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Using client certificates in .NET part 7: working with client certificates in OWIN/Katana


In the previous post we accomplished a couple of things. First we secured our demo Web API website with a client certificate. Second we enabled client certificates for it so that IIS doesn’t just ignore them. 926 more words


Pulling some TLS Blind Boxes, then talking about them.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a huge fan of The Loyal Subjects and TMNT is a a shared interest between me and my son. 155 more words

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3 new collages + news (hi)

hey, you guys

hope you’re good / hope you’re well

it’s been a while, and some things have happened. i guess we can call these things ‘news’. 307 more words


Secure LDAP with Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory Domain Controllers (DCs) support secure LDAP connections on TCP ports 636 (non-global queries) and 3269 (global-catalog queries).

If you have an active Enterprise Root Certificate Authority in your domain, it will sign the domain controller LDAP certificate automatically using the built-in Domain Controller template. 400 more words

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Using client certificates in .NET part 6: setting up client certificates for local test usage


In the previous post we investigated how to attach a client certificate to the web request and how to extract it in a controller. We faced an issue that by default client certificates are ignored by IIS so we couldn’t actually read the certificate. 1,748 more words


DUBLIN 1745-1922. Hospitals, spectacle and vice. By Gary A. Boyd. TLS, 30th June 2006

Thanks to Maren Meinhardt of the TLS, I have been getting the published text of pieces I have written for the TLS over the years. As it happens, a lot of these are from 2006, so a decade on, how do they stand up? 1,207 more words

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Why SMED is quick win in pharma - Episode III

Improving changeovers in pharma industry is a relatively quick and easy way to… quick wins, faster and easier than usually assumed. This series tells you why. 1,007 more words

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