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Colony Cat Comes to Rescuers Demanding Food and Bosses His Way to Their Shoulder

A tabby cat showed up in a cat colony for food one day and just kept coming back. He demanded food when rescuers arrived and worked his way into their hearts and their shoulders. 189 more words

Living With Humans

2 Stupid Cats Give a Paw: Cat Shelters, Cats and Wonderful Humans That Work There

People who come out of their way and sacrifice their time, money, give love and care for those in need have always been a subject of admiration.  837 more words


Cats Gone Wild

Compassion and Cats Gone Wild

Compassion, it will get you every time. The human compassion to help other living creatures. I think it is certainly stronger in some, particularly women. 1,925 more words

SOS is Unable to Sponsor Neutering for Members of Public

We are sorry that we are not financially viable to fund or aid the neutering for public members. With the limited funds, we are only able to sponsor seasoned feeders and rescuers to neuter at commercial clinic. 29 more words


Why are community cats ear tipped?

How can you tell if a cat is stray, lost, or feral?

One way is to look at its ears.

If a cat is part of a managed feral cat colony, chances are good its left ear will be tipped. 324 more words


OHCAAT's New Direction

This was written by the ridiculously hard-working Amy.

We started out helping primarily cats because we worked with the TNR group and because there were no other rescues or groups focusing on cats in this area.  101 more words

Tiny Kittens - what's not to love

I don’t get people who don’t like cats. I’ve known a few nasty cats over the years and a lot more friendly, cuddly ones. I can’t have a cat for a bunch of reasons. 218 more words

Tank's Terrific Tips