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When They Don't Come Back

When working with feral cats, the hardest part is having no control over their comings and goings. Logic would tell you that if you provide food and shelter for the cats, they will certainly want to stay. 618 more words

Feral Cat

Pro Life vs. Pro Choice

For a second blog post this is a heavy title… but seriously this is a real thing in the cat world. I began trapping more and more feral cats in Norfolk and bringing them to the Norfolk SPCA to get them TNR’d. 589 more words

Cat Lady

Becoming A Cat Lady

When people ask me what I do, before I answer I hesitate. They are going to think I’m weird.  Then I answer, “I trap cats”. That’s the simple form of it. 558 more words


It's Kitten Season

Ahhh yes Spring.  That time of year of new growth, warmer temperatures…and kittens.

Every Spring, the local animal shelters are deluged with kittens.  It is called “kitten season” because it is the time of year when community cats-both stray and feral, and even some that have homes but irresponsible pet parents-give birth to their kittens.   124 more words


TNR lessons ... written by someone who doesn't do TNR

It’s been a number of weeks since trap, neuter, and return (TNR) of the feral colony cats living in, and around, our yard. There were many different things I learned during all of this, and I am going to try and give a list of things that I didn’t necessarily expect to happen. 1,180 more words


When We Come Together, Great Things Happen

While you may have gotten sick of all of the “Virginia Residents, Please Call the Governor and ask him to sign SB 1381″ notices, I dont apologize for posting them over and over on WordPress and other social networks. 1,161 more words