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Dumped again 

…or maybe it’s for good this time.

This is the conversation… lighthearted… pretty good considering we’ve not seen each other for weeks… earlier highlights include being told I could go round for a brew and service him while I’m there… only as long as his brother is out though because of course I don’t exist. 85 more words


She was so, so tired. Absolutely exhausted from living. Her brain hurt, her limbs ached and her heart throbbed. Every step of every day felt like climbing out of a pothole. 255 more words


Time off

Hi guys, I had awefull days at work so I took some time off. I am now resting at home and when you read this I will be in Amsterdam for the weekend. 305 more words

Body & Mind

Bedtime is My Happy Hour

Let’s talk bedtime people. I LOVE bedtime. I will not lie. After a long day of playing, and getting whined at, (that’s different that wine) being pawed at and crawled all over and feeding the bottomless pits that I lovingly refer to as my boys, I am normally… 851 more words

Shadow of May - Day Twenty-Five - 'A Light Haunting'

Many apologies – I have been ill the past few days. Still going too, but at least I’m a little livelier than before. There’s probably going to be a number of mistakes and typos, but I can check those out later. 208 more words


I Sleep With Super Heroes

Now before you get excited about this post, I must say that where I am it is 4:00 am. At approximately 7:00 am, I get to go home, remove the uniform I have been in for approximately 14 hours and crawl into my bed. 392 more words

Unspoken Words

At 4am they echo in the silence of the night;

At 4pm they fade the outside world’s noise;

Cause regret when they remain unsaid,

Your mind keeps replaying them like a broken cassette; 123 more words