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05/05/16 - Wednesday

I’m literally so busy at the moment, at work and at home I actually cannot remember the last time I had a decent nights sleep! 177 more words


I See A Lot of Things When I Shut My Eyes

Firmer ambitions
cow like shadows in the want
of a long hour’s sleep.


Where to begin?

For some time now I’ve been wanting to post something new. To give all of you an update on my life.

In as little words as possible, I’ve been busy. 409 more words

All About Me

The day when I skipped school

Something weird just happened to me just now. I was about to customize this site but I could not, because it said that I could not reach the site. 560 more words

Just Saying

Testing. Testing. 1,2,3.

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year again: the time after testing.

The kids are so focused. The teachers are so driven and patient. Administrators have so much free time to talk to you about your concerns for next year. 488 more words


it's bedtime

happy left us in the living room. we couldn’t figure out where she went. we found her… in bed… asleep… snoring… at 9:35pm! she must be a really tired girl!

Year One

Other People Have Evenings

It’s just gone 11pm. This is first chance I have really had to sit down and do what I want since getting out of bed at 7am this morning. 572 more words

Life, The Universe, And Everything