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choose not to lose

one heart is forever

the other is the time of the clock

and where it calls into

full attention

and the other is never gonna… 59 more words


How To: Get Over A Break Up

Being oh so familiar (at least I think) with break ups I have come across some fool proof ways to ‘build that bridge and get over it’. 368 more words

How to Improve your Film Making Skills Quickly

As a videographer I’m always looking to improve my videos.
You hear practise makes perfect, which is partly true. But only perfect practise makes perfect. And no one practises perfectly. 1,352 more words


What She Did to Me

It was not long ago, only a few years back, that I met her for the first time. But, I already feel that I have lived a lifetime with her. 1,335 more words

Bored? Here is an idea!

Bored? Have nothing to do? Think back five years from now. Think of the years highlights. That should keep you entertained for a bit. That should also get you to make some connections and keep going down memory line. 76 more words



Did I already post this one? Sorry if I did, but what the fuck is this guy trying to say?