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Feral Farm Cattens

A “catten” is too old to be a kitten, but too young to be considered a cat. Yes, I made that word up.

A couple of years ago, I was at my cabin in central Wisconsin, cutting and splitting wood in preparation for the annual 9 day gun deer hunt. 1,882 more words


Cats Matter


We want to thank Friends of KC Animals for helping us with the medical costs related to spaying three female cats in Harrisonville, MO. 679 more words

TNR : Mengapa Membuang Kucing Bukan Solusi?

Ada banyak alasan masalah kucing jarang diselesaikan dengan menjebak dan membuang kucing di tempat lain. Orang masih percaya mitos jika kucing dibuang jauh kucing tidak akan kembali. 302 more words


A Woman Being Verbally Harassed By A Man Because She's Not A Man and She Legally Feeds & Fixes Homeless Cats

Unfortunately, Sexism Still Occurs When It Comes to What Certain Men Feel They Can Say To A Woman That They Would Never Say To A Man… 1,576 more words


Ghost Goes Home

Last evening, it was time for the “return” part of TNR for Ghost.

Sunday night, we were surprised to find him in the trap. Monday, he was neutered, vaccinated, and ear tipped. 44 more words


Backyard Cat Ghost and the Vacuum Effect

I set the trap Sunday night for Fireheart. I was all set to get him, bring him to the clinic on Monday, and to his forever outdoor home on Tuesday. 578 more words


Pyometra: Pregnancy Injection

These are not German sausages.

These are a female dog’s uterus being removed due to suffering from Pyometra infection with Pus.

Pyometra is dangerous. Once the pus bursts, the dog will die. 62 more words