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Discharged battery? Flat tires? Never again!

With Promate Patrol-2, you can quick start / jump your battery safely plus inflate your tires with its portable compressor all in a very small package. 6 more words


Evans Tire - Service you can count on.

Having just installed new struts, I had to get the alignment done on my vehicle before I hit the road for a quick road trip. Nothing worse than driving a car misaligned for a long drive on straight roads. 450 more words


Car/Truck Tires

Obviously there is many different size tires for your vehicles. Honestly it can be a huge hassle to choose the right brand tire and everything for your vehicle every couple years. 339 more words

VTAK MR2 - Back at a Time Trial

With the car running better than ever it was time to attack time again, with DC Region SCCA again, and at Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit again. 461 more words


How Fast are Rene Herse Tires?

How fast are our tires? We know that the casing, and not the width, determines a tire’s speed. When I rode Paris-Brest-Paris on 42 mm-wide tires (above), I knew that I wasn’t giving up any speed over narrower rubber. 502 more words


Tuning In Your Bike with Tires and Tire Pressure... This Should Be Fun.

I’ve got a post about tire pressure that’s been sitting in my Draft folder for something like four years. Four years. Folks, I’m not afraid of much, but I’m scared to hit the publish button on that post… because tire pressure is a personal thing.  480 more words



The day is dawning and you’re feeling invincible. You race the birds and you tell the squirrels to scoot and shoo and get up the trees and it seems like you’re the only one on the roads. 1,105 more words