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Trapped in an abusive relationship? Divest!: A Call to Action

Trapped in an abusive relationship? Divest!

by Noe Goodyear-Kaʻōpua

“We have in many ways failed the mountain. Whether you see it from a cultural perspective or from a natural resource perspective, we have not done right by a very special place and we must act immediately to change that…..In the meantime, however, TMT has the right to proceed with construction and they may proceed as far as I am concerned. 876 more words

Happy Trails, SMS Promotions

50 Cent, you had a good run. It started out with promise. You had a nice stable of talent. The arrow was seemingly pointing north. Even in the aftermath of the fallout with Floyd Mayweather. 177 more words



Thank you for visiting our new page.

Over the coming weeks we will be uploading articles, blogs and spotlight-features connecting you with what’s happening in the world of travel, financial protection, FX and Travel Payments. 17 more words


Brief News, USA

Time Warner Cable will be bought by Charter Communications for $55bn or $195 a share. After the drop out from the deal of Comcast, Time Warner Cable have been approached  by Charter, which is the third largest cable television provider. 107 more words

Same Old Me........

So here I am, same old me, although not quite the same old me……

I’ve not always been a man on fashion, I’m not going to lie, I was brought up in a small village,on the side of a mountain and fashion and my appearance was low on my list of priorities, Theres no denying I knew what looked good, but I was a big Lad, and a self conscious big lad at that- going to a shop and trying on clothes was like picking out my eyes with a pencil and finding something I liked in my size was like pulling teeth,so I resided to availability rather than choice and got on with life…. 183 more words


How important is collaboration amongst the frenzy of M&A activity?

There is a tendency to consider the sort of game-changing disruption we see today in the TMT sector as coming almost exclusively from new technologies, consolidation in the market through M&A activity and new entrants. 420 more words

Business Challenges

TMT: "Grow up, grow up, grow up!"

This is the next entry in a Theatre… a Movie… and a Time, a series that was begun here. Once more, it all comes back to timing. 435 more words