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The mountain stream froths
and fizzes bubbles down past
still wet log and leaf,

I watch a pair drift to kiss
and pop into nothingness.

Selfish Biographer

Once walking through the biography aisle of my local library the funniest little thought came to me. It said to me, ‘Doesn’t it seem narcissistic and a tad bit selfish to want a book written about you, or to even write a book about yourself?”. 543 more words

A Journey


April showers of
snow like the last vestiges
of my mother’s arms.

Cocoon of amber
hardens on my heart like firm
candies rolling on

mediocre tongues, 14 more words

The lick of a dry
cat tongue on wet slimy food–
gluttonous gorging.

Per se plum prairie
crocus lets the noon light graze
her neck hairs faintly.


Our four feet drift along a strange afternoon.The blue mist soaks sky spores upon the foothills, a cellophane window like peering into a dragonfly wing. Everything is greener and wetter than when I was here last. 175 more words

Coffee Aubade

Coffee conniptions–
creeking of water
dripping on dry
brown grounds,
it streams lightly
down into the
belly of the glass pot
and chants
through the throat… 28 more words