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People Tell Me Sleep Is Important...

… but I wouldn’t really know. Since Thanksgiving my middle daughter has been sleeping in our room. She is six. While traveling to Chicago for the holiday she broke her arm pretty severely. 397 more words

Mental Hygiene

Long Week

At school, I play in the Pep band for basketball season. There are games every day during this week other than Wednesday. There’s only been one game out of how many and more than half of the people that went are dead. 33 more words



I didnt know how hard it was to breathe untill I tried to take a deep breath.


Hey everyone!

I’ve been really scarce for the last two weeks, and I’m really sorry about it!

Classes started back up, and I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of being a student (Christmas break spoiled me!) 92 more words


Not So Daily Blogging

I miss daily blogging but sadly I won’t have time to post every single day with Jackson sometimes (most times) keeping me on my toes. Instead I’ve decided to just post as often as I can even if that means every few days because I love documenting things. 26 more words


Daily Bliss - January 24

The Angels remind us not to give up when we feel tired, when we can’t see the value in our work. This is the time to reflect and maybe make changes, get some rest, mediate and pray. 11 more words

Daily Bliss