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Wined and dined

This restaurant might be too high-calibre for us. Take the telecom tower stools, for example. We clamber on like children straddling our horses. We watch, bewildered as they switch out the forks and knives: one for entrés and one for mains. 271 more words

To Remember


This morning: the wail of a siren rising in pitch, the image of a chest expanding upon inhalation.


We walk onto the footpath, under the bridge and by the water. 220 more words

To Remember


Nothing could have prepared me for the blood on my sheets yesterday morning. Fantastically red, smeared all over my thighs as if my skin were canvas. 433 more words

To Remember

2016 journey in Buddhism

​Mahindarama Buddhist Temple

Has been a place I frequented this year

To use its library and robe to offer

Also a meditation retreat end of the year… 61 more words

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The "Everglow" Trip

Travel blues masih sedikit menyelimuti. Dengan tambahan – Coldplay blues, yang sepertinya porsinya lebih besar daripada travel blues.



Perjalanan ke Melbourne kemarin adalah yang pertama bagi saya. 753 more words


F sleep

Any less than four hours of sleep and I am subhuman. Expressions fail to materialise, lips pressed into a hard line. I am unresponsive for the most part. 243 more words

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Happy camper

You can take the girl out of the campfire but you can’t take the campfire out of the girl. Traces of it in my hair, my (roommate’s) silver padded Patagonia jacket.  230 more words

To Remember