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Floyd Mayweather. The "GOAT"... Inspiring Speech [video]

“Honestly it’s my fault”, is what retired world champion Floyd Mayweather said at a post fight conference. “Growing up these young fighters would see my lifestyle and say, “I want to live like that”. 70 more words


Chris Brown Vs Soulja Boy May be the Most Important Fight of the 21st Century

The fight between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy which is scheduled for March 2017 is very important from a cultural, economic, and revolutionary standpoint. I’m very excited about this fight and I’m actually contemplating flying to Las Vegas to watch it all go down live in person. 1,641 more words


Mike Tyson to Train Chris Brown Against Soulja Boy | #iRockParties 

As the readers of the site already know, singer Chris Brown will be facing Soulja Boy in a potential PPV celebrity-boxing match tentatively set for a date in March. 684 more words


TMT: How to stay generous by consuming egg 

Want to be generous? Eat EGG -Study

Need a help from someone? Perhaps you should make sure the person has eaten EGG for breakfast. Or are you hoping to ask for money from someone? 273 more words


TMT: "Live and die on this day."

This is the next entry in a Theatre… a Movie… and a Time, a series that was begun here. For the new year now upon us, the following memory download inspired by my friend and fellow movie blogger… 624 more words


Floyd Mayweather Confirms Official Boxing Match Between Chris Brown And Soulja Boy!

This is going to be a real thing ladies and gentleman, Floyd Mayweather just confirmed it!


Floyd Mayweather (@FloydMayweather) January 05, 2017

Anything for money these days, I guess.

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