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Ladies, let me ask you,

do you ever feel like you are fighting to make the world see

that you are not simply a mindless body? 166 more words

I Can't Help You

“Help me,” he pleads.

But I can’t. I don’t know what’s wrong, but I’m terrified that he’s gone insane. he keeps asking if he’s in an ambulance, or if he’s dead. 220 more words


Connected Complements

Like an icey foot dipping into a scalding bath
The touch of your flesh against mine
Burns as our polarizing temperatures
Fight to balance one another… 53 more words


The Dream Life Versus the Daily Grind

How can we balance striving to realize our dreams and maintain our relationships?

Part of our culture tells us to sacrifice everything for the sake of seeing our dreams come true (for an intriguing take on this read… 174 more words

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Ten Characters I Want to Write

Characters are a critical part of a story for me. We have all seen or read plot-driven stories where tensions are high and character development is nonexistent. 173 more words

Writing Thoughts

Tongue released: Brain tried for misconduct

my tongue is tied in knots and not speaking only causes everything to build up to the brim, the sea of the seen welling up to my head from my heart – overflowing out of my eyes that are leaking (at least they should be) the why is because my hands have been resting, testing the waters, at least that’s the excuse I will make, but it’s fake, for really I am scared and normal (and scared… 1,083 more words

Escaping Beauty

craft construct conform

do you string your words together or let them fly

and let them form:

unpredictable, wild and free, soaring high?

or is beauty in the selected rejection, 62 more words

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