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Soliloquy and Colloquy

Soliloquy and Colloquy

Sometimes, the air in your lungs is fire, blazing up your windpipe to where
oxygen meets oxygen, billowing in clouds of smoke and soot to… 126 more words




To write is to breathe.
I hold
between my fingertips words
no less fragile than paper
flowers, collecting
their ashes into paragraphs and happy endings. 242 more words


#RRBC @4WillsPub Laura Libricz answers 20 questions @lauralibricz

What inspires me to write?

Laura Libricz answers 20 questions

  1. What inspires you to write?

When I write, I am inspired by interesting characters, real people and fictional, and I love to analyze them because I want to find the truth. 1,282 more words



We paddle around in thought-
Asking wind to duplicate itself-
Knowing it cannot.

-M. Taggart


My Thought Process.

I have been posting a lot of dark and gloomy pieces lately, so I thought why not write something on a lighter note today. Maybe not one of my best posts, but it is a little attempt at something. 276 more words

To Write 001 : Start Keeping a Journal

I have kept journals before. These journals, however, were the products of a young and selfish mind. I’m a little less young now, but it doesn’t make me any less selfish. 406 more words

Personal Musings

Kilimanjaro Klimb August 2017 Machame Route

Just to share a recap of my Kilimanjaro climb it was 6 days and 5 nights on the Machame route.

8/9 August 2017Capital of Tanzania is Moragoro. 788 more words