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Contractor Myth Busters - # 10!

Hi all! Teddy is back after an extended leave – aka busy, busy, busy! In thinking about what to share with our followers, Teddy thought, “let’s help our friends become savvy ‘before’ they hire a contractor – … 165 more words

Happy New Year 2014!

Teddy took a rather long break from blogging but now is back and ready to go! His holidays were wonderful as he went to Michigan with the TLC Contractors to visit their family. 249 more words

Another Basement Renovation Completed!

Teddy is excited the basement build out TLC Construction has been working on is finished! Despite the six-week delay, due to the need of adding interior drain tile, the project is ready for the family!  196 more words

Un'Bear'ably Beautiful!

Teddy is so excited as finish work is really progressing at the basement build-out TLC Construction is completing consisting of a play room, bedroom with walk-in closet and bathroom. 106 more words

What about bathroom technology?

Teddy has been on vacation with the TLC Construction owners. He was going to see his family in the North Woods. However, when the TLC owners said they were going to Canada, he decided to tag along and visit the relatives later in the summer. 206 more words

Back to the Basement Remodeling!

Things are really moving along – finally – at the basement “build-out” for TLC Construction!” Teddy has been busy watching the water proofing experts add interior drain tile after the April floods proved it was necessary before continuing the project. 287 more words

TLC Construction Announcement!

Teddy is sooooo excited he wants to shout! One of the TLC Construction owners has been working with a web designer for several months to develop the “new and improved” TLC website!. 209 more words