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Written for:  Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads – The Tuesday Platform
C’mon in, the Platform is yours today! Please share a poem with us. Long or short, old or new, it’s up to you. 23 more words

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Go Native!




If you don’t already, consider growing native plants in your garden. Plants are considered native if they originated and are growing naturally in a given area; they have adapted to the soils, the regional climate and wildlife – and will continue to survive climate changes like floods, drought, blizzards and frost. 481 more words


PA Naturalist Gardening Buddies : The Eastern American Toad

Have a lot of insect problems in your garden? Perhaps you should dream for a resident Eastern American Toad.

Scientific Name: Anaxyrus americanus

Habitat: Eastern United States and Canada, adaptable to almost any condition: meadows, forests, agricultural lands, suburban yards, rocky hills, etc. 1,116 more words


Considering the Larkin Toad I've nurtured in myself

I was a lugubrious youth.

I rallied not to the chants of the swaying crowd of raincoated men on the Kop at Anfield, jammed so close together there was no room for them to fall as they sang out that Liverpool would never walk alone, challenging Heaven to disagree. 463 more words

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Kid Sheriff and the Terrible Toads

Kid Sheriff and the Terrible Toads, written by Bob Shea and illustrated by Lane Smith, is a nominee for the 2016-17 South Carolina Picture Book Award. 302 more words

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Take Part in the Detroit Zoo’s FrogWatch USA Conservation Program

By late winter and early spring, many people are looking forward to warmer weather, longer days and the fun the coming months will bring. I also look forward to this time of year, not only because of the warmer temperatures, but also the rains of spring and the wonderful creatures that will wake from their long, winter hibernation. 792 more words

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Toads and Toadstools - knowledge for the Wise

Hedgewitches, Shamen, Mystics, and Herbalists alike, are the gatekeepers to hidden knowledge that can heal or kill, reveal messages from spirit, and provide the means to manipulate a wealth of unseen forces inherent in Nature.   654 more words