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Tired Working Mom + Hubby on Shifts

Today is the day where I feel absolutely tired. I just want to hop onto a bed and let my body rest. My hubby is on the night shift for these three days. 426 more words

EARLY MORNING RANTS (2): "Tired of being the listener..." January 23rd, 2018

I’m fed up of being the listener. I’m just done. For a moment, just one moment, can I not be the one who has to listen and be the one who is actually being listened to? 483 more words

A case of the Mondays

It was that kind of day. From the moment he woke up, it was going to be an uphill battle. Crying, whining, kind of day. But as always we survived and we had some good moments. 30 more words


My aching freaking life.

January 22, 2018.

9:46 PM.

Hey, guys. Sorry for coming at ya late again. Had a long day. Also on my Kindle for this post. 408 more words

I miss haiku

How do I last with

My heart having to leave me

Every single time?

Self Written

You had a bad day...

Today was not fun. It was one of those rainy, gray days that are only nice if you get to stay at home and watch from comfort of your sofa with a hot cup of tea. 1,346 more words