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You'd Never Guess

I’ve turned 21, and watched my life feel into shambles. The crazy thing is that I am kind of okay with it. The whole wanting and anticipation thing was getting old.

TBH. . .

To be Honest. . .

Things have taken a turn recently. I can’t sleep or go to sleep till about 3-4 am. And even when I do I don’t sleep well or have a restful sleep because I feel awake even though I’m sleeping.   407 more words


Would Total Honesty Make The World a Better Place?

It could be argued that a more honest world would be utopian, because “honesty is the best policy”. It could also be argued that a world with no lies could create dystopia as “the truth hurts”. 1,053 more words


Can I Be Honest?

I feel like I’ve only admitted this to maybe five people. Four of them being my best friends, and one of them being a good friend whom I just felt like I had to share my thoughts with. 1,043 more words

My Life

To Be Honest

Why can’t I not go one day without someone telling me the criteria required for me to be me Reality check please excuse my French I know you do not believe in a creator but may I remind you that you did not make me? 887 more words


Subway Ride To School

Fly On the Wall

5AM Subway Ride to School

Got the trombone

in its case

backpack on my “hump”


through the doors… 33 more words



Upside down. What a way to view the world. What a way to walk through life. Going through the motions you think you’re supposed to just to be flipped right around and slammed to the ground, left in a state of utter confusion… 566 more words