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It’s the last wintry dawn. The light is flat;
the earth breathes into her sunken chest.
Rabbits bounce in the cracks of picket fences
and the urge to eat tulip heads. 221 more words

Ring-necked dove, did your
lover leave a black bruise when
you wanted to fly?


I write poetry
on pink post-its lest I catch
the prosaic plague

It is a gift to
loiter in reflection and
respite and refuge.

A lonely loon cries
out into the night, “Where is
my beloved moon?”

The Rock Quarry

I have climbed Mount Everest. I have also climbed the Matterhorn. I have fought German Panzers advancing on Patton’s position. I have broken trail with Daniel Boone. 1,159 more words

General Musings


I know it is Spring
for the mo(u)rning zephyrs cried
a wild sunlit laugh