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Toadstools - Watercolour

I decided to experiment with negative painting by adding in the background first.

Tiny Treasure

Smooth, red and round,

the little toadstool was a jewel in the vole’s eye.

Something to be admired and to be given to his sweetheart at long last.

via Daily Prompt: Mushroom


Magic Mushrooms

Although we are coming to the end of the mushroom season – when the French countryside teems with wild mushroom pickers – a spell of warm sunshine followed by a day or two of light rain this weekend provided the ideal conditions to cause mushrooms to push up through the earth overnight, as if by magic. 140 more words


Piles Copse

Piles Copse is a magical place to spend a sunny evening. On the way, there were some flowers hanging on in the hedgerows, caterpillars and butterflies, and lovely views from Ugborough Beacon. 36 more words

Red Campion

…when childhood dream becomes reality!!

Red toadstools, with white spots are not something I thought I would ever encounter, in real life, in Australia.

They have somehow held a fascination for me from childhood, they are poisonous and not to be touched but they also carry a happy overtone, as though you might encounter them in a dream with fairies at the bottom of the garden. 223 more words


Days like these.

It’s ten thirty on a Sunday morning. I’ve been sitting, drawing, in my pyjamas since six. I love this sort of detail work as you can get completely lost in it. 297 more words



There once was a curious rabbit living within a quite huge park grounds of a far away big city. There life turned out to be easy with lots of trees and bushes, diverse flowers and tutored lawns. 422 more words

Visions And Fictions