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Tommy's Next Chapter

For those of you following the saga of Tommy, a kitten who came into our TNR program, and had oodles of health challenges. It turned out that Tommy had a raging ear infection, but no polyps when they knocked him out yesterday for a good look. 173 more words


TNR Cats Slowly Coming Back Around

The Trapper had warned us that those cats caught last week would most likely disappear for a few days; he was right. When we opened the cages to release the animals they all skeedaddled! 214 more words


Surprise! Two in One

We had a bit of a surprise–there were two cats in one of those traps the other night! That makes thirteen cats fixed and about seven left to catch. 29 more words


A Long Night of Trapping Neighborhood Strays

The Neighborly Cat Project officially commenced trapping last night at 7:00 pm. The first few trap-springs sounded rather quickly—the cats were obviously hungry! We worked until 12:00 Midnight trapping a twelve of the twenty cats we had targeted. 149 more words


Tonight is Trapping Night

We are all ready here with ten cans of tuna and a can of sardines; we hope the cats will be hungry enough to enter the traps! 21 more words


Gotta Luv My BFGF!


I just wanna do a special post to give a great big SHOUT OUT THANK YOU to my BFGF (best feline girl friend) … 401 more words

Savannah's Life Experiences

Cat in a Bird Bath

They say cats don’t like water, but we have some strays who disagree. Take this little orange guy, for instance. As a young kitten, he learned to put his front paws in the drinking water bowl to keep cool. 239 more words