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Q&A of the Week -- The TMI Tag

I’m totally and unabashedly stealing this from xaspierudegirlx, because hers was amazing and I really like the concept of having a Q&A because I think they’re a really fun way for new readers to get to know you and old (as in you’ve been with me for a while, not that you’re actually old… ancient… wizened… erudite… tee hee). 1,459 more words


Friday Q&A ~ The TMI Tag (Not my normal Favorite Friday Q&A)

How are all my lovely followers and readers?

As you can tell by the title I am not going to be doing my normal/routine Favorite Friday series this week. 2,730 more words

Everything has changed...

Warning: this is probably TMI.

Almost every mom I know has told me about the pains of labor to the joy of holding your baby in your arms but they never once mentioned the changes that would happen to the place down under. 168 more words


Pronomen – Von Akzeptanz, Respekt und nüx – #DamiansDienstag #95

Vor gut einem Jahr dachte sich die bayerische Landesregierung: „Och, du. Also AKZEPTIEREN ist dann doch schon n starkes Wort. Fordern wir lieber nur RESPEKT vor anderen Lebensweisen von unseren Schülern.“ – und so wurde „Akzeptanz“ aus dem Entwurf zum Lehrplan… 1,532 more words


Ever hear of Personal Space?

A: “Why are you up at night so much? Why don’t you sleep much?”

B: “Do you want the truth or the coverup story I have to enact in order to earn my keep at the rich hillbilly farm?” 1,456 more words

Opinionated Rant

Getting over a period

Okay so periods are gross and they’re not something that people like to talk about very much but we’re in 2018 and if I want to write about them then why the hell can’t I? 735 more words


Schrödinger's cat...

Errr… Uterus.

I’m late. Not by much, but still, I’m late. I’m confused as fuck. And it’s too damn cold outside to go out to the store. 30 more words