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Sometimes its better to do nothing.

Lightwood reservoir Sunday. I am standing, binoculars at the ready above the canal, among the bracken and heather.Lilly my Collie is close by staring at the Frisbee and then looking at me expectantly. 486 more words


Toads, Ants, and Squirrels

My backyard is a treasure trove of …..stickers!

Yikes! They are taking over. I have some weed killer that I need to get out there and broadcast. 131 more words



Watch where you step! If this little toad hadn’t moved as I was walking by, I would have completely missed him (or squashed him!) His coloration perfectly matched the leaf litter where he was hiding! 21 more words


Was this an omen?

Toads and frogs are generally considered bringers of  good fortune  in China,  but maybe they should have been regarded as harbingers of something less pleasant after  this recent  mini-plague.

Toad Heaven

Wind in the Willows
Toads in their halls all’s well
Rain falls now softly

Restoring the bank at my new back deck, above: Miss Grace Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides)”, Cameillia sasanqua, Himalayan Bamboo (Thamnocalamus crassinodus), Auriculate Lady Ferns (Athrium otophorum), Himalayan Maidenhair Ferns (Adiantum venustum), native Maiden Hair Ferns (Adiantum pedantum) and a daphne odora, yet to be transplanted. 65 more words

Planted Toads

“The earth has music, for those who listen.”

Remember, my last blog post featuring Planted Trucks?   My truck planters are doing amazingly well and flowers are even starting to bloom on some of the succulents!    189 more words

DIY Inspiration

Wind damage

Oh yesterday was a horrible day for the garden plants. It was wet and rainy and miserable, but worst of all the wind was super strong. 861 more words