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X Windows from Raspberry Pi to Android

So you’ve done a cool graphic app on your Raspberry Pi wouldn’t it be nice to see it on your Android phone ? Well luckily there are a couple of X Server apps that you can run on your Android phone that allow you to see your Pi graphic apps. 550 more words

How To Avoid Wildcard Imports

How To Avoid Using Star Imports

I was trying to help a fellow Python beginner on Reddit and noticed he was using star imports.

I advised him that sooner or later he would have to learn how to avoid using wildcard imports.  869 more words


Twelve Python examples from the Junkyard

There are 12 Python examples from the foobar’s junkyard.

Junkyard is a chaotic collection of test files, probes, hacks and ideas on Python programming language. 319 more words

Simulate Raspberry Pi Hardware

The Raspberry Pi has some great add-on hardware, such as Pi Tops that fit directly on top of the Pi module and wired components.

A good number of the wired Arduino designed parts now can also be used with Rasp PI’s. 729 more words

Project Py-Meme

Project Py-Meme

and a rant about false positives

I decided to have a crack at a brand new project, a meme creator with, of course, a… 1,477 more words


Hangman v1.0 on Python 3.7.0

For those of you who don’t know, Hangman is a mildly popular game in which there are blank spaces for a word, which you have to correctly spell out. 1,100 more words