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Bunyi seorang teman yang baru mendapatkan kejutan yang membuat semua rencananya berantakan. Apa yang disusun sejak berminggu-minggu lamanya tak lagi bernilai karena situasi tak terduga yang datang tiba-tiba. 349 more words


Ibu saya suka menulis. Kata Ibu, sejak SMP, beliau sudah suka menulis di mading, menulis di catatan, menulis puisi, dan menyukai segala sesuatu yang berhubungan dengan pena. 467 more words


To Remember

Read through the early books of the Bible and take note of every time God commands Israel to remember what he has done for it: he even goes so far as to establish holidays, laws, and physical markers to help His people remember what the Lord has done and how he provided for and protected his nation. 1,719 more words

To remember. (II)

In April 2015 I posted some of these photos you see here with the following quote: “I will eat some breakfast then change the World.” __  648 more words

To Remember

Before May

Good moments don’t come often and tonight I feel like framing it here. 

These are few good things happened this year. Such a short reminder about how these pass 5 months have been… 31 more words


To all my Noble Friends...

Over the past weeks, a MA study group has been formed to do our master synopsis and studies together. Only 3 of us doing the MA and yet was supported by another two noble friends in the process. 175 more words