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Step 1 - How to make Electric Motorcycle

Step By Step Guide to How to build a electric motorcycle.


Step – 1


What is motorcycle?

A device which has two wheels placed in front and rear linearly on a frame, front wheels are for steering and rear wheels are for propulsion, a small motor connected to the frame powers rear wheels via chain, shaft or belt. 213 more words

Electric Bikes

To Make: A Hacker - Part 2 (Background Knowledge)

Now we start tackling the basics of the so-called “Hackerly Arts.” I’ve compiled a small list of tools and languages any self-respecting hacker should know. The tools come later. 545 more words

To Make: A Hacker - Part 1 (Study)

The first thing I’m going to demand you all read is this. This link right here www.catb.org/esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html almost stopped me from writing this because it’s so damned good. 562 more words

To Make: A Hacker - Part 0 (Introduction)

Rule number one of hacking: THERE IS NO MAGIC BUTTON. For anything. There is no tutorial, no book or article you can read that will make you more than a script kiddie. 144 more words

Sourdough: The Basics

I’ve been baking with sourdough for almost two years! What started as an interesting science/baking experiment has become a staple for us. So, I thought I’d share the resources that have helped me and a little bit of what I’ve learned. 454 more words