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Maybe Some Cats Shouldn't be "Rescued"

If you have ever looked for a cat to adopt on Petfinder or the website of your local shelter, you may have noticed that a fair amount of them have been ear-tipped. 976 more words

The Homeless in My Neighborhood

The homeless hang out in my neighborhood.

Some are simply killing time out of the public eye until the Mission opens its doors at 4pm. Others find a quiet spot to hang out and drink. 325 more words


One #YearWithoutTamir

Trigger warning: anti-Black racism, gun violence, police violence

Today marks the one year anniversary of Tamir Rice’s death in Cleveland. A Black twelve year old, he was playing in a park near his home with a legal, fake gun. 170 more words


Read-a-thon: Hour 10

“When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.” – Mark Twain from Who Is Mark Twain?

It is now early morning here in Ireland.

323 more words
Cat Welfare

Annie Two Years Later

Two years has flown by quickly, though it didn’t always seem that way. I captured Annie, our little feral cat, on November 11, 2013. She was about six months old, and on death’s door then, a… 432 more words


Cruising with Kitties

My car was filled with cat carriers yesterday as I drove a load of feral cats to Hamilton to a free spay and Neuter clinic. … 42 more words

Animals and the Law: NY Gov. Cuomo Vetoes TNR Bill

Happy National Cat Day?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has vetoed the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) bill, which would have improved the state’s Animal Population Control Program (APCP) by allowing eligible non-profit entities to receive funding for the trapping, neutering, vaccinating and returning of feral cats. 543 more words