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Fire From Ice



He will always be one of millions. 

Once a bulletproof smile, 

Now shattered to pieces. 

He tried to see over the horizon, 

But was blinded by the same thing;

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Quan Collins

Romeo, Oh Romeo! Where Art Thou Oscar?

From the stepson of a corrupt landlord in his debut American science fiction horror comedy film, “Critters 3,” in 1991, to a legendary frontiersman in his most recent film in 2015, “The Revenant,” my very own Jack Dawson has finally and when I say finally, I mean FINALLY won his Oscar. 288 more words


him & her - Titanic

he was a boy of modest means

boarded the ship with his gamble win

she was a girl travelling in the first class

styled her hair with a diamond pin… 81 more words


RSA 4.26.16


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How much do you miss Prince?

How many times will we compare Prince to David Bowie?

Prince shops at Wallgreens!? 60 more words


Planes, Trains, and Buses: London and Belfast

Hello, everyone! This past weekend, we had our final travel weekend of the program, since we only have two weeks left! This one was definitely an eventful one, too. 1,018 more words


I Can’t Watch Drama Films

For some reason I just love sad films, and have watched my favourite ones more times than I’m proud to admit. Put them on and I’m able to quote every line (I won’t though, that would be annoying), and even though I know exactly what’s going to happen, my emotional response remains the same. 750 more words

Miscellaneous Writing

The Haves and the Have Mores

Make sure you’re sitting down when you read this. Ready? Here goes:

In certain unknown corners of the world there is a “money-based caste system” in operation. 602 more words