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It's Time To Wake Up

To Be Honest
*disclaimer: long post on an extremely important issue.*

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People are being mistreated and slaughtered, animals are being mistreated and slaughtered, the Earth is being mistreated and slaughtered. 738 more words

To Be Honest

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This is 100% accurate. Treat people well, be kind, be nice, treat others like you want to be treated. You’ve heard this countless times, and you will continue to hear it. 249 more words

To Be Honest

It is far better to struggle trying to be who you truly are than to struggle to be what others want you to be. The latter will fail you and you will never be good enough, you will never be able to be what and who every other person who has an opinion about you wants you to be. 331 more words

To Be Honest

***This is a long post, but extremely important, so PLEASE read; with an open heart and mind***


I want to touch base on a few major points that need to be addressed. 3,039 more words

To Be Honest

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We have seriously got to get our priorities straight. Words are important but to an extent. As long as the person speaking isn’t being rude, unkind, mean, or hateful it’s all good. 93 more words

Do you Code Switch?

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If I were to pull up a chart, statistics would show that the majority of African- Americans grew up in poverty. Those are just numbers though. 303 more words

To Be Honest

Love Revolution

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It is the time of the Revolution. It is the turning of the tide. It is the awakening of the human mind and spirit. 470 more words