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eyes to determine

in the endless

and caught

as its own use

and mellow

as its own finding

and caught

as the walking

and said

as its own hope… 48 more words


trying to be normal

in the honesty

and something rhythm

and held as its own being so told

and making

as its own leap

and further as its own keeping… 54 more words


turn to turn

ever as its own coming

and making

as its own held

as its own just

and departure

as its own learning

and use as into… 48 more words


What is Africa to me?

Different Cultures 

Many people think that Africa only has one culture but there are many. Everyone in Africa is not the same, they have different backgrounds such as their ancestors, language, what they eat, etc. 96 more words

The Work Behind My Tiefling Tokens

This week, my next token pack for Roll20 hits the marketplace, Tieflings! An insane amount of work goes into these packs, so I’ll highlight some of my efforts in this post. 801 more words


front to door


as its own purpose

as when it was the leaping

as when it was the cause

and before

and in the keeping

as the greeting… 46 more words


about to try

in the middle

and called as its own solved

and learning

and caught

as its own treasure

and when it was the system

and felt as its own trying… 44 more words