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Haven't Had Enough...


Attending camps completely destroyed my sleeping pattern.

Now, I need to get my sleeping back on track.

A clear mind is what I seek and dreams are what I need.

New Posts are Coming!

Sorry I’ve been so lazy. The busier it gets at work the less time I want to spend on the computer during my “off hours”. Not only that but I’m finding that instead of rush , rush, rush to do things and find things to write about, there is something to be said for enjoying the slow lane. 66 more words


The queen is coming...

I had to go to work nice and early yesterday as some man was coming to do something that meant we had to turn our electrics off… Now you can tell I wasn’t too awake as I had intentions of going through some paperwork on the computer… Oh wait no Electrics!! 376 more words

to make yourself very very tired is not the worst thing–especially if it was doing something worthwhile.

this has been the learning sentence with Paige Bullock.

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Take a Deep Breath

Receiving the news that I need to figure out what I’m going to do with my life in just under a month is rather daunting. 269 more words

A Week In Rosé

It’s the end of the week. I am tired. It may have something to do with that rosé.

This week, before the rosé, was the shopping and chopping and sautéing and grilling of those beautiful scallops, the saffron and tomato brothed cod cheeks and tonite’s panzenella. 517 more words


Ill // Summer Day 29

I had a jab yesterday and today I’ve really been feeling the side effects and felt quite rubbish physically. I had so much to do today and being ill has stopped me from doing that. 104 more words

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