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The Peace of Morning

For years I deemed myself a night owl. I relished in the excitement of nightlife. I took it upon myself to stay up as late as humanly possible just so I wouldn’t miss anything. 217 more words


I Was A Pastor And I Burned Out

Pastors get lodged into a very strange social category. In may circles they are elevated to some kind of superhuman status as a spiritual guru. For some they are seen as the propagators of falsehood. 1,296 more words

Good Morning.

It is dark outside, not because it is the middle of the night but because it is early morning. I have seen every early morning of every day for years now. 226 more words


What I Meant to Say

Today’s Prompt is to write a “What I Meant to Say” poem.

I said I was tired,
but what I meant to say was that I had intended to be bolder. 742 more words


Once in a while

Tired of pleasing people i care about

Tired of giving up my satisfaction for their own good

I guess it’s time to please myself once in a while.



When you spend ages on food, decorations and a playlist for your party and only three people turn up. After spending most of the week having a giant anxiety ball on your chest and feeling sick all the time because of your party (and other things ).


Friday November 17

Ya’ll, the week has been pretty good but I won’t lie, it’s one that I’ll be calling an early night.

Our hours get a little more crazy from here on out through the end of the year, so I’ll just say it: I’m going to try so hard to write daily, but there may be some posts like this one that are just small doses of writing and a photo or two. 26 more words