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I’m kind of deathly afraid of planning. There’s just so much to be done I don’t know where to start. I am not a goal setter. 299 more words

To Remember


The thing is, it doesn’t matter what I mean to you at the end of the day. I’ll be the person who cares genuinely, even if I’m caring alone. 60 more words

To Remember


Souvenir, French for memory. A recreated, remembered retrospective that relives only in your mind.

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Remember that time we went to New York City, just the four of us, the first time we’d been just us in so long, and remember how we saw old friends, and danced all night at that bar mitzvah, and saw Something Rotten twice, and walked the High Line park, and drank all that wine at the French wine bar, and Moothor hugged that actor at the other wine bar? 1,842 more words



Lord, I cannot hide from You. Help me to discover how You surpass any sinful desire I might find appealing at the moment. Help me to see that they are lies that muddy my vision for true joy and satisfaction. 227 more words

To Remember

The depths of indifference

I wrote this last summer:

In fact I am happy to be going back to LA. I have found a window to sit under. Tea whenever. 695 more words

To Remember

Curiosity killed the cat

I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel. Guilty maybe. I’ve seen what I can’t unsee and I’m sorry because this is exactly what you were afraid of.  184 more words

To Remember


Creo que llega un momento en dónde no sabemos qué lugar le corresponde a los demás. Creo que a veces nos perdemos a nosotros mismos cuando estamos desesperados por tener la solución, por saber que lo que dijimos es lo correcto, por pensar que todos van a pensar igual que nosotros. 223 more words

To Remember