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Day 4: The Mediocre Artist laying on bed, thinking.

Right now I am laying on my bed and listening to A-ha ‘ s famous song Take on me. This song reminds me whenever me and my friends go to “El Local” and sing it along with other people at the kareoki. 247 more words


In Need of Some Zzzzz

I’ve not posted any blogs in a while. Guess I’ve just been too drained to log on and post!

Right now I’m sitting in the OT waiting room, my intention was to participate today, but instead I find myself struggling to keep my eyes open, fighting off the urge to wrap my arms around this inviting red pillow, the perfect size to rest my head on for a nap! 170 more words


Preparing To Treat Your Lyme Disease Part 1

Last week I wrote briefly about Lyme Disease and how difficult it can be to get a diagnosis. Today I’m going to discuss how you can prepare to treat your infection, as Lyme Disease (if it has become chronic) can be as tricky to treat as it is to diagnose. 755 more words


This is Saturday! ❤

Hello there/May peace be upon you! 😁

*Yawn* Alright, so to be very very honest, I’m so sleepy! 😝 I thought of completing my homework today but I just can’t as I’m too restless. 72 more words

One day Before my exam :'(

Goodmorning everyone ? How are you ?
So today i revise my History lesson for tomorrow, there’s a lot of pages :'( i’m so Tired ! 16 more words


I’m failing one of my major classes. And I really mean failing. Not Asian failing. I mean really failing. I got 38/100 on my midterm. That’s about under TWO standard deviations below the mean. 696 more words


The Moon Without the Light

February 28, 2015

He is happy now. Without you.

One day, you just bumped into him.

The next thing you know he’s part of your horizons that you wake up into every morning. 427 more words