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Marina Orlova in the Boobs of PhiLOLogy

Perky Marina (^)(^) Orlova Busts up the Boobs of PhiLOLogy…

The Vocabulary Vixen loves

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Too Hot for Words or Marketing her Mammary Memory?

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Sex, Sexuality and Breast Cancer

We all know that sexuality is a feeling, and sex is a physical act. The relationship between the two is complex, multi-dimensional, unique and intensely individual. 433 more words


Alas! Me Saucy Wench loves t' Swashbuckle her Silicone Valley

Ahoy, matey! Thar be no Sunken Chest Here…

Me Saucy Wench loves t’ Swashbuckle her Silicone Valley

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Arrr ye Staring at my Deadlights, ye scurvy dog?

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Alien Eyes

My Alien Eyes Adore you…

Why are His eyes Staring at us?

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In the XXX-Files, the Truth is Out There… 187 more words


To the Bat Cave, Robin

The location of the Bat Cave was a dark secret before Robin Redbreasts signaled Batman…

Holy Hooters, Batman!

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Will my new Bat Signal draw the Dark Knight to my Bat Cave? 264 more words


The Inflation and Deflation of Silicone Sacks on Go Topless Day

The Inflation and Deflation of Silicone Sacks on Go Topless Day (2).

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Will Katie Price Bounce Back?

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got Carver milk?

Carver Milk builds strong bones…

The Heavy Hooters of Jordan Carver

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to support Massive Mammaries

How Do You Milk A Cow… 224 more words