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W is for...Bufo Woodhousii

Today is the twenty-third day of the April A to Z Challenge.  I will be writing about different frog species based on their latin species names!  207 more words


Grade Three

I am from letters and phonemes and rhymes.
I am from sentences who are still learning
to begin with a capital and end with a full stop. 91 more words


haiku for visitors

tiny coterie
summer toads wait in ambush
cycle is renewed

Day 23. Very small rubber eraser translucent toads appear on the glass of my kitchen door each summer beginning their night hunting.


Toad Nonet

My response to the Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt #34


Each spring, toads leave hibernacula,

Take a trip from rock crevices,

Leaf piles and drains to gather… 29 more words


After I Graduate I'm Going To Become A Toad.

I know it’s senseless to complain about the rapidly approaching future. It’s always come suddenly and without warning. Instead of worrying our heads about what will come we should be thankful for all the experiences and opportunities that we have had. 506 more words


Toad Prom

Prom was this weekend. I saw things that I can’t unsee. It didn’t help that there was a balcony for the teachers that gave a bird’s eye view… 241 more words

Edging Ever Closer To Officially Batshit Crazy

The Wild Life, Part 1

After a spate of recent frosts, the warm, sunny version of spring finally seems to have arrived, along with an uptick in animal appearances.  Over the weekend, my boys got their hands on a few American toads, most of whom were clearly just waking up from their long winter’s sleep in the mud.   393 more words

Monocacy River