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Trying to find hope

It’s never lost, and¬†I know that. It’s just hidden in places I can’t find, or places that I don’t want to look. I’ve been trying, trying really hard to occupy my time with beautifying things and creating things and reminding myself that things are okay and I am strong and I have a future. 94 more words


I want someone to run barefoot with tonight, asphalt beneath my feet and sun strained eyes adjusting to the darkness



You tell me I can clean your wounds
Empty your scars of particles
From disintegrating wishes and
Dream catcher dust.
Purge with the soap in my words, 123 more words



I love when it rains all day, I really do.



I want to slip through the cracks so gracefully, so subtly. Like water curing a drought. A terrible monsoon but a beautiful storm. Drown, but drink. 93 more words


Dripping Peace

The rays are triangles that poke holes

In the atmosphere

The clouds creep through the openings

Carrying moisture to the stars

Soaking dust in translucent raindrops… 182 more words