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Observations Through A Cafe Window

Sunset summer swelter and
a lady in a wool brown over coat
slides her arm into the sidewalk trash can.

She fishes out abused aluminum… 80 more words

As Above So Below

Isn’t it funny
that lightning and roots mirror
each other in form?

Aspen Heart

The swooning aspens in the meadow
all share the same heart

which beats to the meter of
the slanting brook

and pushes new shoots of green… 37 more words

Love in a Mountain Town

Quietly perusing old musty maps
of wide mouthed rivers
running through Western corridors
while the bookshop owner,
a little silver-
haired lady in a flowered frock… 188 more words

Pale stretch marks on my
thighs like ribbons of water
sliding through canyons.


The school of sunset
swallows appear as
messengers of the Sun god,
steadily stretching out
the day’s light into the dusk
with their forked-tongued tails… 21 more words

On the dot
the meow creeps through
the inch space between
bedroom door and
lime green carpet at
7:45AM every morning

I open the door… 117 more words