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Protect Trap-Neuter-Return in Washington, D.C. - Alley Cat Allies

Source: Protect Trap-Neuter-Return in Washington, D.C. – Alley Cat Allies

Please go to their site and send your letter.

Washington, D.C.’s District Department of Energy and Environment’s “Wildlife Action Plan” for 2015 calls for the district to “revisit” its policy on TNR.

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Feral Cats

Cedar Key Volunteer TNR Program Reaches 995 Cats

When you stay at the Faraway Inn you are also helping us to provide free volunteer Trap Neuter Return services to the Island City of Cedar Key, Florida. 282 more words

Shitty People Being Shitty to Other Shitty People, But Not Always

It can seem like there are days here where I see nothing but shitty people being shitty to other shitty people. Today I saw some girls shove a blind man out of their way. 795 more words


Foster Success

My sister, who volunteers with a Golden Retriever rescue group, has a wonderful blog where she talks about the gardens they tend where the dogs live, and the Goldens themselves. 362 more words


How to Check in Cats

For cats’ safety purpose, please check in your cats using ONLY carrier or cage.

Please do NOT use cardboard boxes to check in cats.


It Takes A Village

One in four people will feed a cat that see outdoors at least once. It’s a fact, I didn’t just make that up. A lot of times my callers will say “I just feel bad because they aren’t being fed”. 364 more words

TNVR works in Rome

Note to trolls: Go back under your respective bridges and wait for the billy goats. Your comments will not be posted here.

In the cat world, there is a huge debate (more like a schoolyard argument at times) about trap/neuter/vaccinate/return (TNVR) programs for feral cats. 397 more words