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Memo to the New Republic: It is an Age of Propaganda. Your partisan brainwashing is as vulnerable as the Right's. Why not try reality for once?

Journalists love to use the trigger word “crisis” when talking about themselves these days.

Way past crisis, sillies!

The New Republic is a Leftish partisan magazine most famous for enabling serial fabulist Stephen Glass. 442 more words

Alleged Journalism

Tuesday Night Ride Handbook

Most of the things you need to know to have fun, get stronger, and be safe at TNR.  735 more words



It’s a very good thing that most of our days doing TNR work (trap/neuter/return) are successful ones. The colony we tackled in February was incredibly gratifying, knowing that we got to the group in time to prevent 13 cats from turning into 50  or 60 or more by year’s end. 724 more words



For the past year we have noticed a feral (at the time we thought stray) cat off and on roaming around our street. She started getting braver and braver and began hanging around our porch. 932 more words

Volunteer of the Month - April 2018

April showers may bring flowers, but they also bring us our Volunteer of the Month, Cynthia Reed!

Cynthia first started volunteering with VOKRA back in the summer of 2010 when we were still headquartered in co-founder Karen’s basement. 453 more words

Cat Rescue

Ellen Rose & Fritz

You’ve probably noticed that Brooklyn is home to thousands of stray cats. They’re adorable, but they’re also resourceful and territorial creatures who maintain their family units in colonies. 369 more words


You've Cat To Be Kitten Me!

Of all of the topics I love to talk about, and I really do love to talk, cats are NOT typically one of them.  However, my human has this insane fascination with cats, so I live this annoying reality every – single – spring.  682 more words