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drivers ed haikus from last summer

The summer of 2015, I survived driver’s ed. I totally forgot that I decided to write a haiku everyday. I was going through some old journals recently and found these soooooooo enjoy my old emo self! 301 more words

Growing pains

I have days when I want to give up.

Today’s one of those.

Days when I’ve given 200% and nothing seems to fit right.

Days when I’m tired and I can feel my bones throb and ache with the pain of exertion. 374 more words


Day 34

Good morning world,

I woke up naturally at about 3.35 am and decided that I may aswell stay awake and get cracking with my day. 176 more words


An emotional hangover.

Eyes barely open and puffy. Dark circles sit under your eyes and stay there no matter how much makeup you try to put on to cover them. 156 more words


Let Go

A tall standing
Stands in my way

I ought to
Cut you out
But that day

Isn’t today
Stop with
Your tormenting lies

How easy it would be… 15 more words


When you're unsure if recovery is for you

I’m going to share my own experience and my own journey through recovery.
It is far from easy, and difficult is 100% an understatement, but it’ll always be the best thing I’ve done. 1,815 more words

Mental Health

Haiku Monday #2

Once again, I’m tired.

Blind and lost in the darkness.

Please shine on, my light.