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A Short Analysis of Philip Larkin's 'Toads'

A critical reading of an iconic Larkin poem

‘Toads’ is one of Philip Larkin’s most famous poems. When asked later in an interview how he came up with the idea for the toad as a metaphor for work, Larkin replied, ‘Sheer genius.’ He probably had his tongue in his cheek when he said this, but it is an inspired and instantly memorable analogy. 747 more words


Do You Ribbit or Croak?

Time to get silly for my haiku blitz this evening. Did you know that toads are frogs? The dry land variety, but all part of the same classification…amphibia. 105 more words

Challenges And Writing Prompts

The Slug Crop

It has been a good year for slugs if you want a crop of them. The last warm winter didn’t decimate the numbers as would normally happen and the conditions for the rest of the year have been ideal for breeding. 149 more words

Go Local Food

Amphibian Representation

Recently, we discovered an entirely new class of animals has taken up residence in our pet zoo: frogs! At least, one frog. We only ever see one at a time. 187 more words


Toads of Manvel, Texas

In Manvel, Texas we seem to have a lot of toads.

When I see them I have to photograph them.This was a young one.I used my Canon 100mm 2.8L macro lens on these pictures. 31 more words

Sonya Lira Photography

Kissing Toads is Overrated

Some advice givers say that to finding your soulmate is like job hunting. You have to pound the payment and do interviews, like it’s a numbers game. 245 more words