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Nine Lives Greece – Οι Εφτάψυχες

Cordelia Madden-Kanellopoulou is one of the co-founders of Nine Lives Greece – Οι Εφτάψυχες, which is a group of like-minded volunteers with experience in animal welfare, who decided to start the rescue organization due to the lack of any other charity in Athens focused on the well-being of the city’s innumerable stray cats. 1,807 more words



The casual person reading this dog post is more than likely confused by it and maybe even a bit apprehensive. But they should not be. … 171 more words



Finn here again. And a close call it was, too! For a few seconds I was sure my lives flashed before my eyes!!

Didn’t I, just yesterday, say that my foster mum was an okay human… 312 more words


Hullo, Finn here!

So, while my foster mum was busy trying to play with a feral brother from another mother… I decided to take things into my own paws and took a selfie on her phone. 374 more words


On Nerves and Being Ready

It’s been about three months since I’ve posted anything on this blog. To be honest, I’ve been having mixed feelings about having a blog. I feel very nervous, exposed, and frankly silly. 410 more words


Lost & Found

Exciting neighborhood drama! (Thankfully, not really.)

I was helping my neighbor Cathy look for her lost cat this weekend. Buster disappeared while they were out of town. 2,873 more words


The Neverending War on Homeless Cats

I am a fan of Gwen Cooper, the author of the books about Homer the blind wonder cat. Homer has moved on from this realm, but Gwen continues to write about cats and topics of importance to cat lovers. 886 more words