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How to learn a language by writing

A step-by-step writing technique for language learning

In my last “technique” post (here), I told you about how writing helps me (and then can also help YOU)¬†learning a language¬† 581 more words

Language Learning

Donald Duck rants and raves

For about two years, Friday night was the night where I’d write a post for this blog. I didn’t care too much about the quality at the time, – a little of course – what mattered was the process. 429 more words

Ramblings On Society

Poetry: "Hazardous"

Another poem about writing and the creative process… 110 more words


Why writing when learning a foreign language?

It is common to hear that to really learn a foreign language you have to speak. Actually, don’t we say “to speak a language” or “I want to speak this language”? 487 more words

Language Learning

Why I Joined a Writers' Group

Writers spend a lot of time writing, alone. The family members and pets are banished to the bottom floor, messages from friends sometimes ignored. It’s difficult to express to others why imaginary friends and conversations brim over into existence, how unknown worlds unfold before your eyes.¬† 204 more words

#8 Your Write to: Stay Clean

Hemmingway was a boozehound and he’s a legendary writer! Why can’t I do it too?! In a very PSA style video, here are my thoughts on the romanticization of self destruction for the sake of creativity.


Why I am here...

I have always wanted to write and always failed in doing so, or actually made several attempts and each time just gave up. Because that’s what I am doing… 238 more words