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Frank and Frangelica Meet

Frank is a teenage frog. He lives at the pond by the big house at the farm. Frank has a whole community of frog friends and neighbors, mostly because he has lived at this pond all of his life. 701 more words

The Thoughts Of Animals

The Chicken Olympics, Day 1

There were 10 teams competing this year:

  • Farm Athletics Coopsters,
  • ProSport Chickens,
  • Coop Pros,
  • Big Pond Athletics,
  • Leghorn Athletics,
  • Crowers,
  • Eggers,
  • Fast Leg Athletics.

Each of the teams had participants in all of the events. 383 more words

The Thoughts Of Animals

Heidi Moves to the Back Pasture

Heidi thought the day was pretty cold. It was sunny and there were plenty of other young heifers and bulls to play with. She was the biggest in the pasture of the heifers and bulls. 455 more words

The Thoughts Of Animals

The Chicken Olympics

The day dawned a bit grey. The clouds held the temperature to a cool 43 degrees and the breath from their beaks formed small tendrils of smoke. 487 more words

The Thoughts Of Animals

An Evening with the Heifers

It was just about an hour from dark – what some might call early dusk. The lady from the house decided to come visit the heifers. 738 more words

The Thoughts Of Animals

Meet the Back Pasture Heifers

Let’s introduce y’all to the back pasture heifers. Kate, Lydia, Matilda, Nelda, and Ophelia live in the back pasture of the house on the farm. They have a good life with a great bunch of people who care for them. 252 more words

The Thoughts Of Animals

How well will wearables and mHealth apps work with the individual?

Just read an article which discussed the challenges that wearables, or the wearable vendors, face in actually helping the individual. Though very interesting on the discussion I am not sure I completely agree with the expert that the author interviewed. 509 more words