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Interstate 85

Quarry sands piled high
Along Interstate 85
Like a long still body
Her tan mound breasts
towards the smothered sky

Silent cows piled high
Along Interstate 85… 63 more words

The clouds in the sky
Blooming buttery mushrooms
swirls in miso soup

Sunday morning sun
hot on hardwood floors

Sunday morning wind
cool centering juxtapositions

Sunday morning clouds
warm wayfarer wisps

Sunday morning me
slow as a drop of….

Sierra Nevada

Sprinkled sunlight on a lake:
Cool after a calm fresh dip
Languid laughter freely floats
From my mother’s lips as she
Sets out across the water on a… 103 more words

Stop Asking, Write It.

On any given day on the Writing subreddit, you’ll have a good chance at seeing one of the most common posts to the community, “Is this idea any good?”, or something similar. 536 more words


Determination to Write, Not Motivation

I’ve recently walked into a slump in writing (I mean, this is the first post in a week) which I’m pretty sure it was caused by a kind of major issue (a character’s motivation) and a minor issue in my novel rewrites. 385 more words


Someone wrote about the writer..

I set free a restless mind that only listens to you; I need you.

– him.

This – and all the other little things he’s said and done in such a careful way, made me feel like I received what I kept giving for such a long time; I offered nights and wasted mornings, but so many words.

152 more words