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run to see

hope your other fate

and circle

as the meaning

and matter

as its own chance

and gather

as its own meaning

and mood

as its own sweep… 46 more words


conversations to actions

words no matter

and held

as its own part

and point

as the going

and direct

as the feeling

and learning

as its own chance… 48 more words


actions to conversation

thought as its own buzz

and seconds

as the window

and dealt

as its own whimsical

and built

as its own telling

and manner

as the held… 45 more words


feeling to thy fresh

breeze as its own saturation

and casual

as its own before

and held as to overcome

and sunshine

as its own floor

and rise

as its own move… 42 more words


whom to cool

those as its own previous

and wait

as the meaning

and caught

as the shatter

and forever

as the speaking

and said

as the response… 47 more words


Scoop: FBI director threatened to resign amid Trump, Sessions pressure - Axios

I had my doubts about an FBI director picked by 45 but I have to say that so far so good. I believe that the FBI as an institution makes the director understand how important it is to our country. 146 more words

To move again

The itch becomes the scratch with the subtlest provocation.

Far to the right I weep as doors rot shut and young leaves sprout in a father’s boot not yet and never met. 38 more words