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I have grown tired—I think.

Weariness slithers into my conscious—

Swindling me of interest (in interactions).

Shallow words leak—value—

Through one ear and out the other. 88 more words

The Slug Club

Gooooooodness gracious people. This past week, which isn’t even over yet btw, has been tough af for me. I am so darn sluggish and sleepy.  Don’t even ask me why because I couldn’t give you a valid reason whatsoever. 184 more words

The Struggle is REAL

Don’t get me wrong, I love my son. Love love love my son to death. However, I would really appreciate some down time! Like sitting by myself for 10 minutes! 108 more words

Mom Blog

Procrastination Is Upon Me!

Yeah, I’ll admit it. I’m dithering with sending out query letters to agents. I am even making up excuses like “I don’t have a synopsis ready” and “I really need to watch American Horror Story: Cult. 362 more words


It's been a rough day y'all


omg omg, let me tell u. There has been Drama and stress and stress and drama and more drama and ughhhhhhh the drama. 426 more words

The sleepless nights!

So if you suffer with anxiety and/or depression you will understand those never ending sleepless nights. It’s like your brain just suddenly goes into over drive for no apparent reason. 225 more words


A mergh day

We all want to figure it out I guess.

Figure out how and when we’ll get to that point of ‘oh yes this is it, this is what its all been building up to’. 92 more words