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About Me; Ariel

Hi, I’m Ariel. I’ve been called weird before, and sometimes even creepy. But who hasn’t right?

I suggest like a million things for the blog (and like 90% of them get turned down.) And try to get us to try new ideas (which isn’t always easy with three different kinds of people.) It’s like I tell the elves living between my ears: sometimes it’s good to flex your thinking muscle. 334 more words


Five magazines to submit fiction (and/or non-fiction) in India

The publishing industry in India is perhaps not so well-documented online as it is outside. Today, I bring you a list of five magazines (four online and one print) to submit your writings to. 613 more words


The Mass in the Extraordinary Form is...well...Extraordinary

Today was my first Latin Sunday mass. Or, to put it more technically, mass in the Extraordinary form.

The church, called Sacred Heart is small. At a guess, you could cram 150 people in there if they were all very good friends. 646 more words

TLM get() Method

I explained put() function in my previous post. Today I’ll explain the get() TLM method with an example code.

In terms of purpose, get() method performs the same the put() does – only difference is that get() pulls the transaction from the Producer yet put() push the transaction to theConsumer. 345 more words


TLM put() Method

put() is one of the TLM method which can be used to communicate between a Producer& a Consumer.

port is the interface which calls put() method and export is the interface which provides the implementation of put() method. 329 more words


TLM Concepts

TLM stands for Transactional Level Modeling.

In TLM, a unit of communication between a ‘Producer’ & a ‘Consumer’ is a Transaction.

‘Transaction’ is imagined as a group of information items which are shared between different components in form of a single unit. 69 more words


Bright Young Women, Sick of Swimming.

Ready to staaaaaand~

As you might be able to tell, one of our favorite movies is The Little Mermaid. And, what stars in this movie? Mermaids. 436 more words