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Thursday Thoughts....

…and today was one of them. I am probably the one person who hates sleeping. I hate it because it makes me feel so tired. Yeah, imagine that. 78 more words


midday thoughts

I’m so tired, I’m so tired of being tired. But it’s not the kind of tired that sleep can fix. It’s not the kind of tired that is over when you wake up, it cannot be fixed with coffee or energy drinks. 295 more words


Productive! Getting Tired Feels Good

Hi ,

Another productive day in the wraps. I got some financial decisions sorted out and done quickly. But it all nearly didn’t happen.

Now if you read yesterdays post you will know that I got quite a lot of things done and I dint get to bed early and I was tired from working. 261 more words

February 23rd, 2017

And the exhaustion is back.

I suppose I only have my self to blame. I went to bed at 4am (not out of choice, mind) and was up by 8am! 68 more words


Waiting for the Hiccup

Lean really close to the screen, because I want to tell you something, but I don’t want to jinx it…. So, it’s just a secret between you and me, okay? 404 more words


Resting in the Storm

Even though I spent all day, every day in bed that week, I wasn’t resting. I was still fighting a battle. It appeared that I was resting, and even to myself, it seemed like all I was doing was resting. 498 more words

Toxic Black Mold

I feel tired and dizzy a lot of the time.  Some of it’s probably the medications I’m on at the moment (Escitalopram and Abilify), but in a lot of ways I’ve always felt tired- dizzy is relatively new, having shown up just a few years ago.  40 more words