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Step 1 - How to make Electric Motorcycle

Step By Step Guide to How to build a electric motorcycle.


Step – 1


What is motorcycle?

A device which has two wheels placed in front and rear linearly on a frame, front wheels are for steering and rear wheels are for propulsion, a small motor connected to the frame powers rear wheels via chain, shaft or belt. 213 more words

Electric Bikes

To Make: A Hacker - Part 2 (Background Knowledge)

Now we start tackling the basics of the so-called “Hackerly Arts.” I’ve compiled a small list of tools and languages any self-respecting hacker should know. The tools come later. 545 more words

To Make: A Hacker - Part 1 (Study)

The first thing I’m going to demand you all read is this. This link right here www.catb.org/esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html almost stopped me from writing this because it’s so damned good. 562 more words

To Make: A Hacker - Part 0 (Introduction)

Rule number one of hacking: THERE IS NO MAGIC BUTTON. For anything. There is no tutorial, no book or article you can read that will make you more than a script kiddie. 144 more words

Healthy Holiday Recipes

Holiday baking time! If you’re running out of party food ideas between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s festivities, check out my list of healthy holiday fare. 26 more words


How to Keep Your Old Clothes Out of a Landfill

As I’ve methodically parred down my wardrobe, I found myself with a lot of clothes to get rid of. Many items went directly into my sisters’ closets, but there were still heaps left. 425 more words


My Favorite DIY Gifts

Well, it’s official. Halloween is over, and as the discounted candy takes its place on the back shelves of retailers everywhere, Christmas trees, candy canes, and Santa hats take center stage (center store?). 264 more words