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Wild One

Olivia, you were supposed to be my calm, peaceful child. The child that when you hear complete silence go looking for them in a panic, expecting to find a complete disaster of a room, but are instead delighted to discover that they’ve been pouring over the carefully curated library of children’s books you’ve amassed for their benefit. 1,372 more words

Little rays of hope

More often than I’d like, I’ve been too tired and overwhelmed to do anything beyond the basics with my children. Writing, spelling, grammar, math, Quran, some Arabic and basic Islamic studies. 200 more words


Life Through a Baby's Eyes

I really wonder sometimes what life is like from my baby’s perspective – literally.

They are so small compared to us, so what would it be like to be so tiny compared to a big, tall parent? 187 more words

Toddler Tired

Can we talk about Toddlers?
Mine is a couple sleeps away from 2.

And I’m tired.

No one is lying to you when they tell you that you’ll never rest again once¬†you have kids. 459 more words

Present Day

Parenting: My Perfect Children Are Perfect

Parents in my neck of the woods, and I’m sure yours too, are pressured to be able to do it all with minimal help and a smile on our faces. 370 more words

Etsy Blogger

Every Mom Needs ... a Time-Turner!

So I’ve been thinking and thinking about how I can get everything done outside of parenting (writing, blogging, painting, showering, flossing … you know, the essentials) – especially since my darling 3yo toddler is napping about one day out of four. 168 more words

This Mom NEEDS to Finish Her Task List!

There’s an Everest-high pile of things I want to do every day, and I never get through all of it. I constantly feel like I’m chasing something all day long, every day. 160 more words