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Deal 1038: Exposition, and a Decision is Made

The next day, Sydney realized he was just as stuck in place as if he had succumbed to the trap set by the orchard. He awoke in a bed in a guest room. 1,164 more words

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Deal 1037: Breakfasted

Six cups of strong coffee later, Sydney was feeling rather more able to face the day. Of course, the coffee was punctuated by refills of his plate. 277 more words

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Hue Load Balancer TLS Errors

This is a reblog from the Clairvoyant blog.

If you are configuring the Hue load balancer with Apache httpd 2.4 and TLS certificates, there is a chance that you may end up with errors.

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Deal 1036: Awaken awake wake ake a

Despite the narrative complexity, Sydney was resting rather comfortably. He was getting enough dreaming done to last him a month.

seven worried thoughts
calm costumed clumsy chicken
left alone to dream
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Deal 1035: Meta dream worlds

In his dream, Sydney watched himself dream.

The dream of the orchard where he lay was clear and intense. The trees were inviting, one in particular seemed to positively glow. 468 more words

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Rough day.

Planned on taking PT 63 this morning but the dude from TLS (learned his name is Kurt) and one other chick (also from TLS, also learned her name is Tara) are going to be using 63-71 for sections & BR. 128 more words

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Deal 1034: To sleep, perchance

Sydney fell asleep.

Perhaps that would be better said as Sydney fell, asleep.

He had just sat down under a tree to contemplate his circumstance when he dozed off. 338 more words

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