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For some time now, I’ve been working on my website, annelieserider.com.

It’s up and running smoothly now, so in the upcoming days I’m going to transition over completely to that URL. 44 more words

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How to Write Real People

No one wants to spend their time reading characters that aren’t believable. We have enough people who can’t hold our interest in real life—writing them into your stories is a disservice to a faithful audience. 276 more words

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I Sell Tickets

I’m a writer—it’s what I want to do, it’s what I love to do. I’m also young, which means I’m inexperienced, learning how to market, and essentially invisible in the world of professional writers.  443 more words

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How I Beat Writer's Block

Classic writers block takes two forms:

  1. Getting up to a certain point then not being able to continue. You’ve written long and hard, and suddenly, at the end of the sentence, you can’t think of what comes next.
  2. 346 more words
To Create

Interview Series: Knit the Moon

Olivia, the creator of Knit the Moon, is a twenty year old, English and Creative Writing student at SSU. She’s a writer, reader, knitter, ukulele player, Danish learner, gym-goer, space enthusiast, and vegetarian. 995 more words


쓰다 (sseuda) | [Word of the Day]


I picked this word as an example of commonly used verbs meaning more than one thing. It’s a familiar verb that you’ve probably used before yourself but today we’re using it to mean something you probably haven’t used it for, and if you have then this is probably going to be just a reminder. 144 more words

Word Of The Day

Publishing My Stories

I am excited to say I have found a publisher that I would like to work with! In order to put together a complete package to present to them I need to have all of the following finished and perfected. 19 more words

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