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To Be Honest

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Each and every day is an opportunity. How that day goes is dependent on your choices, your attitude, and a certain amount of fate. 104 more words

To Be Honest

It’s quite ironic that the greatest minds and people in history were thought to be crazy at one point or another in their lives. They ended up being game changers, people you know such as Walt Disney, Gandhi, Dr. 162 more words

Understanding the gender spectrum

In the Transgender Basics video, the Gender Identity Project explains the complexities associated with understanding gender. For example, the word transgender is used as an umbrella term and Laverne Cox said, “I prefer someone to just treat me as a human being.” 228 more words

To Be Honest

To Be Honest *IMPORTANT*

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If we don’t do something right now, we are royally screwed. That’s the way it is. For generations upon generations upon generations upon generations upon generations we have been brainwashed, manipulated, controlled, stifled, and monumentally screwed over by our predecessors in many ways. 1,430 more words

To Be Honest

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You have everything you need within yourself to be all that you want and wish to be. The responsibility lies with you to make of yourself what you will. 49 more words

When you acted to be honest, But others consider as Joke

I’m trying to be honest, but i feel some peoples just consider my honesty as a joke, bullshit or a good drama. Peoples just play everything like an actor in soap opera. 103 more words


Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author

It is a pleasure and honor to welcome to my blog a member of our club, T.C.Booth. Lets support her, share this page, and pick up a copy of her books. 598 more words

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