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To be honest

To be honest,
No, I did not.
I did not fall in love with her
I did not show her that I desperately needed shelter, 95 more words

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Focus on YOUR OWN life.

Society, and humanity in general, is so engrossed in other people’s lives. We get caught up in other people’s lives because we’re too scared to deal with our own lives and situations, so we turn to other people and begin to look, point, judge, and be nosy. 481 more words

Weight Loss Mistakes

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It’s quite obvious that weight loss is trending. Women are hitting the gym more. Jennifer Hudson is probably the most popular star for her weight loss using Weight Watchers. 430 more words

To Be Honest

Do you love your HBCU?

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The importance of going to a Historical Black College or University has changed profusely since their origination. Even though segregation is not as prevalent as it used to be, there is still a great divide when it comes to where we attend school and where we are employed. 370 more words

To Be Honest

Technology Pros and Woes

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“Hi can yu pls help me wit my hmewrk”? There are so many things wrong with this question. I was on Twitter the other day and two of my followers were having a conversation, which is what prompted me to talk about technology. 607 more words

To Be Honest

Sex Ed

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People used to suggest that you should get married before you decide to have sex. Well I don’t hear that being said that often anymore. 566 more words

To Be Honest

What are your personal pros and cons when using social media?

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What are your pros and cons of using social media?  Social media has a huge effect on our society. In fact, some of the… 635 more words

To Be Honest