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Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation


Did you know that an intact (un-spayed) female kitten can get pregnant up to three times per year? Each pregnancy could produce a litter of two to eight kitties. 139 more words


The Peloton

An interesting point of view (riders are closer than they appear) of our Tuesday night race series (TNR) with the Regina Cycling Club (RCC), based out of our Queen City. 271 more words



Oreo is a very young male kitten and will be getting fixed next month. Would like to find him a loving home but will release him when he is healed. 525 more words

Bergen County Animal Shelter's TNR Program Saves Lives, But Does Not Protect All Animals

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and Return to Field programs save lives. TNR programs sterilize and return cats to a colony with a human caretaker while Return to Field initiatives also return healthy cats to where the cats were found if no caretaker exists. 2,520 more words

No Kill

Big Love for Small Cats

By Becky Robinson, Founder of Alley Cat Allies

Those of us who love the majesty of big cats often find ourselves mesmerized by footage of tigers, pumas, and lions going about their daily lives. 122 more words

Spay & Neuter

First Book Haul Post (January - March 2017)

Hello everyone!! So I’ve never posted a book haul before but I’ve wanted to for such a long time. The thing is I only buy about 1 or 2 books a month, only sometimes more. 487 more words


A Facebook Friend is Giving Away Kittens...Yet Again

And I am FUMING!

As I have four backyard cats who probably had homes at one point and are now “feral”…

I see pets on death row everyday on my Facebook news feed … 758 more words