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Trying to reason with a newborn

‘O’ is now 3 and a half weeks old and still hasn’t learnt to understand me. I’m begging her to sleep / stop crying and she just outright ignores me. 183 more words


When I'm Tired

When I’m tired I make bad choices. Bad choices in every area of my life. At the time I am so tired I can’t bring myself to care, I am numb from exhaustion but afterwards, when I am pumped up on caffeine or had some sleep I care, I care a whole hell of a lot. 447 more words


Two Shots of Vodka

I’m already sleepy. My thoughts are hither and thither. So I’m bingingĀ on Bones. About to pull up files to write, a story to finish. But Bones I can’t pull away from. 270 more words

Single Mom Simulation: Day 9

Does anyone else’s kid cry the ENTIRE time they’re cooking dinner?

It’s just a part of my day. Occasionally he manages to occupy himself while I’m cooking, but most of the time he cries and cries. 780 more words


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Night Tantrums

No child is perfect. Having them is like, as Jerry Seinfeld puts it, turning a blender on without the lid. The literal mess is nothing compared to the emotional chaos one goes through raising a child. 511 more words

Hot Mess


Life nowadays is full of hustle and bustle, nonstop noise of one kind or another. There’s nothing wrong in that of course, life would be extremely boring if it was quiet all the time and nothing happened. 82 more words