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My friend who loves to do meditation once told me,

Whenever you feel unhappy, visualize something pretty, beautiful, or all things you like. You’ll be recovered then.  18 more words


Day 4 : Childhood

Catatan : “Day 4” itu hari keempat menyelesaikan tantangan ini. Bukan hari keempat dalam arti harafiah, 4 hari, karena bisa saja memakan 12 hari untuk tiba di hari keempat. 423 more words


egg-soaked toast

I should trust my internal alarm. Woke up once, woke up twice. 9:30 am. Decided that I’d skip French and cook egg-soaked toast. Have a real breakfast for once instead of a microwaved burrito. 121 more words

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I'm twenty-one

Might as well write a post, right?

The defining moment yesterday: I carried the laundry basket in my arms and walked across the hallway- a picture of the birth canal. 330 more words

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Nonsensical post

No structure: free form, degraded hand-writing. Cursive, illegible. Makes me think: rap, jazz, free-style. You do it often enough and it sounds rehearsed; you get it right the first time. 739 more words

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Pine needles adorned with pearls of rain, forest green, thick milky skies.

I hear melodies in the hum of appliances. Cymbals in rattling pipes, scales in soaring airplanes. 38 more words

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So far

It is currently 2:13 am and I am forcing myself to write. I have forgotten how great it feels to walk around in the dark, naked. 484 more words

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