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Writers, Don't Abandon Your Voice

I snapped this beauty from my kitchen window this weekend.

I laughed. I wouldn’t have been able to do that a few hours earlier because dark-and-gloomy-sad-face was the mood I had had pretty much all day, despite all the sunshine and birds singing. 194 more words

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"To Write, Stop Thinking"

An article on writing by Kathryn Harrison, author of “The Kiss,” at the Atlantic. Here is where we go to succumb.

To Write, Stop Thinking

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Poetry Month: Haiku to the Yellow Bud

Haiku to the Yellow Bud

Not quite a flower…

Oh shoot, who am I kidding?

It’s a blooming weed.

I'm still that girl

Life is change. Whether it’s going to college, getting married or getting out, having kids or losing one, or breaking an addiction, whenever we experience a life-altering transition we change. 231 more words

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Poetry Month: The Gossamer Haze

A turn of the head

a bit of lace

is all that it takes

–it captivates.

We’re awed by the grace,

unparalleled we perceive…

We reach out to receive… 66 more words

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Grappling with the Dark: Why do writers write?

Like probably  thousands of other bloggers, I have a manuscript (or two or three), the oddball short stories and a sizable list of ideas sitting in the drawers and files. 380 more words

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(in progress) Website Re-design, post #1

I’m redesigning my website, and I am pretty fricken excited to be doing so. I haven’t worked on the design since – I don’t know – 2013/2014? 286 more words

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