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53rd and 3rd

Tires. Volumes can and have been written on tires. The single point of contact between the car and the road. Round, rubber transmission devices that link the driver to the surface. 481 more words


Why all-season are ideal for spring and summer driving

When spring and summer approaches, it is no longer possible to continue driving with winter tires. Installing all-season tires becomes a must. The reason why an all-season tire is ideal for spring and summer is due to the unique tread design that allows it to have excellent handling and stability on wet and dry payment alike. 335 more words

6 Tips to Get Your Vehicle Ready for a Summer Road Trip

Summer is all about exciting road trips! As the vacation season begins, so does the planning of various trips around the country. If you are also among the lucky people who are planning a road trip, you should know that your car should be in its best condition. 677 more words


Blowin' Out a Tire

So on Saturday my kids and I were on our way to Hershey, Pennsylvania for my nieces birthday party. It takes about two hours to get there from where I live. 339 more words

Time Trials on 300 Treadwear Tires? Yes!

This guest post comes from Occam’s Racer.

Pineview Run holds a time trial series on Wednesday nights, called the Challenge Cup. This is a great chance for non-members to run the track, and for everyone to engage in friendly competition. 1,426 more words

Burn Rubber, Baby

Kodak Portra 160 35mm film

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