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Hello. I’m really tired and I don’t feel like writing much. I know that everyone’s upset because daddy’s going to this place, a hospital of sorts. 123 more words


Strange Insomnia

I have been inflicted
with a strange insomnia of late…
suddenly at 4 I’m awake,
then I meditate.
I’d rather be asleep
but my body wakes me up, 161 more words


In my head

Being an emotional person is truly exhausting. I don’t sit there and cry all day but I’m still exhausted. Being emotional isn’t just crying about things. 670 more words

The Longest Day

Today was the longest day ever!

If you go to bed at 2 and your baby wakes up at 6 do you call that a night’s sleep or just a nap? 868 more words

Thoughts Aplenty

#Brave as I may be, I'm #exhausted

So many things seem to pile up throughout the week. I crawl into bed at the end of the night, barely able to keep my eyes open. 62 more words


Short Walk Off a Lame Post

Did I use that title before?  If so, sorry to repeat myself.

I am so tired, I think I may cry.  No, that would be too much trouble.  569 more words


Week 37 (and a half). Blahhhh. 

Before I say anything, here are some pictures.

I should take more pictures. I might. Maybe.

K. I’m done saying something. That will be all.