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WATCH: Telstra blindsided by ACCC on pricing

Andy Penn told today’s annual meeting that Telstra was considering its options for appealing last week’s ACCC decision to slash the price of access to Telstra’s copper network by 9.4 per cent. 37 more words


Telstra names three new group execs

Telstra has appointed three new group executives after Gordon Ballantyne, who had been a contender to replace David Thodey, announced plans to leave the telco this week. 101 more words


In defense of client certificates

There is a move afoot among Web browser developers to remove an authentication mechanism that many enterprises depend on: SSL/TLS with X.509 client certificates. Client certificate support, along with related functionality for enrollment of clients, was first implemented in Netscape 4 (it’s that old), but since browser developers don’t work for big enterprises (leaving IE aside for the moment) they never exercise this functionality — and as a result it is frequently broken and the UX can be pretty horrible. 3,318 more words


SSL, TLS testing

Very useful script to test for vulnerable SSL and TLS versions and weak cipher suites.



PostFix as a mail relay Ubuntu 14 LTS

This took some time, so i’d thought I might share it. If you have any improvements or comments, feel free to contribute.

The scenario, we have multiple post-fix mail relay servers sitting behind various ISP’s in various clouds or data-centers, they all point to a single (cluster) of mail servers (Zimbra of course). 1,236 more words


Launching Project 51 into the blogosphere.

Alright, I admit it. I love Science…

…but I don’t call myself a scientist.

I’m just a somebody like any other. I like pop music; I go running (once in a full moon); I watch a lot of TV; and I try to keep up with politics. 1,224 more words