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Self -Driving Uber: Ready for the Ride?

Headed out on the town in Pittsburg today? Well, take your gamble and request a ride thru the UberX app – you might just get a free ride! 307 more words

Tisha Clinkenbeard

Chicken Olympics - Day 1

It was day 1 of the Chicken Olympics! The day dawned a bit grey. The clouds held the temperature to a cool 43 degrees and the breath from their beaks formed small tendrils of smoke. 482 more words

Adventures On The Farm

Frank & Frangelica Unofficial First Date

Last time we saw Frank and Frangelica they were talking after physics class. Their friends Georgia and Corey were busy flirting with each other so they took the time to talk. 276 more words

Adventures On The Farm

An App Here, An App There....

Do you use health apps in your everyday life? Who directed you to the apps you use? Your doctor? Friend? Co-worker? Well, if you got yours from the App Store or Google Play then you are in the majority. 339 more words


Train Your Brain instead of Medicating?

Who out there has tried Luminosity? Was it just another game to you or did you truly see results? Well, here is some news:

High quality global journalism requires investment.

258 more words
Tisha Clinkenbeard

Help Cleaning the Bookshelf

Tori sat on the futon watching Mom type on the computer – again. She had watched her type for quite a while now. Over the last weeks Mom had been doing a lot of cleaning out of stuff. 197 more words

Adventures On The Farm

Before Heidi Met the Back Pasture Heifers

Heidi wandered around the pasture, stopping to chat once in a while with some of the cows. She took a moment to exchange some hellos with the new calf. 590 more words

Adventures On The Farm