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Hair longing

I love having long hair. Throughout my childhood, my mum has always forced me to cut my hair each time it reached my shoulders. It was only during secondary school that I was allowed to grow it out. 176 more words


Loving can hurt sometimes

The man I loved (and still do today) who wanted to build a godly relationship with me, is in the loop of craving for me physically. 148 more words

What if you haven't ever seen darkness in your life?

I used to be scared of darkness in my childhood. But actually it wasn’t the gloom that frightened me. It was exactly the opposite – light. 216 more words


Hope to see you _Again

I am going to leave holding your hand
anywhere two feet stop by
To the place I saw in my dreams,
where blue wind blows… 111 more words

To Be Honest,


Tự nhiên Swan hỏi, sao mày cười được. Đúng thế, trong tình huống này, tại sao mình lại thấy buồn cười nhỉ. Rõ ràng, đây không phải là tấn bi hài kịch nào cả, rõ ràng, yếu tố bi đã chiếm lấy trọn vẹn những ngày này. 279 more words

To Be Honest,


Setelah sekian tualang panjang yang meluluhlantakkan benak, mengapa tidak menghambur padaku. Sini, akan ku usap dahimu. Mengenyahkan peluh dari situ, mendaratkan kekal rindu pada alismu, kerjap harap di kelopak matamu. 60 more words


Laying on The Floor Looking Up

“How miraculously you have wondered out of the wild to open air, laughing about the days to come without worry without care, for you know here on the journey in time, you’ll make it there.

525 more words