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Don't you just hate it when...

…Your eyes are closed in that photo?

This is a Red Toad (Schismaderma carens) and they’re very commonly seen on safari. Love.



From “Royalty”

I collected garden toads, plucked one from the soil
then another, and she let me place them
in the old tub downstairs, its white walls inescapable.

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alternate realities

the moon’s
a balloon
full of pretty
people, sliding
faces st(r)ung
by stars.

the sun’s
the one
we painted
that day we had
orange joy… 8 more words


Amphibian Lesson

Objective:  Help children learn some of the traits for amphibians and compare to other animals.  (You may want to organize your amphibian theme activities into 2 lessons.) 478 more words


These Toads

Hallmarks of any good industry, these toads. You can set your watch by these toads, whether underwater or not. How much credit do we give these creatures, and why haven’t we cared to give them more credit than we already have? 74 more words

Flores & Tikal


We went here with Nick and Sommer, another mini bus ride. Small island encased by a wall, which had flooded somewhat and had tadpoles in puddles stuck the wrong side of the water! 403 more words