The "N" word in Maycomb County

Harper Lee, the author of the book “To Kill a Mockingbird,” uses the “N” word to illustrate the society in Maycomb County. This word is the most offensive word in English,  because of its history about how colored people were called “niggers” meaning they were ignorant. 97 more words

To Kill A Mockingbird

Term Differences and Evolution for African Americans:

Nowadays, there are many terms to refer to an African-American. Because of the many options, people often do not know what word to use in reference to a person of darker skin color and tend to make the wrong decision. 641 more words

To Kill A Mockingbird

N-Word Meaning and Evolution

The word Nigg* started by being a word used by the whites in the slavery era, the white people or the “master” of the salve, called the slave Nigge* or Nigg*, that was how the whites called the slaves in those times, nowadays the word is really offensive for the black people, because the slavery era finished, but when they use that word they make the black person feel like a slave and that is not good. 128 more words

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What does being a “nigger-lover” mean to the residents of Maycomb?

Being a “nigger-lover” in Maycomb means that you are favoring negros, also they  use it as a common ugly term to call/name a negro. 55 more words

TKAM Journaling #4 Derogatory Terms

Racism, when has it not been a part of our world? Whether you see it happening on the streets or not, it’s everywhere; and with it the harmful words too. 203 more words

Banned Books

Journal Entry #4

Are there some fights you can have with friends that make it impossible to remain friends? What types of fights are those? What does it say about Atticus that he doesn’t view the insults he receives for defending Tom Robinson as reason enough to end any friendships? 416 more words

To Kill A Mockingbird