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The Cats out of the Bag

Hi Amazing Peeps,


This post is about being pregnant while sailing.

This was on my agenda – AT ALL! And no we are not religious, this is my choice not to insert a iud inside of me, and my Hubby is GORGEOUS! 540 more words


Good day

Hello all!! Today has been a good day for me because I helped at the store and feel like I did a good job as a cashier!! 43 more words

Why can I hear seagulls at 4am when I'm in the middle of a city?

I can’t sleep. It’s 4am in England, I’ve had a busy day and yet I cannot sleep. I’ve put my phone away, I’ve tried everything, yet hello 4am we meet again. 137 more words

Flat rock floats the river

Every step is a step closer to the grave. Because what am I but a pointless gesture meandering through the simple silence of shadows cast. 236 more words


Very Curious about that SCALE!

Let’s begin with a little background. Everyday waking up is like a garbaje truck dumped all over you and then backed it up and moved forward (over and over), then you go by your day in auto-pilot, wanting nothing more than to go back to that fluffly santuary you call a bed. 366 more words