this letter because I’m exhausted too. I’m thinking of you as my back aches from bathing my toddler. I understand you as my head hurts from the harmony of cries my children put together for me. 323 more words


The Tired Mom: Undereyes

It is my mission to address all things beautiful in life. As an educator I see beauty everyday in all students, but I have found that as girls get older their perspective of self-image and self-beauty fades. 142 more words


Are you too busy to be tired, and too tired to sleep?

Ok…confession time.

I’ve been struggling with anger more than ever (not really something I’ve had to deal with much before) and lack of patience. Though I love my girls very much, it almost seems as if they’ve “been in the way” of me getting the things done that I need to get done. 982 more words

A Tired Mom’s Guide to Feeling Refreshed

I have an almost five-year old and a just turned three-year old, and nobody told me that interrupted nighttime sleep would come back to haunt me at this stage in the game. 459 more words

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