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Thames Path and Kew

The summer weather is amazing, the long days and hot summer nights, I just don’t want this to stop. I am loving the sun, especially after an hangover. 114 more words


Dorney Lake 10KM

So just going to a party in Brixton , but aching everywhere as I have run 10 KM in 47 mins, for some people this is easy, but for myself it was so hard and exhausting but worth it. 81 more words


Bursting Brighton

So I tend to not write on my blog, when I am not on holiday, but I went on holiday to Brighton to my dads Birthday and his wife’s party, it was one of the hottest days in Brighton. 172 more words


Banking Bangalore


So I have come on a business trip to Bangalore and going from luxury.

The top 10 things to know about Bangalore.

1) crazy driving, I don’t know how they drive but someone civilisation happens with a beep and a beep and a bear maybe, but all is fine. 197 more words


autumn is a beautiful forgiveness

I want to die on one of the autumn days.

Three months in between summer and winter. Red and brown and yellow the colors you thought you’d hate. 372 more words


to bleed

for every chance that goes beyond the shadow. for every inch of skin that asks me to pay. for every bit of heart that gets slashed with every turn wrongly taken. 157 more words


Another day, another dollar...or pound

So as far as crappy days go, this is one of them.

Incense burning, tea in hand, down to half a cup and music playing in the background. 336 more words