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Impression Formation: It's all about your 'halo'

Psychologists believe that when you meet a new person, within thirty seconds your brain decides whether you like him or not. But how does your brain decide?This is done through the process of… 151 more words

Vintage Sci Fi Poster Planet Stories Cargo To Callisto

Vintage Sci Fi Poster Planet Stories Cargo To Callisto
First Bi Montly Issue
A.N.C. Planet Stories
Cargo To Callisto by Jay Drexel
Another famous Star Mouse Story by Frederic Brown… 42 more words


"John Oliver to The Repulican National Convention: Don't Use Our Song [Last Week Tonight 7/25/2016]" - YouTube

The Republican National Convention was full of music. And most of it was not authorized by the musicians. John Oliver takes a look at the week that I call the “Travesty in Cleveland” and it’s musical low notes. 36 more words

better to run

other times

words were in the miracle of the mask

and seeking

and what it came as the effort

and long

and for the belong… 50 more words


meant to make sense

walking around all clueless

and gawking

and never one to whisper

and yet it was all so loud

and meant for the bother

and its own necessary… 45 more words


they tend to giggle

never was one to understand

and how it was so heard

and those of the best

and bigger of the reality

and stood as the stylish… 45 more words