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to be completely honest...

I didn’t put up as many decorations this year as I have in years past.

And…while I think I liked the simplicity,

to be completely honest… 205 more words


I hope you're happy...

Because honestly,

Quite honestly,

I am not.

And I haven’t been in a while.

Sure, there have been moments that have

given me a limited happiness. 467 more words

My Life

You'd Never Guess

I’ve turned 21, and watched my life feel into shambles. The crazy thing is that I am kind of okay with it. The whole wanting and anticipation thing was getting old.

TBH. . .

To be Honest. . .

Things have taken a turn recently. I can’t sleep or go to sleep till about 3-4 am. And even when I do I don’t sleep well or have a restful sleep because I feel awake even though I’m sleeping.   407 more words


Would Total Honesty Make The World a Better Place?

It could be argued that a more honest world would be utopian, because “honesty is the best policy”. It could also be argued that a world with no lies could create dystopia as “the truth hurts”. 1,053 more words


Can I Be Honest?

I feel like I’ve only admitted this to maybe five people. Four of them being my best friends, and one of them being a good friend whom I just felt like I had to share my thoughts with. 1,043 more words

My Life

To Be Honest

Why can’t I not go one day without someone telling me the criteria required for me to be me Reality check please excuse my French I know you do not believe in a creator but may I remind you that you did not make me? 887 more words