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After a year in university, I’m a changed woman. I now box/ kickbox regularly. And I actually enjoy reading the bible. That is all.

To Remember

Where are we now?

Airports are funny places. I almost forgot I was still in America as I ate my sushi. I almost forgot to tip. I might as well have been in Asia, already home. 495 more words

To Remember


The hum of the blow dryer. Dad’s fingers sifting through the damp strands of my hair. Tossed, ruffled, falling like sand.
The sun on my chest. 68 more words

To Remember

6 Mantras That You Gotta Remember

So, the thing is I was never big on the concept of ‘positive affirmations’. Quite a few of my friends had these posters or sayings as their phone wallpapers, or they used to carry them. 976 more words



I like how you look as though you’re fighting a smile when I talk. Jaws clench; a tremor across your lips. Your head moves infinitesimally, so as to suggest a nod. 514 more words

To Remember

Note to self: it's ok to need

Met with Dr C today… some things to remember:
-it’s ok to have needs.
-even if that need is simply to check that she is still there (it doesn’t bother her or significantly impact her time away from the office). 169 more words



Recently, it’s been so difficult to love myself; I’m always trying to compensate by giving and giving and giving until I feel worthy and appreciated. But then again, it has been a running theme for… my whole life. 491 more words

To Remember