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Capricious Fate

capricious fate how
do you decide who
prospers and who fails

who lives in a mansion
who lives on the streets
capricious fate how

can a mortal change… 32 more words

Feds finalize plan to save country's most endangered toad

“After more than a quarter century on the Endangered Species List, Wyoming toads may have a chance at recovery under a new plan that sets specific targets and requires long-term monitoring. 125 more words

Endangered Species

Local Celebrity Has To Put Dog Down

The other night at 11:15 p.m. our hometown guy… Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his girlfriend Lauren had to put their beloved puppy “Brutus” down. 95 more words


Stop Trying to Save Toads

I see them flailing from my kitchen window. I know if I don’t help, I’ll find them lifeless in the skimmer later. So I stop what I’m doing and head out to save more toads. 214 more words

Fat Bottom Fifties Get Fierce

Totemic — Jay Merill

Mah Gran in Aberdeen she wis a psychic. Th’ neighbours wur always round. Gran was gey old and she hud this big blue teapot and a’body sat doon. 799 more words


The anurans of autumn

by Greg Mayer

In a previous post here at WEIT, I’d reported on some toads and a painted turtle that I’d rescued from stair and window wells, and then released back into the wild last spring. 769 more words