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To know you is to get
at the root of you,
to the purple hues
underneath the filmy cases
wrapped so tightly
with the tissue paper… 53 more words

After A Long Hard Day

We’ve worked all day to get here–
Sarah hauling the full plastic buckets
of basil onto the porch, white paint peeled
in strips like sheets of aspen torn… 226 more words

The wind chime echoes her voice
across the current of the wind
leaving notes on the bloated
skin of peppers, purpling
from too much drink and on… 51 more words


The ants go marching one by one
Underneath my left foot, they emerge
between my toes and carry the dead
weight of light across the current… 71 more words

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

“There must be fifty ways to leave your lover”
or perhaps what Paul really meant was
to leave a lover in all fifty states
with just a letter of fifty words… 50 more words

Morning Dove

The hoo hoo of the morning dove
distills the murky waters of a dream
and calls all things to communion
with the sun.

All the lips of earth brush… 40 more words

Poets and Fishermen

A line flies,
whirring over green water,
before drooping gently
to the surface.

A pen poises
over crumpled paper,
in a hand waiting
for an inspirational… 140 more words