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Things Your Kids Know Ep. 1

I know there are some of you out there who’ve seen the word “Issa” used on social media and thought… what the heck is this? Well, we’ve got you covered! 61 more words


Inside Her Story: Stacy Abrams Calls For The Removal Of Confederate Carvings

Stacy Abrams, the candidate for governor of Georgia, is calling for the removal of the Confederate carvings on Stone Mountain.

The statue depicts Robert E. 138 more words


Corey Holcomb Is Here For The Side Pieces

Comedian Corey Holcomb joins the show to help brothers out with their side piece problems.

Side pieces can be hard to manage. “It gets hectic returning phone calls,” because, “sometimes you got to get rid of them. 90 more words


Donald Trump Is The Bamma Of The Week For Life!

Donald Trump didn’t condemn the white supremacist in Charlottesville.  He didn’t contact the mayor of Charlottesville. And he didn’t even talk to the mother of… 70 more words


Fat Mans Corner: Let Out A Deadly But Silent One

08/18/17- There’s always gonna be some rude flight attendants and passengers on a plane. But here’s how you get back at them. Eat a greasy Phili Cheesestake Cheeseburger with extra grease while sitting next to them. 75 more words


Leslie Jones: ‘Things Started Changing When I Changed My Hair’

Leslie Jones is a comedian and actress known for her work on SNL. She reminisced with Tom about back in the day playing Queen Esther Perkins on… 156 more words


Top Of The Morning: Chance The Rapper Is Where It’s At

08/18/17- Last night Tom was at the Dave Chappelle show and the special musical guest was Chance The Rapper! It was the first time Tom got to see Chance in concert and he loved it. 77 more words