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Am Back

Am back here with my sand again,
Am back here to let my flares to spread ,
Am back here with cuppa of thought’s beans, to brew my latte, 33 more words


To Write.

Every brushstroke of ink that I give to the blank page makes me feel like a seagull flying over calm sea at dawn, a seagull who feels free; and happy just to exist.

Writing is magic.



Leaves of gold
encircle me with
their sweet scent

of death and
I am not afraid
to rest like

them on the
hushed lips of the earth’s… 26 more words

The Land of Little Rain

“Here you have no rain when all the earth cries for it, or quick downpours called cloud-bursts for violence. A land of lost rivers with little in it to love; yet a land that once visited must be come back to inevitably.” 103 more words

A water
course over stone and
silted bank,

spills like a
glass overturned from
mountain peak.

Through golden
grasses, it stretches
elbows for

trout to find… 54 more words


Unused callous
on fingers 1, 2,
3, 4, 5

like wafers
left stale in wrappers
left open.

What good is
a callous which falls,
written on… 27 more words

No Name

To write your name would give it power:
acknowledging its curve of letters
and the time it took to spell it out.

To spell you out and your existence, 190 more words