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World Labyrinth Day 2015

Again the Labyrinth Society invitates to celebrate the World Labyrinth Day:

Celebrate the seventh annual World Labyrinth Day (WLD) on Saturday, May 2, 2015! The Labyrinth Society invites you to ‘Walk as One at 1″ in the afternoon, joining others around the globe to create a wave of peaceful energy washing across the time zones. 102 more words


SSL Encryption in Synergy 1.7

SSL encryption is now available in Synergy 1.7!

Introducing SSL encryption for Synergy. Most companies rely on tall walls surrounding their networks for security, leaving their internal network vulnerable. 386 more words


Google Angling to Make Ads Encrypted - Experts Warn It Comes with a Downside

Google is at the forefront of switching to HTTPS over all of its online products and users are already on the secure, encrypted channels when using multiple popular Google products. 561 more words


Google diseña protocolo QUIC para Internet más rápida

Google diseña protocolo QUIC para Internet más rápida en cuanto a la velocidad, ya que no siempre la conexión es la responsable de esta, sino que dependen también del funcionamiento interno. 263 more words


Telstra slams ACCC for "baffling" control of wholesale access pricing

Telstra has slammed a recent string of regulatory rulings by the competition watchdog, describing its continued control of the telco giant’s wholesale access pricing as “baffling” and “strange”. 531 more words


Towards a hermeneutics of pretentious claptrap: has post-modernism gone postmodern?

Eh? Now what’s he on about?

Let me explain. My highly educated readership will obviously know what ‘pretentious claptrap‘ is: I assume that’s what drew them here in the first place. 763 more words


Know your protocol

There are times when it is important to know more about your SSL/TLS secured channel than just that it is running. More recently it has become important to know not just the CipherSpec that it is using but the Protocol as well. 812 more words

IBM WebSphere MQ