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Tired, but thankful

I’m very tired today. We got up early and headed down to start the Visa application process all over again. Since we moved, we had to apply closer to our new address. 285 more words

Still Alive

Hello everyone,

It’s been 3 days since my last post, but I’m still hanging in there. I’ve been working on gathering some info for my sisters story which I’m going to be putting up within the next day or so. 430 more words


Haven't Had Enough

— Sleep, that’s what.

Today’s the start of the midterm exam week.

I haven’t been able to post much since July and I haven’t exactly had enough sleep. 420 more words

44 thoughts you have when starting your first fitness DVD

 Fitness is hard, fitness DVDs are harder.

1. I’m so ready

2. I’m Pumped

3. Let’s do this

4. Perfect body here I come

5. Where’s my water? 200 more words

Nearly There

Am I nearly there?

I’m going to keep telling myself that I’m nearly there.

Despite going back to work today, I’m now up to over 5000 words in my assignment. 170 more words


Monday and a Withdrawal

Getting anything done is just so hard. Doing the best I can.

Just a day at a time. Had my best friend help me edit down the premise for my senior project. 23 more words

I Hate Depression 

I know I probably talk about this too much, but I literally HATE depression. Ths struggle is real and daily and I hate it. Why can’t my mind just straighten itself out?! 75 more words