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MARSSx86 오류
MARSSx86을 Ubuntu 16.04 LTS에서 빌드했더니 오류가 발생했다.

qemu/libqemu_common.a(vnc-tls.o): In function `vnc_tls_client_setup':
vnc-tls.c:(.text+0x35f): undefined reference to `gnutls_kx_set_priority'
vnc-tls.c:(.text+0x37a): undefined reference to `gnutls_certificate_type_set_priority'
vnc-tls.c:(.text+0x395): undefined reference to `gnutls_protocol_set_priority'
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I Have a The Loyal Subjects BARONESS in Hand (pics and thoughts, with more to come)

First (brief) Look at The Loyal Subjects G.I.Joe Wave 2 Baroness! This is a fully colored Prototype, it is not a production final, so some changes could occur. 382 more words


Weekly News Roundup #6

Back to the weekly grind. It’s Monday. Let’s get it started right with a bit of light reading.

0.81x Wide Angle Adapter from Servicevision

Our friend Jon Fauer shared a quick post over on FDtimes.com about Servicevision’s new 0.81x wide angle adapter which features a 95m clamp-on for use with practically any 95mm lens. 370 more words


http2, https and more

Long back when I was serving an eCommerce major, our team evaluated HTTP2 over http and it was concluded that the gains were minimal. TBH, I felt  1,029 more words


Better postfix tls

Bananas had tls setup badly* once on a postfix mail server and decided to fix it better, it worked inbound, but i had not bothered to do outbound. 125 more words


TLS Fallbacks are Dead

Just over 5 years ago, I wrote a blog post titled “Misbehaving HTTPS Servers Impair TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2.”

In that post, I noted that enabling versions 1.1 and 1.2 of the TLS protocol in IE would cause some sites to load more slowly, or fail to load at all. 345 more words


Java SE 7 vs 8 TLS SSL Cipher Support

Recent news from Oracle indicates that free public support (bug fixes and security updates) will currently only be provided for Java SE 8.x (as of May 2016). 225 more words

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