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Because We Are So Tiny

After living in a very diverse place for a while, few things come clear to me recently…

  • Our world is super BIG and we’re just this tiny little micro piece that flies around the air.
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To Remember

Lobbying is about foresight...

Lobbying is about foresight…
about anticipating your opponents’
moves and devising countermeasures.
The winner plots one step
ahead of the opposition…
and plays their trump card… 696 more words


Thank you 11/18/17

I watched The Help last night and resonated with Aibileen; my prayers are my journal entries.

Thank you Jesus for this day. I went to Universal Studios with my best friend and drank butter beer. 272 more words

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Project Sleepover

Right now, I have a belly full of bagel and multi-flavoured doughnut pieces. It is my right, having come out of a rigorous quarter, a presentation at 8am this morning and a 50 paged curriculum report. 342 more words

To Remember

AN5.57 ~ I am already 'broken'?

“This cup is already broken ~ Anicca” was the title of the dhamma talk I listened to tonight… by Ajahn Amaro.  He reminded me of the five contemplations that we all should always remind ourselves of and they are:- 836 more words


Detektor Usia Xiaomi

Halo, ada pengguna Xiaomi di sini?

Saya lagi udik gara-gara baru pakai Xiaomi seminggu ini. Selain beberapa fitur yang cukup bikin saya huwawaw seperti Mi Remote (fitur untuk mengakses alat elektronik di rumah mulai dari televisi, AC, kulkas, mesin cuci dan lain-lain – niat bener tukang ngumpulin ratusan merek alat elektroniknya sampai setipe-tipenya), baterai tahan lama (tentu sahaja, apalagi dibandingkan iPhone, dan… (maaf baru itu aja, … 421 more words


a wishlist

It’s nearly that time of the year again. I’m getting older, so I have a real excuse to ask the people I care about for things I want. 392 more words