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Life Around You

I’m celebrating my first blogging anniversary by sharing my favorite posts. This was first posted October 14, 2016

When we moved to this property twenty-some years ago, the trees were sparse and the only birds that summer were a persistent flock of killdeer that landed in the front yard and poked around the yellowed August grass. 707 more words


Eastern Garter Snake

Dad and I found this beautiful snake in Apalachicola National Forest last night. It was incredibly tame and curled up in my hand enjoying the warmth radiating from my skin. 59 more words


Southbound Moments

The trail snakes around like a game of Chutes and Ladders, so that sometimes I wonder if we’re going backwards or forwards!

September 1, 2017… 1,377 more words

Appalachian Trail

Night surprise!

At night, returning to our bungalow at Swimuwini after a hot shower I took a detour to investigate what looked like a small pond. From a distance I shone my torch in the general area and I froze in my tracks. 311 more words

Bush Stories And Anecdotes

The Hopper Project

Entomologist/Herpetologist: Oz
Field Assistant: Willow
Photography: Jenn
Field of Study: Amphibians and various Orthoptera and Ensifera insects
Date: The Hopper Project officially commenced on Sept. 15, 2017… 218 more words


The Balanced Mind

A lot of minds are unbalanced these days.  Most minds, really, are very unbalanced.  A truly balanced mind is like a rare, precious jewel.  Unfortunately, very few minds, in this rather rotten society, are truly balanced.   415 more words


Frog and Toad

“Good morning Toad” mumbled Mrs Frog with a mouthful of the rather delicious fly which she had happened upon, “how are you this morning?”

Toad shuffled alongside the pond and looked across to where Mrs Frog sat on her lily pad eating.   418 more words