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After a Sleepy Pre-Application, Will Downtown's Second Modular Housing Event See Excitement?

688 Cambie Street 
It appears that, as Vancouverites become more experienced with the Temporary Modular Homes, the opposition to this new form of housing will continue to drop. 306 more words

New Modular Housing Location Revealed – 100 Temporary Homes Coming to Larwill Park

688 Cambie
We are always appreciative that this member of the Skyscraperpage Forum, goes around around our city, and documents projects under construction. This time, we’re grateful that they decided to share a notification card that alerted us to the city’s newest proposed location for the temporary modular housing program. 99 more words

Residents of Little Mountain Eagerly Await New Neighbours - Second TMH Event set for May 1st

As Vancouverites become more familiar with the city’s new temporary modular housing program, opposition continues to decline. I’m sure many remember the backlash when the new homes in Marpole were proposed, but now that the homes are occupied, we have yet to hear of any problems. 654 more words

Copycat Post of the Butternut Squash Soup Variety

After reading a post earlier from TMH earlier involving Butternut Squash Soup, an immediate craving for it ensued.

With Spring fast approaching, and prime soup season dissipating along with the melting snow, the craving was heightened, and on the way home a few ingredients were picked up to try… 119 more words

Eat Clean

Module Housing Info Session Fails to Draw Crowds in False Creek - Project Setback to Allow for Future Bike Lane

599 West 2nd Avenue – Temporary Modular Housing

In a sign of community disinterest, satiated curiosity, or even support, the second open house for the modular home site near the Olympic Village Station drew only a small crowd. 392 more words

Stepping back...

Oh my gawd I sputter as I grab Dena’s hand ~ we both look around then look at each other in profound wonder as we realize it is not 2018 anymore and we are definitely in another time period~ course I had to grab my cell and take this pic just to prove to everyone that somehow we time traveled ~ Dena reaches over and shushes me “shhhhhh think someone is coming up those steps ~ we watch in awe as a man appears that both our jaw drops as we realize it is… 398 more words

love gives me...

Anyone see the tearjerker “Beaches” ~ we are talking major tissue time and Dena came up with a perfect saying for this wall that actually this could be for any lovers as very gender non specific but the saying just fits ~ a cozy space to cuddle in and enjoy the sunrise where the warm sepia tones just wash over you both ~ sitting on the couch as you watch the dog looking warily at the cat and wondering ut oh is she gonna pounce again on me or what…from the poster on the wall hints of travels either future or past but either way all good memories… 165 more words