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Splendid Toadfish

Splendid Toadfish
Cozumel, Mexico (Paso de Cedral) – 5/7/2015


Murdoch University Divers Club Cleaning Dive at Woodman's Point Groin

Funny things may happen when you visit a university library. Sometimes you might actually find a book you like, other times a diving event you might like. 230 more words


Amazing Sea Creatures

Sometimes you explore nature and it blows you away. Kayaking the Commodore Creek Trail with my family was one of those times. The scenery itself was beautiful: a narrow channel of slow-moving water with a wall of mangrove on each side. 202 more words


Australian Shore Dive - BHP Jetty

So alot of shore dives in Perth and surrounds involve exploring jetties, as this is the natural gravitation of marine life. One of my favourite dive sites it the abandoned BHP jetty. 324 more words

Fun Diving

Toadfish Sex Calls May Be Mystery Sound Keeping Pacific Grove Residents Up At Night

PACIFIC GROVE (CBS SF) — Strange noises that have been keeping Pacific Grove residents up at night may be the sound of their amphibian neighbors’ mating calls. 104 more words


Listen: underwater crackly, groany kōans

Drop a hydrophone into shallow salt water at latitudes less than 40° and you’re likely to hear a crackling sound, sometimes so loud that it drowns out almost all other underwater sounds. 498 more words