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End of Month Review


The Hobbit: Do you like The Lord of The Ring? Yes? Then The Hobbit will NOT let you down :) Everything, the landscape, the myriad people and things, is so vividly described in this book that I dearly hope the movie is as good…  And yes, the plot,  so Tolkien! 238 more words

End Of Month Review

I'm Back! And I Actually Went On a Date this Time!

This is how it all went down. And by down, I mean it hit an ice berg and he’s floating in a freezing an ocean. 107 more words


The Ballad of Jack & Rose

Last Saturday, April 7, while the rest of the Philippines are still reeling in from the age old Holy Week traditions, life usually returns to normal on Black Saturday. 864 more words

Movie Review: ‘Titanic in 3D’ brings new life to a classic love story

By Nathan Gordon | ng312310@ohiou.edu | @GordonRises
Titanic 3D | Directed by James Cameron | PG-13

First Words
Everybody, besides the people who refuse to take part in watching a three-hour “chick flick,” knows… 609 more words


Why I Can't See "Titanic" in 3D

Dear Readers,

So it’s here: “Titanic” in 3D. It’s been 15 years since we’ve seen the film on the big screen, and now it’s back as that mogul James Cameron tries to lure film buffs to return to theatres to see it in a new way. 385 more words

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Titanic in 3D is exquisite

First, despite the fact that this is primarily a blog of reviews, I am NOT going to review TItanic, the 1997 blockbuster now released in 3D. 436 more words


#FilmFriday Suggestion - TITANIC

To celebrate the 3D re-release of one of the most acclaimed movies in recent film history, today’s #FilmFriday Suggestion is James Cameron’s “Titanic” (1997)! 132 more words