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Toad In the Hole

This is a strange but very traditional British dish that works great for a canapé! It essentially involves a basic batter which combines any manner of meats/vegetables you fancy. 130 more words


Toad in the Hole

A family classic, this has to be one of the childhood memories for many of us Brits, nice delicious Cumberland sausage, surrounded by a delicious fluffy Yorkshire pudding. 96 more words


Toad In the Hole

It’s jolly well freezing here in the UK, and so I wanted to give you a recipe that should warm you up, and which children love.   146 more words

Toad in the Hole

I haven’t cooked this for ages but feel in need of comfort food tonight, so it’s replacing the Sunday roast. I’m trying out a recipe from BBC Good Food, which is usually quite reliable: … 182 more words

Woman Of A Certain Age

Favourite Autumn/Winter Foods

Everyone has their go to foods they love when the leaves start to turn and it becomes a little frosty. I LOVE food, but I’m an extremely fussy person. 317 more words


Remember, Remember the 5th of November...

…The Gunpowder treason and plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!
Guy Fawkes and his companions
Did the scheme contrive, 1,559 more words