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How Archers fan's 'soapjacking' raised £45k for abuse charity

In the space of a week, more than £45,000 has been raised for the charity Refuge on the back of a single storyline — albeit a dark and compelling storyline — in the world’s longest-running soap, … 553 more words

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On the elimination of teleology from experimental psychology.

In The Last Superstition, Edward Feser talks of modern philosophy as if it were a cross between a conspiracy and a huge bumbling mistake.  He posits that the heavy-hitters of early modern philosophy, including Descartes, Locke, Hume, and Kant, were (either unwittingly or wittingly) directly contributing to the complete breakdown of natural philosophy and ethics by eliminating formal and final causality, resulting in all sorts of novel yet paradoxical philosophical problems such as… 1,029 more words


Notes from the Psychology Underground: Titchener's Science of Introspection

Instrumentalism and Psychology

The field of science studies has increasingly brought into question the role of instruments in the production of knowledge. Works such as Shapin and Schaffer’s “ 2,920 more words


Welcom Speech from Alan Titchener

Welcome Speech from IFLA Vice President Asia Pacific Region, Alan Titchenerto the First Indonesian Landscape Architecture Students Workshopat Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia on 4 October, 2010… 1,843 more words

14 Jan 08 – Orth, Imageless Thought and the Non-Revolutionary Nature of Cognitive Psychology

14 January 2008 

On this day in 1847, Johannes Orth was born.  Orth was among the members of the Wurzburg school involved in what has come to be known as the “imageless thought controversy.”  Some background is necessary to set the stage for this.  804 more words

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11 Jan 08 – Titchener/The Forsaking of Psychology’s Intellectual Heritage

11 January 2008

On this date in 1867, Edward Bradford Titchener was born.  Titchener founded the school of structuralism and brought his own interpretation of Wundt’s laboratories to the United States, marking Titchener, by some people’s accounts, as the “Father of American Psychology.”  The word “interpretation” is placed in that sentence intentionally.  692 more words

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