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Challenges for 2015

I think that for the rest of this year and early next year we are going to see quite a few challenges that will cause shifts in our platforms and user computing base.   1,241 more words

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March 2015 scan results

The population of TLS enabled servers have grown again, this time by 2.5%.

Cipher suites

Among cipher suites supported by servers there are small changes. 3DES grew by 1.6%, AES in general by 2% while AES-GCM by 2.9%! 1,337 more words


Challenges for 2015: End of support for Windows XP

If you provide support for an organization or an external customer user base then you are likely still having to support machines running Windows XP. Microsoft mainstream support for Windows XP ended on April 14, 2009 and extended support ended on April 8, 2014  882 more words

Information Security

Breaking https:// with Bar Mitzvah

Shamir (The S of RSA) once predicted that the use of Stream Ciphers, like RC4, would inevitably decline over time. Stream Ciphers, while less secure than block ciphers, are faster and simpler to implement than block ciphers. 521 more words


Android TLSv1.2 And SSL Pinning

Hi guys,

Now a days we can’t expect a mobile application with out having web service. Every android developer know how to call web service and get the data from server. 877 more words


SSL/TLS is Not Out of the Water Yet

There has been yet another disclosure of of a new attack method that can retrieve passwords, private data, and most likely even more sensitive data from a few transmissions protected by our favorite SSL/TLS protocols. 260 more words


Serious Security: China Internet Network Information Center in TLS certificate blunder

TLS certificates are very important.

So we thought we’d use a story about a recent certificate security blunder to remind you why.

TLS stands for… 1,471 more words