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A new Windows Server 2012 R2 Server was built, running SMTP Server (a Windows Server Feature), to act as an SMTP gateway between the customer Exchange Server and CJSM (Criminal Justice Secure eMail system). 452 more words

Windows Server 2012

With 4 months to switch on HTTPS, are web hosting companies ready?

Like it or not, if your website isn’t using HTTPS (the encrypted version of the web’s HTTP protocol) by July then you’re likely to lose traffic. 922 more words

TLS1.2 slowness

We switched ove to TLS 1.2 btween two of our integrations and things started to become too slow. We investigated various issues like slow algorithem etc but it turned out to be that new TLS 1.2 add some headers where the length is more then the default length allowed by the network… 14 more words


ESXi TLS/SSL/Cipher configuration

Anyone that’s had to configure the TLS/SSL settings for their VMware infrastructure will have probably come across William Lam’s posting on the subject. This provided a much needed script for disabling the weaker protocols on ports 443 (rhttpproxy) and 5989 (sfcb), but leaves out the HA agent on port 8182, and doesn’t alter ciphers – we are having to remove the TLS_RSA ciphers to counter… 396 more words


Have password attacks quadrupled, or are we just noticing them more? [PODCAST]

Here’s Episode 2 of the Naked Security podcast.

We have two guests for you this week:

  • We speak to Sophos security expert Matt Boddy about password guessing attacks – why do they still work in 2018, and what can we do about it?
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