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The Biggest........

The fossil record is resplendent with some truly huge animals. From gigantic sauropods gallivanting across the Mesozoic plains to the mammoths of the most recent Ice Age, the history of life in full of giants. 2,461 more words


WIF Creature Feature + A Token Vampire

10 Real-Life Counterparts of

Legendary Creatures & Beings

Our ancestors relied on the supernatural to explain certain phenomenon. Ancient civilizations that saw strange things would try to explain them by associating them with the gods or monsters. 1,869 more words


Podcast Episode 37 Animal Geeks - King of All Serpents

https://askanimalgeeks.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/king-of-all-serpents.mp3 In a new format this week we have a look at a veterinary case of the week, Jet the American Bulldog who took on a Taipan.   59 more words


Titanoboa.. !!

These days snakes are pretty small. The green anaconda is the largest so far and the reticulated python is the longest. Titanoboa would have feasted on them so fast. 42 more words