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TNR Works!

It’s hard to keep track of all the acronyms that exist these days, but in the cat rescue world TNR is a big one. TNR stands for Trap-Neuter-Return and describes the process of trapping feral cats, spaying or neutering them, and then returning them to the location they came from. 698 more words


Frankly Ferals

I thought I had gotten them all.

How could there be room for more? Clearly now a rhetorical question.

A tree fell down by the front gate a few years ago. 344 more words

Feral Cats

Population Control on the Court

The cats on the Court have been quiet this past year; the regulars are still found sleeping on front porches or lawn chairs in the afternoon heat.   858 more words


TNR - What it is and why we support it | Two Crazy Cat Ladies

Trap-Neuter-Release. The main reason that we support TNR in our community – and volunteer whenever they need us – is because of the amount of cat lives it saves. 20 more words

South Orange Board of Health's Illogical Quest to Eliminate Community Cats

Earlier this summer, the South Orange Board of Health made their case for opposing TNR in the Village. During the presentation, the Board of Health harped on diseases that are virtually never transmitted from feral cats to people, such as toxoplasmosis, rabies, cat scratch fever and ringworm. 3,959 more words

Lucky Number Six

When a black and white stray cat turned up in a southwest Edmonton neighborhood, concerned residents quickly called the local cat rescue and TNR group… 321 more words

Stray Cats