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TM - Doing Role Player

After doing my introductory speech and a few table topic speeches, I tried to do role players. At first, I volunteered for grammarian which I later thought that it supposed to be someone who had been in the club quite some time (maybe more than 6 months). 193 more words

Comfort Zone

You Are Cordially Invited to Our Next JLTC Meeting at Suan Thai Restaurant, Thurs, Apr 6th 2017

Dear Fellow Toastmaster & Distinguished Guests,

Welcoming the month of April, we would like to invite you all to our next meeting on 6th Apr, thurs. 31 more words

JLTC Meeting

Project Communication

AS refer to my first blog post I needed urge to improve my communication. I am kind of introvert in large group, socially awkward person. And extrovert in private one to one communication.At times I find it very difficult to hold my openness and frank discussion in one on one discussion. 205 more words


Katrine Husted Legêne er vores toastmaster. Hun kan kontaktes på XXX eller telefon: 49494949


Lessons Learned

Please raise your hand, if there any of you who grew up or ever lived in Bekasi!

Not much people raise their hand when get question that related to Bekasi :) 615 more words

Example Of Narrative Text

Getting Married At 30

In response to ‘Numbers

I am writing a humorous speech for my next project at Toastmaster. The speech is about how much people are excited when you get married at the age of 30, near or above. 407 more words


It’s Okay to have a Mess in your Life

In response to Chaos

I love participating in various contests at Toastmasters. One really has to put a lot of time and effort to come up with a great speech. 118 more words