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Species Highlight "Bombina toads" with pictures

Here is a species highlight with pictures for the Bombina toads!  There are 3 main types of Bombina toads.

 Bombina bombina – European Fire-belly Toad… 755 more words


the climb to freedom

Each step felt harder than the last, every one a victory of purchase. The sun glared down, its heat intense. “Uncaring old orb,” thought the toad. 29 more words

Goodbye, "Phelps"

This post is not about writing techniques; instead, it’s about a visitor that stayed in my backyard during the Olympics. I first found him in the bottom of the dogs’ water bowl. 775 more words

Toads and flying ants

Yesterday early eve I was reading in the back garden when I heard something crunching across layers of brittle brown bay leaves.  A pair of toads were walking in line along the foot of a low wall, approaching three steps up to the next bit of garden.   185 more words


Toad rescue

by Greg Mayer

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how I periodically engage in turtle or frog and toad “rescues”, taking animals that had fallen into human made traps, such as window wells and stairwells, and releasing them, sometimes after feeding them for a while in captivity to fatten them up prior to release. 682 more words


Toad Club

All the toads sit around in Toad Club in weskits drinking mustard out of tiny eggcups. Lizards serve, with beer bottle-tops for trays.


Toad Club is convened in the heart of a different oak each year. 136 more words

Bill Herbert