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Instrument of Soul -CC2 Speech Toastmasters

The loud applause and cheers from the audience filled the hall. I took a deep breath and smiled as I laid the flute on my lap. 758 more words

Toastmaster CC1 Speech


Some challenges we face daily are waking up early, following a healthy routine, and the biggest of all is the Bangalore traffic! It so happens that my friends missed their train two days in a row last week thanks to the traffic! 918 more words

MAID OF HONOR speech for cousin

Remember that a MOH speech should be short and sweet most importantly because the gentlemen would be standing with their glasses thinking of nothing else other than, when am I going to get to sit? 316 more words


MAID OF HONOR Toast for best friend

Raising a toast doesn’t really mean to hog up all the footage. But, yes, if you really feel that you have a lot to share, a good suggestion would be to ask the gentlemen to stand up and raise their glasses only during your toast line. 729 more words


Hello, World!

Here’s the first ever blog of me!¬†
Finally started blogging after 6 years of laziness! Let me know what you want to hear about, as I keep blogging about what I want to :P… 12 more words


I won DTAC 2017 ! Toastmasters District contest 2017 

You must had that feeling one day where you were so excited, afraid and energetic  all at once. 829 more words