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Unused callous
on fingers 1, 2,
3, 4, 5

like wafers
left stale in wrappers
left open.

What good is
a callous which falls,
written on… 27 more words

No Name

To write your name would give it power:
acknowledging its curve of letters
and the time it took to spell it out.

To spell you out and your existence, 190 more words


One afternoon, I left my window open
and a stacked pile of books along the sill
of a clear blue sky

That afternoon, it rained on the prairie; 184 more words


Before I go to bed,
I pray for filling beebread
to come through my window
and enter my parted mouth in sleep
so when I wake, no longer… 25 more words

I feel
as if waking
takes strength that
I seem
to lack since
this me
with quiet
and empty lips,
has no,
no need… 34 more words

The Garage Sale

Amid the many black mullet wigs from too many Halloweens spent as Kiss
And a trampoline piled with clothes broken in with must and sun… 168 more words


You wake in the Earl Grey,
a morning not yet fully brewed to bronze,
a day not fully bruised to blue
and watch your neighbor stoop… 99 more words